Show and Tell: New Zojirushi Mug!

For this week’s Show and Tell, Will shares his findings from testing the new Zojirushi 16 ounce insulated bottle. The Zojirushi mugs are our favorite insulated bottles for coffee and tea, and this new model is has a smaller neck and Teflon coating. But as with previous Zojirushis we’ve tested, it’ll keep your coffee hot for hours!

Find the Zojirushi SM-SA48 here:

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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Tested is:
Will Smith
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli
Adam Savage
Jamie Hyneman

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johnmonk66 says:

That plastic can eventually wear off. You want a Titanium thermos, never holds odors or transfers any taste.

sawadee says:

it is not supposed to hold coffee and tea.

Preston Feivor says:


Kieffer Paul says:

Hahahahaha seriously it takes forever to cool

David Harvath says:

we have one of their bread makers.  works so well.

Miss Amazon says:

Great review, man. Straight to the point!!

EntranceDenied says:

I had 3 Zojirushi. The mechanism eventually get too stained and too dirty to use. The push button to open is nice and all, but totally a pain in the ass to clean. You cannot disassemble it, so if you let mold grow . . . Enjoy your moldy drinks.

I wouldn’t recommend Zojirushi at all. KISS principle apply. Just get a thermal mug that is twist open and you will be glad it is so simple to clean.

AL says:

I love Japanese thermal jugs, mugs, and whatnot! I personally use a Tiger thermal jug. The capacity is small maybe about 1 or 1.5 litre, but it keeps my drink warm for so many hours too.

Mr. Ces says:

Good video, im personally pro-alloy taste.
I hate coke out of a bottle but love it out of a can, same with my coffee

Raja Nafeel Khan says:

I love a good nose in my coffee

Rhys Tudor-Davies says:

“Black Edition”? It’s a black coloured flask.

PsychoLucario says:

oooh who will review these thermoses or mention them at least on every 3rd podcast when will leaves!?

JakeTheHammer says:

Teflon is really bad for you

b8702131 says:

I still love my thermos stainless steel mug. Just keeps the coffee warm enough until it’s all gone and the most geeky thing about it is it’s the same mug coffee loving Capt’ Janeway uses in Star Trek Voyager.

Hero Hour says:

Don’t preheat it in the microwave. I did it and it exploded and destroyed my kitchen and microwave.

kalyopi says:

This mug is great! But someone put tea in it, now I can’t get the smell of tea out of it. Does anyone has any success getting the stench out of it?

Michael Chang says:

Check out the hydroflask bottle! I’ve been pretty amazed by how long it stays hot.

Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

It’s a fantastic travel mug. Only minor knock against it is that it rattles in my car cup holder due to its slim profile. Despite this, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a secure, sleek, and temperature-stable travel mug.

BeastF3 says:

I have to put 3 ice cubes in my 20oz, it’s still quite warm in the afternoon. I also put 3 ice cubes in my 16oz (old style) to have coffee at a drinkable temp right away. Great mugs, pricey, but great!

Charlot123 says:

Wow you speak really fast!!!

ahmadaamer6 says:

What travel mug do you use currently for your coffee?

NoUniqueUsername says:

I have one of the older ones. Stays hot till the next day. Have to add ice or buy a cold coffee to mix in later in the day.

InformantNet says:

Sorry, a $25 coffee mug? What an ostentatious and pointless purchase. And if it takes anyone the entire day to drink 16 ounces of coffee, he’s not a coffee drinker anyway. Silly waste of money, unless you’re rich, which your subscribers are not. This is almost, but not quite, as obnoxious as Adam and his crazy-expensive “Field Notes” notebooks.

Suzanne was here says:

I am a huge coffee drinker. Drink it all day. I’m a sipper though. A cup that will keep my coffee hot is perfect. Especially at work. I cup last me all day at work. A few sips on break and some at lunch. I see myself saving $ on not throwing out so much coffee because it got cold between sips.

TheDivineKali says:

Yes. i like ur review. first review on youtube that is stright to point.

Kilo-Lima says:

I’ll miss you will.

OneTheDemented says:

you should try a Swell bottle, ive had mine for years and i would say its better than my Zojirushi 24oz mug

Free Headbutts says:

Running out of ideas for videos?

Cameron Martin says:

Watch my video about the Supreme Collaboration with ZojiRushi on my channel!

sochyvonn nora says:

Clean it first…ewww

Captain Novolin says:

Smells like… Zojirushi. smells like… Quality

Hector Pinedo says:

Great freaking review man got your self a subscriber !!

Mike Kobb says:

Interesting way to wear the Apple Watch. How come you choose to wear it that way?

AohkShadow says:

I am a big fan of these Zojirushi mugs. He is right about how long it keeps the heat! Like he said, it WILL keep your hot coffee warm throughout a good amount of the day. I usually leave it top open like he does, or if I’m in a rush, I add an ice cube or two. HIGHLY recommend!

Fart Knocker says:


sygyzy says:

My gf and I have a pair of these and they are easily the best thermos I’ve ever used. The coffee stays hot for 4+ hours. Amazing.

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