Using and Caring for your Thermos Stainless King 16 oz. Travel Tumbler

How to use and care for your new Thermos Stainless King 16 oz. Travel Tumbler


Alecia Hlebechuk says:

Thank you! Super helpful!

Cathy Larson says:

Thanks for the video!! I am still having trouble with mine leaking. Not sure what I am doing wrong. When I put the finally disk on is it suppose to turn the whole center piece so that the top is showing closed? I can’t seem to get it to stay in the open position. When I take it off it goes to closed. If I return it to open before putting it back on it goes to closed. Whether I leave it or return it the cup still leaks.

jheng solomon says:

hello good day how much the thermos thumbler , we’re here in Philippines.

Wilbert Coria says:

Wow thank you so much you saved my life

Sarah W says:

Thanks for this!!

MikeAsoares says:

You can also pull off the little plunger gasket in the middle. I like to pull off all gaskets and soak the whole lid as I use this mug everyday

厌世的mango says:

I like the way you make the review, really enjoy this video. Cheers!

Becky Oravetz says:

Thank you so much!!! I drink coffee too so Of course I need this mug to Not leek. 😀

Scott Whistler says:

Thank you so much for posting this.  I took it apart last night to clean it and then couldn’t figure out how to reassemble.  You did a great job of thoroughly explaining how it all goes.  Thank you again 🙂

janna says:

Thank you for the video! Just bought a new thermos mug and there was no mention in the cleaning instructions to keep it open when you reassemble the lid as well as the fill line in the mug. Tried to put it back together and it didn’t look right, you just saved me from both cold coffee and a constantly leaking lid!!

FadhiliTheOne says:

SOOOOOO HELPFUL THANK YOU!!! My mug is good as new now!

Jacob Sebastien says:

Luv my matte black thermos tumbler with the straight slide lid

Vanessa M. says:

Oh goodness!!! Tricky gasket. Thank you!!!

sherrillcozumel says:

Helpful! Reassembly was a challenge without this. Thanks

Kelly Hansen says:

Thank you!! ughhh, was ready to toss it out the window!

Gabriel Vargas says:

I need your help!!!

Andrea K says:

I never known how to clean it properly. I am glad you shared this video on caring for it. I have several of these awesome and super durable mugs. Thanks. 🙂

Valerie Moore says:

Really helpful Thank you!

Prashan Perera says:

thanks didnt know how to set the rubber gasket thanks to this video i cud thanks again

TheSonyGuy1 says:

Great cup. Had mine for 3 years

Nah Sh says:

Your video was informative and the quality was very good – can you please tell me what camera are you using? Thanks

Mary Catherine Henry says:

thanks. I was able to fix my tumbler because of your video !!

Nihal Shah says:

Only after watching your video was I able to put my mug back together…very helpful…Thank you for the video 🙂

USARMYvietnamVET1969 says:

enjoyed your video, glad I watched

Kevin Kay says:

thank you for this video. i thought I could remember the orientations of everything but managed to flip everything. thanks for the detailed reassembly at the 5:50 mark

Albert Leppo says:

thanks for the assembly/disassembly advice

Lucy says:

Very thorough review. Cheers!

Beatrice Van Croonenborg says:

Thank you. Have saved this video because I do it wrong every time.

Jackie Willis says:

Thank you for the detailed reassembly instructions. I love my Thermos mug!

Kevin Frawley says:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Of course I didn’t pay attention to how it was assembled when I was taking it apart, and of course I couldn’t get it back together… Until I saw your video.. HOORAY! I love my Thermos Coffee mug which I have had forever..Now it is clean, and it works just like new! THANK YOU!

lilistarlet37 says:

Thanks for the instructions, I threw the instructions in the trash

Mrs Senta says:

Thank you!, is the fill line in the mug at 16 oz, or less?

Alexander Wenger says:

Thank you for sharing. It helped me a lot putting all together.

Alan Sefchovich says:

Thanks !!!!!!!!

Khalia Lanae says:

i need help . so i took it apart and put it back together just like you did but still my top wont open when its switch to the open switch or close when its switch to the close switch . its either one or another the whole time . HELP ME PLEAASEEEE !!!!!

Karen Hall says:

Thanks i was able to fix the gasket back on per your video guidance

D Stockmaster says:

Thank you so much !!! I did not know it had to be in the open position to clean. I was very frustrated, ran out of time, left for work without it. I missed my cup !!! Thanks to your awesome video, I have properly reassembled the lid !

Flute Player Victoria says:

I have had mine for 3 years, and I always forget how to put it back together. Thank you for this.

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