Thermos Filtration Water Bottle Review

Drink up! The Thermos Filtration Water Bottle uses gravity to filter water down through its internal filtration system so you don’t have to suck water through a carbon filter. Check out our review!


Happy Preppers says:

Thanks for being honest that you got it for FREE. I was intrigued with the idea of a THERMOS with water filtration, but really it’s just a water filter with the brand name Thermos.

Arthur Rose says:

won’t work for water, won’t work at all lololol slippery slope here

Candice Olafson says:

I recently bought one and where the filtered water is I always find black particles. I love this water bottle but I’m not sure what to do with it since it keeps doing this.

Братан Братанов says:


Josh Quickle says:

You can just use the mouth part like a straw to draw the water out. Once you’re at the very bottom you have to tip the water bottle back to finish the last bit of water. My 2 year old daughter was the one who was doing this and that’s how I got the idea. lol

Kenneth Salazar says:

I bought this yesterday, it filters but it really take a long time to drink large amounts of water. This bottle is not for the thirsty lol

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