Thermos 64 Oz. hydration bottle, review

Here is where I got this.


Judgment Proof says:

I used to pass up this stuff because when I was much younger in my 20s I would only want containers for volume, not insulation, the inside is always much smaller and to a young person can be disappointing for some who go for volume. When something looks bigger on the outside, it’s much smaller on the inside but when you get older and have an overheating disability that can easily make you sick, you start appreciating the thermal containers

Doc Ink says:

that IS impressive. We live in NE Fl, my daughter won a 30oz yeti mug at her company Xmas party the year before last and she could leave her cold drink in the car and still have ice when she got home last summer. I was allowed to use it on a recent road trip and my coffee stayed hot until it was gone but that’s a $40 cup!

TheTyphoon365 says:

I have two questions:

1. What is the outside made of?

2. On Amazon it says “Not for use with hot liquids.” Has anyone tried putting anything hot in there? How`d it work? I’m thinking of storing chili.

Alma Deckard says:

Splurge and get a Yeti 64oz tank you can get a whole 24 hour day out of and still have ice in it! Rambler 64oz it is a water only bottle though.

coolcamaro12 says:

Not a fan of putting hot items into a plastic container, but looks like a great product for keeping iced tea cold for a long working day!

JP in MT says:

Nice looking jug!

Peter Pawlak says:

My wife has the pink one and loves it

Alma Deckard says:

I also have a Yeti tumbler 30oz it has the dents and dings but is still good for 8 hours in a hot car with ice still in it after work there amazing but a splurge on the money but worth it.

saltyshellback says:


John Solar 283 ™ says:

Now theres a jug.

Tex Farmer says:

“In the morning I’m going to put a glass of ice tea and a bowl of chili in there.” I was ready for you to do both at the same time and be totally impressed if the tea stayed cold and the chili stayed hot lol

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

great review

1timby says:

Well Bud summer has definitely arrived down here in the south…LOL

Wonder if it would help it to wrap it in t a cozie of that aluminum bubble wrap? LOL

Robb's Homemade Life says:

Brad, I bought a regular thermos yesterday on amazon because I wanted to be able to do some thermos cooking with wheat or beans, I saw your thermos cooking videos on your channel and they helped make up my mind. I bought some bulk food in #10 cans this month from LDS church online and will be experimenting with some bulk food recipes. I like how they have a 30 year shelf life. I wonder how long your new thermos would keep food hot for cooking? might make a good video.

bigtruck147 says:

What I’ve found is if you chill your mug at least a couple of hours in the freezer before filling with ice water, it will keep cold even longer. Hope this helps.

usakiwi5222 says:

We so need that down here in FL – Thanks!!!

Abo Bushcraft says:

I need one of these all i drink is water, well i have a creatine, and protein drink once a day, but mixed with water.

tblbaby says:

That’s the R2D2 of thermoses. Your stove works through witchcraft. I saw a thunderstorm at sunset the other day and the colors were like a magic mushroom trip with purples and reds in the sky, the lighting ripping through, the green trees were so vivid like blue blocker sunglasses view and the storm was off to the south so while the colors were all full in the sky it wasn’t raining on me and my doggies in a leather recliner I have outside (kinda under the eve so it doesn’t catch much rain) … until later when things got crazy. Best damned thing I’ve seen in my life, or right up there and the radio station was playing some amazing 70s rock, perfect. Wish I could have recorded or at least got pictures.

Stedhomer says:

What a view. One of the best parts of a day is setting back, relaxing, and watching the sun go down.

Jason says:

Have you tried a Yeti Rambler? Works like a charm for literally days

Al Stock says:

Nice…. both the new Thermos and the sunset.. A good day… .

puletasi44 says:

Thanks for the review looks like the under armor one

Trevor Fillmore says:

Real good nice to something work like its meant to hope all is well and have a great night.

lc2051 says:

Hi!..Do you have to add ice in order for the ’12’ hour insulation to work or just adding plain cold water without ice will still be sustained for 12 hours? Just wondering!!

ArkansasPrepper says:

Sweet tea would be great in this thermos too. Thanks!

Buckrun11 says:

got to get me one!

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