Super Quick Product Review: Thermos Funtainer

Hey everyone!

My twins have been using these Thermos Funtainers for a month now and we have been loving them! They struggled with other straw cups until we finally tried these out. Now my kids drink out of regular straws with no problem which makes thing easier when going out. The are insulated and intended for cold drinks only. We do use them for warm milk, but I make sure it is never hot. The slim bottle makes it perfect for carrying in my diaper bags which is a plus. They are easy to find and not too expensive. It holds 12 oz of liquid which is great for my always thirsty kids.

You can these at Target, and a lot of places, I will add a link to amazon below:


Thanks for watching! I would love to know what cups you recommend for toddlers!


Busy with five says:

We use these too.. Fit in all my Ju Ju be bags.. My kids take them to school too.

Sherry Lucas says:

Thank you for this review Ashley! My son and daughter have these in Frozen and Spider-Man. I was impressed with them because of how safe they are. The lid opens with a plastic hinge with no metal spring which is GREAT because I had a different one and the metal spring broke and there was a piece of metal just lying on top of the thermos waiting to fall in ( this had a spout not a a straw)!! Thermos has such a great design because they use the silicone straw as a spring to push the lid open. The button does use a metal spring but thermos has completely enclosed the spring mechanism with plastic if you look underneath so nothing will fall in the drink if it breaks. The water bottle I was using was not for kids but I brought it everywhere and let my kids use it until the spring broke. Now I’m careful about the safety of my water bottles too. I am impressed with Thermos. Their taller thermoses for older kids are also very safe. I’m sorry to go on but I just thought I would share my experience and maybe help someone stay safe. Thanks again Ashley and I love your braids!(:

The Midwest Mama says:

We use these too!

Susie Sanchez says:

I bet Anthony would love these! Just for the print alone lol. He loves trolls and paw patrol

Crystal Brown says:

I love that these don’t spill if the lid is closed but yes, you have to watch them while they are drinking to avoid spills – worth it though bc the other straw bottles out there are SO HARD TO SUCK from (have you tried them? Lol)! I keep them in my BRB pocket and they do really well. I agree, Love these!

Yessliiz Rivera says:

I’m glad there are mammas out there to review products. I’m a first time mom and am clueless as to what to get my little one.

Nicole Rene says:

I love that they’re insulated! I need to try them. Do they fit in a lot jjb bottle pockets?

Xo Livi says:

These are great. I used them with my youngest before!

Anna McDermott says:

I just got one of these for my son but with the minions on it no leaks so far. Paid $14 for it at Walmart.

LuckyMamaof3 says:

My son uses the same one with the paw patrol. Super cute and he loves it. I noticed if you tip it on its side it can leak! So it won’t be going inside my bag anytime soon lol

Dance Mum says:

We use these everyday! I have 2 for Ana and I have a larger Thermos I use for me sometimes. Otherwise the foogo brand is a great brand for babies as well as they are a tad smaller.

Jess Marks of Motherhood says:

my kids loved these! I loved the insulation in the summer but yeah the leaking got me to stop carrying them in my bag.

Hello, Houstons says:

We use these occasionally. I love all the prints but yeah they definitely are not leak proof.

Rhiannon Johnson says:

Great job

Mommies SimmpleLifee says:

These cups are so cute! How easy are they to clean?

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