Thermos Stainless King Coffee Mug

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I review Thermos Stainless King Coffee Mug. This is an awesome travel coffee mug!!


Prashan Perera says:

Thanks for the review, been looking at this and had this exact question about leakage in mind cheers !

AD AD says:

real helpful m8 thanks i order one waiting for delivery.

sleepwalkerZZZ says:

Might I suggest you try and review the Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug. Before the Contigo, the OXO was the one to go to, however, like the thermos you must take steps to close. If you don’t close or forget to close it will spill. My boyfriend, in showing off his OXO , turned it upside down in front of his boss to show off how it won’t even drip. What happened in his demonstration is that his coffee poured all over the ground…hahaha!…because he forgot to close it first.

John Bostock says:

Excellent review. Just bought one without the handle and agree with you.

TheSonyGuy1 says:

Had my contigo for about 8 months now and it works great. Keeps drinks hot for at least 4 hours. Keeps cold drinks cold for a long time.

william says:

nice video thanks

AgriculturalInsights says:

Thanks for the info Johnny, everyone has their preference of things. I’ll check it out!

sleepwalkerZZZ says:

The Contigo mug is leakproof and requires you to push a button to sip, however, when you let go of the button it automatically closes unlike other travel mugs. Most people will not take the extra step to close the mug while drinking which allows for heat loss. Not with Contigo Autoseal, it is the one to go to. Won’t spill in display to boss haha! I call it Karma for showing off. Luckily he displayed the OXO outside so he still has a job 😉 Contigo Autoseal automatically closes

johnnytastetest says:

You look like Shay Carl of the SHAYTARDS here on YouTube. My travel mug is a “Trudeau” brand stainless steel model. It’s the “Board Room” model on their website at trudeaucorp dot c o m. Super durable, leatherette sleeve in the middle of the mug and on the handle, and a non-slippy rubber surface on the bottom of the mug. The leak-proof lid has a submarine-hatch-like release, allowing you a 360 degree drinking area. I think these things make it superior to your mug. Replace yours with one.

hypehype1982 says:

awesome but its so hard to keep clen the seal is a nightmare to clean.

Giorgi Meliqidze says:

is it really keeps hot and cold at 24 hours

TheSonyGuy1 says:

The Thermos stainless king is better than the contigo autoseal for hot drinks but there neck to neck on cold drinks. Both are leake proof. Thermos is the winner overall.

Brian C says:

Hi. Thanks for this helpful review. How is the gasket on odors? I have found a lot of times these products have a gasket that you just cannot get those odors out of no matter what. I have a cheapo pitcher right now with a silicone gasket and it just holds onto those odors.

elainejan says:

Thanks for the nice review. Don’t bother with the Contigo. I am using one now. I fill with hot coffee and 2 1/2 hrs later its just barely warm. That is why I am looking into the Thermos.

AgriculturalInsights says:

That is an option I will have to check out. For now this thing works great! I’ve heard good things about those Contigo’s though.

Ali Sheikh says:

not good for people with a big nose.

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