Teavana Contour Tumbler vs Thermos Review

In this review, I compare the Teavana Contour Tumbler with the Thermos Brand Tea Infuser Thermos.

Thermos brand thermos: http://amzn.com/B008JC76VM
Teavana thermos: http://www.teavana.com/tea-products/tea-cups-mugs/travel-tea-cups/p/teavana-contour-tumbler


andrea ang says:

Hi Caleb I know I’m kinda late,but I was wondering how long does the Teavana thermos holds the hot water? I wasted way too much money for thermoses who only kept my water hot for 3 hours.How is this one? Appreciate it.

Dillon Loomis says:

Awesome review, thank you!

Nicole Jones says:

Thank you! oh my goodness I could NOT figure out how to use the lid. I guess I just wasn’t pushing down hard enough on the button! Thanks so much! 🙂

Denise Harris says:

I wish I had seen this review a week before. I just bought the Thermos brand one. I was between the two. Now, I’m stuck. Oh Well!

Sarah Clark says:

I’ve had a couple of the Teavana tumblers and love them except for one thing. I have tile floor and I’ve dropped the lid, which broke. Teavana doesn’t offer any replacement parts, so I have to buy an entirely new tumbler.

UglyNova Games says:

Teavana has a new one called the Flip Tumbler. can you do a review for it?

Ed Cubillan says:

For the Teavana, won’t you have to put your fingers in the hot water in order to remove the tea steeper and place it in the coaster?

Caleb Olson says:

Yes, you should remove the infuser. Otherwise, the loose tea will float up to the top and get all over the upper 10% of the container, and probably some in your mouth too.

Sean Blargh says:

I’ve never been a big fan of Teavana (overpriced tea, annoying merchants constantly upselling)  but their thermos does look better as far as seeping goes.

Jena Kent says:

My son gave me the  Teavana  Contour Tumbler for Christmas. I Love it!

Jaded Diamond says:

I actually prefer another Teavana tumbler they have that has the little basket that lifts up so you can drink right from the tumbler without having to remove the basket at all. I got this Teavana tumbler for Christmas but am returning it to get another tumbler like the one I described. It’s much better when you don’t need to remove the basket and mess etc. highly recommend looking for that one.

creambabe Lu says:

cool review! Thanks!!

Valerie Alleyne says:

I just bought my Teavana Tumbler today. It was on sale for 30% off. Great deal. I bet this means something new is about to come out.

Caleb Olson says:

I have been using it every day at work for the past 3 months and love it. I had the perfect tea maker before, but don’t like my hot water going into plastic (chemical seepage). The tumbler is all stainless steel and a much safer option, in my opinion. Plus, it’s portable! 🙂

picturingREALITY says:

For the teavana tumblr, do you have to remove the infuser to drink?

Donald Washington says:

That looks like an awesome tea maker even for when you’re just staying at home. I was thinking about getting a pitcher or perfect tea maker, but this looks much more sleek and less cumbersome.

Ruby Rodd says:

Thank you thank you thank you! I just bought my Teavana Contour tumbler and i had no clue how to work it. Your video cleared that right up and as a bonus i had no clue about setting the steeper in the lid thats so cool. thanks for helping me out. Im new to the tea game so i really do appreciate a good tutorial for this stuff. take care.

Elaine Granz says:

I’m thinking of getting the one from teavana but not for tea, but for coffee. Leaving the tea steeper out, is it good enough for coffee? I need a really spill proof mug to take to work.

Beth Wade says:

Have you ever burned yourself getting the infuser out to put inside the cap?  Since it appears it can get good and stuck on those threads, it would appear to be a burn hazard too?  

Aaron Dear says:

I’m not one to worry about plastics/metals leeching into my tea, but for those who are, there’s a study and analysis of different tea brands and potentially harmful chemical levels on each:


tigerfanman says:

heres my problem with the teavana tumbler, its so messy to have to yank the thing out, you cannot pour it into a cup without spilling because the edges are rounded, and because the tea basket goes so far down, it will over seep your tea unless you can drink scolding hot tea till the water line gets below the infuser

DABS139 says:

How much did you get this one for? It says it’s on sale for 23 bucks, but when you try and switch to a different color one, it goes up to 32 bucks! Total was 40 bucks…So I cancelled that order. The only ones on sale are Red and Green. I wanted the Grey one…Oh well.

hottuna2006 says:

Brilliant review, cheers.  I was set to go with the Thermos brand but now I’m rethinking my purchase.  It didn’t help that Thermos went up from $23.99 to $29.99.

Caleb Olson says:

I will definitely try that – thanks!

Rhiannon H says:

Please try blueberry bliss mixed with pineapple kona pop as an iced tea (love it). Just ordered a Teavana tumbler last night, can’t wait! Great review, thanks.

mischa 23 says:

can I use this for coffee also

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