Stanley Lunch Box and Thermos Review

Quick Review of the Stanley Lunch box and Thermos.

Also worth a note, there is a Lifetime Warranty on this lunch box by the company, always a plus.


this is my YT says:

How many quarts is the lunchbox? I am looking to buy one but the options on amazon come up as 5 quarts or 10. The size of the one in the video looks good so I don’t want to end up buying one that’s either bigger than it or smaller than it.
Thank you!

Maggie Baird says:

who wants a gap for insects to climb into your lunch pail? not to mention fumes and dust on construction sites. and the dude who belched during the video. whats that all about?

Michael Dingess says:

Awesome review. I am going to order mine now.

Adam Morales says:

Great review on Stanley lunchbox. I did purchase both the lunch box and thermos. Thank you

stephen dufrene says:

Have you tried the vaccum thermos for soups? If so, how do they fit? I like to soups and stews to work during winter.

Ali Ostrowski says:

good to know i just got the 10 quart sized one i got tired of non durable ones now i don’t have to replace one every 2 years

CrowNC919 says:

Your sandwich box looks like a British mess kit.  Henry Repeating Arms makes a survival kit in a tin like that, the BCB style. Anyway, thanks for the review.

Brock Rozar says:

why can’t people make a review without going blah blah blah for twenty minutes before they get into the actual review……

AdamPaul222 says:

Is your sandwich box also made by Stanley?

Danger Pete says:

what size thermos is that?

ryan caspersen says:

can you duracoat the latches where there was minor rust?  if your not familiar with it, it is a spray coat that goes on firearms and makes them element proff for the most part.  but you can use on just about anything

lrtsamurai1 says:

Thanks for the review very helpful

Ir Rebel says:

Hubby got one from Christmas from Costco. The thermos looks a little different though.
He works in Construction and a lot of times they work out in the rain. This lunch box in my opinion has a design flaw. The lip around the front is good but it stops short. As noted in the video. the back and part of the sides do not have this lip and the bottom is slightly larger than the top it allows water to pour through the opening. The old lunch boxes didn’t have this problem. How they didn’t notice this I don’t have a clue. All they had to do is look at a old lunch box for a design. It’s not rocket science.
It figures though…. too many people playing around doing nothing and wanting to get paid very well for it. I would not recommend this lunch box to my friends or to anyone. And by the way we returned it which is too bad since metal lunch boxes are the best. 

Gotfive5 says:

That was the manliest review I’ve ever seen makes me wanna go punch a brick wall or chop wood

Stanley Brand says:

Happy to hear about your experience with our Lunch Box and Food Jar, Guardian6t2. Thanks for keeping us hard at work.

Average Joe Survival says:

Great review! Well done.

GothicKittyMadness says:

A father’s day present bought by his wife…. So this sick bastard married his daughter???? I bet he’s a fucking redneck!

snowmchristv says:

Those lunch boxes are old school….A retiree nailed his lunch box on top of a telephone pole in our service center, its been there about 25years already, I like that sandwich box, you could keep anything in that. It looks better made than the plastic Tupperware stuff, in which the plastic snaps always break off in a few months

Grumpsy says:

thanks, a great review. I’m in the UK and couldn’t get dimensions on the website. Seeing you handle it confirms I need the same size, this was a great help, much appreciated

In Cognito says:

gotta black one with mini itx motherboard, power supply ,hard drive and blu-ray player in it sitting on my desk makes a great computer case with lots of modification..

Aaron Harman says:

What size is the thermos that goes in the lunch box?

eLJaybud says:

It’s not great then, you really should be able to trust it dropping in a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and it protect it.
This seems more a test of a thermos flask and the aluminium sandwich holder.

Galleos says:

The wire that holds the thermo is not very strong once the thermo is full of liquid, it tends to fall off. It needs a modification.

Robert Rivera says:

how big of a container is going inside the lunch box? Just curious because I want something awesome like that as well, just need to make sure I can fit more than a sandwich and bento box…

Deep South Experience says:

You would not believe the memories this brings back.     My grandfather had one for years.  After, he retired I got it.  It has gone missing through time but I sure wished I still had it.  I have been looking at getting another one.  I would love to know where your wife got the sandwich box.  Geat review.

Green Bee says:

Good review, very thorough

curtis murray says:

Just bought a thermos last night. I drive a cab and I’ve beat the hell out of a bunch of gear already. This Stanley thermos has crashed to the floor already and no leaks. Now that I know they make a lunch box, I WANT ONE! This looks sturdy and strong and since I’m moving for 12-14 hours a day and shaking constantly, I need something really durable. Thanks for the review. This was very helpful.

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