Stanley thermos review

I review the timeless Stanley.


patandar says:

Bought a 1.9 Q 100 year anniversary edition from costco today.

Guitar Dave says:

They are good , all I use .

B John says:

I have one, and am going to replace it with something else.  1. the metal base is a bad idea, it gets dented from a drop and the thermos is wobbly forever. 2. the spot-welded tabs for the handle hinges break off – bad design and quality control.

msPlums7 says:

What about ice water on a 90 degree day? How long does the ice stay ?

Jack Taylor,II says:

I purchased a SS model Thermos brand thermos from WM – 8 hours, getting cold.  Lost well over 20 degrees in just a few hours.  12 hours, about cold.  Took it back, got a different SS model – 3 hours, getting very col.  I’m not sure if it’s because they’re making them in China or what but I’ll never buy a Thermos brand again.  I’m going to check out the Stanley.  Thank you for the review.

David says:

Do you drive a Ford Chevrolet too?

Bestoftherest222 says:

Only one Stanley thermos is made in American today and its the largest ones.  100% American made companir are Polar bottle, and a few others. I went to Thermos Nissan, and it should last me 15 years.  Maybe when I’m back in the market Stanley will be American made in the size I want.

Charles Schoebinger says:

dude the arrows on the first one show direction of spout lol you dont have to take the lid off of it to pour it either

Sean Snow says:

There still great quality

Doomzdayxx says:

Sam, good review. I have a few of the old US made ones and love them. I’ve heard alot of bad stuff about the China stuff. I’m really not sure. Anyway, Nissan is another really good quality thermos

Stanley Brand says:

Hi Sam, sorry for the late reply. Shoot us an email at social @stanley-pmi. com and let’s talk!

michael carey says:

pmi Stanley does not hold a candle to vintage Stanley
Thermos brand is so much better. Superior by miles. I got one PMI in my repertoire and I am sorry I own it. would trade for a Thermos brand in a heartbeat.
please note: pre PMI were good. vintage rocked.
but hats off to Thermos

EpiDemic117 says:

Helpful advise to buyers. Don’t waste your time with the newer stanley Thermoses. They are lightweight flimsy junk made in china that don’t hold the heat well

and some reports have shown the stainless to rust due to it being far inferior in quality. Not enough chromium is used in the mixture on the newer ones.

 Go on ebay and buy the ones that say “stanley aladdin” Those are the real deal and are made out of much thicker and more durable stainless made in the U.S.A before those dicks at PMI decided to shut that plant down and make a half assed product over in china for the same price. 

GuilleGT 37 says:

where are made it because now in uruguay we use thermos to drink “mate” the thing that Luis Suarez, lionel messi drink its like tea at 5 a tradition and i want to know if those are made in USA because in USA its the best quality, here in Uruguay Stanley thermos are made in china, my father had an american stanley that was the best thermo that he has and until he broke with a volvo truck

The Wee Leggies Camper says:

Hi i have a stanley flask that is made in china and it is over priced rubbish i am looking for a old one made in America when quality was very important not just profit. 

Samsworthwatching says:

thanks! id love to do a review on another product if you have one in mind. im doing a test video on the 2-quart as we speak.

Novice Hobbyist says:

Can you place a stanley thermos over direct flame?

C Bal says:

Thank you for the review. I am looking to buy a thermo not bigger than 16 oz- its for work (office), but cant make up my mind between Stanley, Nissan or Thermos. I am looking for the one that would keep the coffee the hottest for the longest time. Any suggestions? Thank you for the feedback. Good day.

BBBYpsi says:

Nissan Therese’s keep it hotter longer fact

Zach Eiriksson says:

dont realize the other vaccum plugs can be used as a pour spout?

scoop4fiddy says:

I just received a replacement for a stanley thermos I bought in 2006 that no longer kept coffee hot.The new one is light weight china junk.The one I had from 2006 was made in china but was still heavy built like the old ones it just didt last very long.I will never buy a stanley product again.

Samsworthwatching says:

thanks! sub please

sean langley says:

Just bought a Stanley after watching your review,great video..

Stanley Brand says:

Awesome review and walk through, Sam! Thanks!

RobertKaydoo says:

You do know that the stopper with the flat top you can pour through that one as well without having to completely remove the stopper? Those grooves on opposite sides are channels that the liquid pours past. If you look you will see that the channels are in line with the arrows on the top of the stopper. What I do is to twist open the stopper 2- 3 turns and position one of the arrows so that it will be over the cup I am pouring into and the liquid pours right out. Tighten the stopper back down when finished pouring. With this method you do not completely remove the stopper and therefore less heat escapes. I tried out that newer style and could not stand it.


Mark Johnson says:

is the interior where the drink is in long term contact stainless or aluminum? Stainless is far superior. They used to be glass lined which kept the drink more pure.

Juris Gavrilovs says:

well its BS basically who cares about the outer shape or look of thermos 😀 😀 😀 all thermos are good as long as you don’t hit them and the vacuum is still holding. i want to know if you dent this thermos is it still holding heat. is there like 3rd “bump”‘ shell?

Can some one give me a brand that makes rugged thermos that you cant damage with small dent…

It you need to test thermos just pore some hot water inside. If you feel heat on outside you can just throw that stuff out.

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