What’s inside a Yeti Cup?

Is the YETI cup worth the money?!?! We HEAT tested to find out, then we CUT it in HALF to see the inside!!!

This is episode 3rd episode of “MUG WEEK”

Watch episode #1 here: https://youtu.be/hJl34_Yn2aE

Watch episode #2 here: https://youtu.be/x6iC-8c8WuE

Amazon Links to products we tested:
YETI Rambler Tumblers: http://amzn.to/2biLOON
RTIC 30 oz: http://amzn.to/2b1IqrN
Red Mighty Mug: http://amzn.to/2biMfbX
Aladdin Mug: http://amzn.to/2aZIYfU

This was a great experiment that convinced us that the YETI is worth the money for keeping drinks the temperature they were meant to be. This was an independent review and we were not sponsored by any companies for this video.

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Arthur Morgan says:

You’re all sick mug torturers…

Sick, sick people…

XxXsupertrampXxX says:

can’t believe you put a plastic mug in a 2500$ stove!

David R says:

I really want a Yeti cup of cooler…but I have no idea what I would use them for.

Adriana Gutierrez says:

Do a hydro flask

Jer Parker says:


whewdoggie1 says:

The most ridiculous test ever, glad I skipped through. A good vacuum sealed mug is a good vacuum sealed mug. These fail for me due to the outrageous cost and the fact that I can’t throw one in my bag and be sure the top won’t come off. Get a stainless vacuum bubba screw top for $10. I have some that are 6-7 years old.

John Coe says:

Rtic is not a knock off been around longer then yeti and a better product

Bagel Beagle says:

Metal is inside

Morty Snerd says:

yeti supportd gun control …. do not buy their products

Brooke Hoefert says:

Why wouldn’t you put the oven to like 110 or so. To simulate a hot truck sitting in the sun.

Roger Childs says:

All this did is make me shoot someones Yeti with a 50 BMG. While they were holding it

Frank Bowne says:

PPE and a Dremel.

Pete Quinones says:

The way he swings a hatchet, would have a hard time getting out of a wet cardboard box..

Max Novak says:

We went on a vacation and we had a yeti bag and the ice in the bag lasted us 8 days in the summertime and probely last more

Fester Adams says:

I was worried about Lincolns intelligence, then I see you use a Hatchet inside on a granite counter top. Never mind

Zachary Schweter says:

compare this to a Contigo!!! – they’re way better than a YETI!

MBN NetworkTV says:

The Rtic is the same as yeti the owner s of yeti got divorced. He starter Rtic. She kept yeti

Farrin Paglia says:

the dad is a try hard and needs ti let the kids do something give me a thumbs up if you agree

Ashlyn LPS TV says:

What’s inside a Yeti cup?


David Robinson says:

Dude, invest in a bandsaw and don’t put plastic items in a hot oven.

Johnny Rebel says:

I have YETI to buy a YETI. There should be gold inside a Yeti cup for what they cost. As for the Yeti coolers, if I pay $300.00 for a cooler to protect a $5.00 sandwich from a bear, I’d need my head examined.

Zach Bernhard says:

When I had my Ozark trail 30 oz I would leave it in my car all day school in 90°weather and it didn’t have I’ve but it was still very cold in a hot car all these mugs whether it’s an Ozark, RTIC or Yeti they are all great mugs and also great can/ bottle coozies I love my yeti but don’t be fooled by a label

Bonnie Marron says:

Omg no eye protection for either kid touches boiling water, he puts stuff in oven that shouldn’t be, could have ruined oven! I

Will Snyder says:

Dan: the unspillible mug just fell over
Me: b-but how? It’s unspillible!

Paula Hulse says:


Lucas Titner says:

They should make the yeti unspilible

Eric Urdiales says:

my RTIC works better than my Yeti

NoPe Jackson says:


Chris Moody says:

I prefer my $5.00 Quik Trip 54 oz cup. And I get $.69 off every refill. Working outdoors I can keep ice for a good 6 hrs or so. If course I’m smart enough to keep it out of the truck and direct sunlight.

Quad Racer412 says:

Love how you just waste money teaching that kid good

Jason Apodaca says:

Walmart’s ozark tumblers r jus as good as a yeti.

Gage Garrett says:

Rtic is not a knock off brand of the yeti

Matt Satkowiak says:

We learned today that Lincoln has a screw loose

douglas schmidt says:

Is anyone else having a hard time watching the hatchet and that countertop dude my wife would literally murder you with that hatchet if she was in that room

Stephen Adamcryck says:

Nothing worse than people who think they are stars!

jay c says:

I use Styrofoam cups..they keep my drink cold and are disposable

Juan Meza says:

Pretty good idea try to see if yetti is bullet Proof

Lance Clark says:

God, you need a new blade if it took you five minutes to cut through that cup.

Magnus Dominus says:

I picked up the $8 tumbler from WalMart, it works just as well.

Rob B says:

Go to Walmart and buy a hacksaw. Wow!

Hilda Ndaba says:

3:39 , what did u expect it’s plastic

Northwest Aerial Photography says:

DUH, why put them in the oven. Whos in charge here you or the 9-year-old?

Mansour Yaacoubi says:

the cheapest thermos flask costs around 8 dollars? I bought one yesterday for a dollar. and works just fine

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