Thermos vs Stanley…

rusty78609…Hot/Cold stainless steel water/coffee bottles. Thermos cost $15 and the Stanley cast $29…Thermos is the best by far…


T App says:

Really? 4 hours? That’s a little dramatic. I have one as well and love it. Also, you need to put ice water or hot water in before you add your liquid so the thermos or cup does not steal the temp from the liquid you are drinking. Also, some items are better for cold and others for hot but my Stanley thermos is awesome

Norm F says:

I have to disagree with you on this one .Had a Stanley same as your’s for over 25 years for my hot tea on the job.All the shine and paint came off and it started to rust..lost the cup..the cap finally cracked and leaked.Allways kept my tea hot till work day over.Never used it for cold drinks…don’t think that was its intention.l know use the Stanley Vacuum Steel Growler for my beer thirty cold drinks..may be it will last 25 years too..keeps drinks cold for16 hours depending on how many times you unclasp the lid…cheers rusty78609..

Denis Starynin says:

thank you for your review! helped to choose!

Luke Hamill says:

I have a new Stanley that holds ice about 5-6 days and heat around 30+ hours..

Victor Manuel Dominguez Castillo says:

The propaganda of the Stanley thermos is usually repeated and diffused in a wide variety of media, presenting only one side or aspect of an argument in order to obtain the highest number of sales. The truth is that many of these merchants only seek to sell their products, even if they do not serve or fulfill the purpose they offer, some buyers publish videos without having the slightest technical knowledge of expertise in vacuum packaging. STANLEY is an overrated brand like so many others in the American market, THESE THERMAL HEATS WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RETAIN THE HEAT OF HOT BEVERAGES FOR MORE THAN TWO HOURS, WITH THE TECHNIQUE AND THE FORM IN WHICH THEY BUILD EVEN WITHOUT BURNING, is what they can do AND NOT 12 or 20 hours as its publicists assure. In the market there are more economical options and with better results in terms of heat retention.

Dave H says:

Stanley was a working mans thermos for constructon sites, the glass bulb inexpensive thermos once carried were good at insulating but could not take a drop off a house roof, the handle was basicly an after design to keep them from rolling off a roof. Dave thanks for the journey rusty….

Tarryn Aitken says:

Oh great was gunna get the green Stanley one but got the red thermos 1.2 L. Its says 24 hrs hot, still steaming burn ya finger hot 35 hrs later ! Have to test it again tomorrow when i wake up, bloody impressed. Got it half price. China are on there manufacturing game these days.

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