Thermos vs Stanley (the final chapter)

stanley thermos comparison.Well this is more like comparing apples to apples. They are both new. Both the same size and both cost roughly the same. The thermos by Nissan is clearly the winner but the Stanley is not so bad that I would argue against buying one. They are both made my the Chinese who love the u.s. So the buy American arguments is no longer there. Here’s to hot coffee! Brad “comparison” “thermos” “sstanley” “nissan” “gren energy” “low impact cooking”


Davia Fleming says:

Where are the american made thermos’s!!?

1Eclat says:

Great review!  I like Thermos too!

M M says:

Off shore producers are not to blame they are only taking an opportunity to make money.
The materials and quality of assembly is dictated by the client eg.Thermos/Stanly.
contracts work on bidding lowest bidder wins.
The people you really need to focus the blame on are not the little people but the greedy big company wanting more profit from moving production offshore. No liability, No Unions, No Responsibility more profit.

The reason Americans are losing there jobs are Americans at the top

James Norwood says:

umm, yes the buy American argument is still there. Until they bring manufacturing back to the US, I won’t be buying either one. Supporting that country (china) and it’s horrible human (and animal) rights policies is not on my agenda.

Neil Pahl says:

It may be negligible but, I would argue that the Stanley thermos lost a bit of heat from heating up the cold thermometer rod. The Nissan thermos won’t loose that heat since the rod has been warmed already.

Juris Gavrilovs says:

if you feel the heat on out side it must be the vacuum. that thermos is dented – must be. i am looking for the rugged thermos. i buy new thermos every year because small dent in outer shell is ruining all vacuum thermoses. no vacuum no heat saving.

so can some one give me a brand that does 3 shells or with some protective shell.

Doomzdayxx says:

He/she is the exact reason that I despise liberals. I mean seriously, they are absolute scum of the earth. I’m not a big fan of hardcore conservatives either to be honest. I hate how people cannot think for themselves and spew their kneejerk reactions like that.

Ze Khong says:

I think 2 different concept.Stanley is all steel vacuum bottle and Thermos is glass vacuum flask.Thermos should hold temperature better but Glass can crack if u fall or hit by impact.So both has pros and cons.

Best Gift says:

i love my Stanley its the best

Jessalene Morales says:

keep in mind Stanley has lifetime warranty guaranteed !!! its worth the money trust me.

Charles Lewis says:

i think Aladdin is a great brand too. May i ask you to test Aladdin vs. Stanley vs. Thermos

Gone Kiffen says:

Thank you for this review sir. I wish I had seen this a week ago before I bought a Stanley. My father uses the same Stanley as his grandfather and it still holds the heat. Apparently the quality of Stanley has dropped in the past few years. People say the newer ones don’t last more than a month or two. My next Thermos will be a Nissan. Thanks for the video.

Michael Crandell says:

How does that coffee taste in that stainless steel mug? Isn’t it all metallic and gross?

Mehmet DOĞAN says:

Stenly is sronger then other produc, plastic parts easy to break.

Anthony Mark says:

I have both Stanley and thermos brand and they both only keep my coffee warm. I prepare my hot beverage right before work and four hours later I almost have to reheat it I hate warm coffee but I like hot coffee. I think the one that they gave you for free is better than mine way better. I will have to send mine back and get a different one so they can check out why is not keeping my coffee hot for hours later

Charles Lewis says:

And see if a glass lined vacuum bottle is better that stainless steel lined vacuum bottles. That would be an interesting thing to know too

empirestate31 says:

well as they are both made in china it does not matter. i will go for the thermos brand 

White Feather says:

Stanley’s Looks way .. cooler! 🙂

rdnprops says:

Nice comparison,,,  good video,,,gonna get a nissan

Tom Frantz says:

That is a REALLY great video. You shot it well. The dogs were cool. And it was very fair. I agree with the made in USA guys too.

nicolas dudiuk says:

I bought a Thermos about a year ago. It was great until about 6 months, then I don’t know why it’s not keeping liquids hot (it’s not scratched, hit, anything), now hot water lasts less than 2 ~ 3 hours. I believe vacuum was lost somehow. Going to the trash soon.. 🙁

Banks says:

The man wasn’t being racist…

Kelly Whalen says:

i believe the stanly is 2.2 quarts which is 70.4 ounces vs the 61 ounce nissan.

Oskirko Anton says:

Thanks for your review, it was useful for me!

Rebekah Hall says:

Well it being made in China also promotes the TERRIBLE Chinese factories with unfair wages and shitty working conditions. Made in America you at leastknow people are being paid at least minimum wage aend treated fairly

mavspecialgirl1 says:

Stanleys are okay and take a beating but they can’t hold up keeping liquids hot or cold for as long as Thermos does.Had two Stanley thermos’s and their just for keeping water in for my two dogs that don’t mind drinking room temp water.Plus the cup makes a great water bowl for them when traveling.I on the other hand drink out of the Thermos!I have left the Thermos in a 90+ degree vehicle for 9 hours and still had ice cubes floating in it!My two Stanleys are now dog water containers.

fpstina says:

but kudos to Stanley’s customer service!

TonyCamp says:

I wonder which will last longer as far a durability

Swilla Swole says:

“I said quiet on the set.”  Good one! LOL

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