This is the thermos right here –

This is a review of the classic stanley vacuum bottle/thermos I have used for many years. The original info I seen prior to buying the product in the online reviews was its made in the USA . I was so excited about buying a made in the USA product . After investigating and in the link below they stopped production at the US factory in 2002 and moved it offshore . I apologize for the mistake in saying it was made in America . Cheers !!!


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Valerie Reese says:

Looks like a great thermos. Maybe you’ll stumble across the one you lost.

Victor Hébert says:

Sure will come handy. Will need one for sure going deer hunting tomorrow. Calling for 15 cm of snow tomorrow in the Rainy River district and a cold week all in the minus for the week brrrrr…..

Booger500us says:

Somewhere in the woods a bear is having a nice cup a jo!

mbyr31 says:

Did they take the description box away from us now? I don’t see a description box.
I have never put anything cold in my thermos. I just put coffee in mine. I’ve had mine for 4 years, and I LOVE it!! I have the same one you just got. Same color, same everything. They really are the best!
Great vid steve

Big Rons Hobbies says:

This one is my favorite too Steve, I have 2 one I leave at work and one for the house.

snocrushr says:

I’m glad to hear you like women better than men….. are you still wearing pantyhose by the way.

Billy R says:

Nice !

Redgonetogray says:

I’ve got two of them exact one and I absolutely love them! Great product for sure.

TheRooster1122 says:

Own 3 myself

Mr Mach 1 says:

Stanley make good stuff! Thanks for sharing

PAPA Texas says:

I saw a guy last night at a truck stop with two old Stanley’s I almost took a picture of them for you and Helga.


Now that you picked up a new one I bet you walk thru the woods and find your old one. Shame all our jobs are going away. We’d have to lower our hourly pay so low to get the jobs back, no one could live on them.

Joe Robinson says:

Now I have to get me one of these…Steve Rob said so!

wyattoneable says:

Your correct sir. I believe Stanley makes the best thermos on the market. I’ve owned other brands but always come back to the Stanley. Good review but the story was awesome. I wonder if the liquid is still warm in the thermos you lost? 🙂

Chaos Garage says:

Steve Rob approved…his slogan is “It’s great. Just is go get this smokin’ deal!”

Rusty Glovebox says:

Those are an awesome thermos. I have one for over 20 years. Thanks Steve

Channel 33 with Spongie says:

I won’t be leaving it beside a tree and walking away lol,,, /my uncle has the same one they are the best~! Women better then men mmmm

Helga's Pennsylvania Cooking & Homestead says:

I showed you the pic of mike’s old stanley thermos. It always has done great at both cold and hot. I know it’s older than BH (before Helga), because he had it when we got together and he’d had it several years then, so almost 30 years old. And yes, our’s is made in USA. So bummed the new ones aren’t. I can hardly wait for the next vid…LOL,

captainjerk says:

Stayin’ warm with hot drinks is key.
You should try the chill factor of your thermos. ☺

Thomas EXOVCDS says:

Spray paint it bright orange!!!

wtbm123 says:

I like my stanley thermos . We have a stanley from 1971 and one that is not but a year old . I like them both , but use my thermos brand one more , In 2002 Pacific Market International moved the manufacturing facilities to china. So they are now made in china. My new one says made in china on the bottom where the user instructions used to be.

Douglas Laramie says:

I got a Stanley thermos just like that and I got it for free. I was backpacking in Northern Ontario a few years back and there it was just leaning against a tree. Bonus, scores. HaHaHaHa KIT d

Windzer says:

You might want to check the bottom of that thermos Steve I’ve searched high a low to find a usa made Stanley thermos and couldn’t find one they’re all Chinese unless they brought them back to the USA recently

How to Automotive says:

I have that thermos Steve. I referred to it as the nuclear reactor.

Keith1212 says:

Love these reviews. No BS and to the point lol. I always remember those on the job site with my dad when I was a kid. Time tested for sure. Cheers Steve!

Ghostma Vlogs says:

I don’t think I’ve ever met a man so passionate about a Thermos LOL

stuzman says:

Looks like you’re getting prepared for your camping trip coming up. Steve, have you ever thought about being a spokesperson for a product? I’m sure that you could see millions of whatever it was 🙂

The Disgruntled Mechanic says:

I have my Stanley for over 30 years. lost the handle years ago and had to buy the plastic replacement handle. I do not use it much anymore but when I do need it it always works. Nice review. And made in USA!

wysetech2000 says:

I use a thermos almost every day when i’m working. The one i have now is a replacement for the original i bought from your favorite tire store. It would no longer keep my coffee hot. It had a 5 year warranty on it and they gave me a hard time because the replacement only had a 3 year warranty, mine was 4 years old. If i ever need another i will have to check out the Stanley thermos.

DE Nichols says:

My father had one and hated it. I don’t think you can blame the fluid for you spilling it on yourself though. Must have been 30 or more years ago. I was a kid. My mother and I went shopping for thermos after thermos. After he didn’t like this one, I told my mother, “At some point it’s the person, not the object.” I could tell we’d bought the best. It cost a lot and looked sturdy.

txsviking says:

I have one stashed away someplace. They never wear out.

Paivi Project says:

Hello. Very nice thermos. We have one, same brand but bit different looking and hubby just said he has one of those at work too. It’s good to know they are That Good ! Hopefully you will find the old too. Well now I am very much looking forward your next video for sure ! ! Have a great day my Friend Steve Buddy ! 😀 😉

shovelhead8 says:

I remember when you used to be able to buy replacement glass liners for vacuums. A thermos keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold, but how does it know what to do? Is there a switch that I cannot find? Got a Canadian Army thermos with the carrying case, somewhere around.. Yard sale find. Thank you for the video, Steve

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Hard to beat Stanley on a lot of products especially thermoses. Thanks Steve!!

manwiththestar says:

Very nice vaccum flask/bottle/thermos. It looks great! Looked like quality stuff.

MyHotRodTV says:

I owened a Stanley Thermos once and it was a piece of crap. I would fill it with coffee and an hour later it was going cold. Then I would fill it with boiling water first and then the coffee and it was going cold in an hour. I contacted Stanley and they would not do anything about it. I ended up throwing it away and went back to the cheap plastic thermos with a glass liner…

Carolina Man says:

My Grandfather carried a Stanley Thermos it was glassed lined and held his coffee hot all day

Ozzstar says:

That thermos is perfect for making it convenient to drink on the job, thanks Steve. I certainly hope you like women more than men, geeez. haha

Brent Sido says:

Built in the USA or assembled?

805ROADKING says:

Great video Bud!! Definitely the best tool Stanley has ever made!! You can’t go on any construction site in the Country without tripping over at least a dozen of them!!☺



Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

My dad used to have one just like this one. He was in the Air Force and took it to work with him. I like your style right up front and tell it like it is. Keep these videos coming Steve.

WallysPlace66 says:

That’s the best thermos in the world. YEAH BABY!!

T.O.A.G says:

I have some pretty old ones. Use them all year around.

udizzy1969 says:

Can’t wait till next Vid Brother, and Very cool Thermos. Cheers Dizzy.

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