Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator (2700) Review

Review: 5/5
Excellent, Great Looking, Keeps Cold Slightly Better than Foam.

The best thing about this is it looks so much better than foam can coolers. It is at least as good as the foam coolers. Better yet it does seem to keep cans slightly cooler than in foam. The foam can coolers (cozies) work fine, as I used one for years. But foam can coolers are often quite ugly, display an advertisement, and often the advertised company doesn’t even exist anymore. This looks so much nicer. It claims to keep cans cold for up to 3 hours. I’ve never taken that long to drink a can, so I cannot say if it really holds for 3 hours. But in normal drinking, I can see it seems as though it is slightly better, but not dramatically so. It is at least as good, and maybe slightly better, but it was not a stunning difference. Buy it for looks and at least as good performance, but probably better.

The thermal-dynamics speak for themselves. It should be the best possible solution for keeping a can cool without ice or refrigeration. It is a genuine thermos, using a vacuum. It simply has two walls separated by a vacuum that has no air to transmit heat. It completely knocks out one kind of heat transfer. The only place it should touch is at the very top where the metal comes together. Without any molecules in-between, it cannot transfer heat. There are still other ways heat transfers, but that is a major one. A foam insulator instead works like insulation in your attic, with many tiny air spaces. It slows the progress of heat transfer between air pockets by having many of them. Heat will slowly work its way heating the air bubble by bubble in foam. The effectiveness on slowing heat transfer is the R rating. But this Thermos is a vacuum. It should be superior.

Product Title: Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator 2700P
Model: 2700TRI6, 2700P, 2700PREM12, 344812


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I have this brand of thermos in this material at home in the cabinet above the microwave. Is it safe to put soup in it? Whole Foods Market by CCSF has the same flavors of soup with no change in variety.

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