Thermos Cooking Vacuum Reviews PC edition

It’s a technique called Thermos Cooking. Based on a food prep technique that has served mankind since the dawn of time and it’s that ancient and mysterious technique that we will be exploring in this series of articles and videos.
Before we go there, however, I think we need to consider the kind of equipment we’ll need.

Part 1, which bottle should you buy?

Note: This is a re-post of a previous video that has been “politically corrected” to satisfy a hunter who took issue with some audio in previous version.


FlashGeiger says:

Backpackers do something similar but the motivation is to save fuel. After the pot is brought to a boil the pot is inserted into a cozy… like a cozy made for a tea pot. These cozys are often made from a home building material called reflectix due to it’s light weight and ease of manufacture. Since they’re also often rehydrating cooked food the system doesn’t have to be as good at retaining heat for as long.

Kryštof David says:

Hi! What a great video series! How is that there is lo longer any videos? Something happened? I hope everithing is all right 🙂 Thank you!

John Hales says:

you talked for 13 min about your oppinion and based on your tests use prefer the inferior product because of looks and never did as the vid said….cook with a thermos….ya realy like to talk alot

jesuisquejesuis1 says:

jrn-Great comparison, well said. Very helpful. Didn’t know about the vacuum concept. Thanks mate! I’m a little concerned with the plastic, are they safe for long term use? Cheers mate…

Beach er says:

Some Stanley food jars work MUCH better than others.  If your 24oz. food jar, as shown in the video, cannot maintain high heat/cold after 24 hours call the warranty phone number and get a replacement.  My own original 24oz. did not have a scratch or dent on it when it stopped working.  However, the replacement food jar works just as well as the narrow neck classic coffee Stanley for retaining very hot food temperatures for as long as 24 hours.

Maxwell Winters says:

I NEED TO KNOW, what is it that you are seeing, why do you keep looking to your left ?? what is it ?? i gots to know !! lol

Vlad Riamzinas says:

i don’t know what you consider soup, but that was some extraterrestrial shit i just saw

Kangaro0love says:

Thanks for the recommendations!
However, it’s a myth that most of your heat is lost through the head. The reason most of the heat is lost through the top of the thermos is because that’s where it opens. There’s a vacuum around the sides, but heat would be lost through the bottom also, if the bottom isn’t a vacuum segment.
– A student of science

3nertia says:

You do *NOT* lose 90% of your heat through your head. You lose the same amount of radiated heat from your head as you would any other part of your body. The thing is that often times the rest of our bodies are insulated with clothing but not our heads, so our heads will be where we’ll feel the most heat loss

eLJaybud says:

Oh no, the old 90% of your body heat goes out through your head ‘fact’, it’s a myth and completely wrong, you lose the same through your head as the rest of your body. The real reason the modern bottles don’t keep heat so well is because the famous American Stanley brand is now ‘Made in China’, it says so on the base.

johnmonk66 says:

Kojirinshu are much better than Thermos and Stanley, and there are titanium thermos now which never rust or hold odors. Kojirinshu will do 24 hours everyday. A 30 degree difference and you prefer the worst one? This review helped no one who wanted a good thermos.

Bill Blinky says:

I’ve had enough of manufacturers who move things off shore to China, India, etc and expecting the consumer not to bloody well notice. Is profit really all it’s about? Apart from losing local jobs, surely it has been demonstrated clearly enough by now that Chinese quality control is absolute rubbish. Personally I’m prepared to pay extra for the quality of the USA made product and know that I’ve got reliability with the real deal.

Cheng Susan says:

I want to buy a vacuum jar for lunch, but too much option,  your information is very detail and clear, Thank you so much !

GTheOne says:

I’m a hunter and I demand the removed audio to be reinstated immediately. Thank u in advance. Don’t ever censor yourself.

EpiDemic117 says:

Yeah. I don’t mean to be prejudice either. It certainly isn’t the chinese workers fault. But the problem is that things are too heavily rushed over there. Workers never have any time to give any real effort and some companies cut too many corners in trying to save up on cost. Too bad alot of them don’t realise that consumers are willing to pay a little extra inorder to get something that has a much better build quality on it.

MrRRW555 says:

I just start my pot boiling then set it on a couple inches of leaves, cover it with a rag and a bigger pile of leaves. If it’s windy I’ll dig a hole and line it with leaves.

Jeffrey Raymond says:

Great video. I fond I vary educational. I use my Stanley thermos everyday. Whether it be work or school and thanks fore making this video.

Doggieman1111 says:

I disagree that the relatively poor heat retention of the Stanley has anything to do with the slightly wider mouth.

Jade Zhang says:

I wish you were my teacher. You would make a great Food Science Technology professor.

snnnoopy says:

I wonder if you stored the hot food upside down if you wouldn’t lose the heat through the wide mouth. Just a thought.

Николай Промоцкий says:

Помедленнее, я записываю!

Charles Schoebinger says:

freedom of speech bud im a loyal hunter and who cares what others say speak your mind we all know what you say is opinion unless we decide to explore research to find if you are speaking fact

Justin Evans says:

Are you going to make anymore videos

EpiDemic117 says:

he is absolutely right. The new stanley thermoses are cheaply made junk made in china. When PMI bought them out they completely ruined the brand by unnecessarily shutting down the Tennessee plant and moving everything ove to shanghai for a little extra profit. Well i tell you the consumer isn’t stupid and they won’t buy poorly made products. PMI has likely had a TON of complains about the poor quality of the Chinese made ones. The old ones had a layer of charcoal that acted as extra insulation.

Nathan H says:

Did the hunters put you up to this? Are they holding you ransom?

EpiDemic117 says:

I say it’s just the crude attitude of some big businesses. Some just aren’t dynamic enough in understanding their customers needs.

hyperdildonic says:

Thanks, good video! There aren’t many people that even heard of thermos cooking. I think I’m throwing out my no-brand thermos (that does successfully cook rice and pasta though) and replace it with a Stanley. Not the best thermal properties, but their appearance really appeals to me.

LoveRise says:

Great review. Now I’d love to see some more actual demos of cooking different things in them especially rice which I think can be difficult for most folks.

dave smith says:

What are you looking at? You look left to right, like you’re going to be attacked.

Kevin CCIE says:

Great Video – made my buying decision simple.

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