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YETI Rambler Bottle REVIEW! I will also be doing a YETI vs. Hydro Flask video because I know people are going to want to know which bottle is better and why I am using this YETI water bottle instead of a HydroFlask, which I used to use all of the time and it was on my list of the best water bottles 2018. At any rate, in this YETI bottle review I go over the main features and what I do and do not like about it. Spoiler alert, my main complaint is price. Other than than, it’s a YETI Coolers product so it’s awesome. Check out some of my other videos:

YETI Tumbler Review:

Hydro Flask Review:

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Russell Roberts says:

Can you test out the Garmin Drive Assist 50 LMT ? I’m sure you drive places……

SmoothbassmanStudios says:

You need to check out the RTIC products. Very similar in quality. That’s why YETI has dropped their prices across the board in 2017.

rich b says:

Wide mouth- ice shift
We all know what it is and we all hate it.

周凯旋 says: This is my shop, Welcome, I also provide them.

Seb Marks says:

great video

Mario Jr says:

Any chance to review phillips health watch?

212flako says:

hey man it would be cool if you compared this to RTIC!!

Angel Lopez says:

good review for the price they should install an easy access or quick access to drink out of it without having to unscrew the top.

Rabar Jamal says:

So what’s the difference between this & hydro flask?

EDCOP66 says:

Go to RTIC Just as good! Less than half the price!

norlens noel says:

Fuck a yeti. What the hell is the fascinaiton about a damn water bottle mug thingie… it keeps your drink cold….big fuckin deal! And why do people put yeti stickers on their truck….. might as well put igloo ice chest stickers or Kenmore refrigerators stickers on your truck. Its dumb!!!!

Bryan Balak says:

5.11 hat. I expect tactical reviews, Riz.

Jeff Baller says:


DiveProGT says:

Hi, I’m a PADI Scuba Instructor in the Turks and Caicos. I found one while diving and based on the algae growth on it, it had to have been submerged for at least a week in 25 feet of salt water. I opened it when I got to the surface and smelled the liquid and there was no seawater in side. Whoever lost it was drinking lemonade lol. I’m sure I could have drunk it with no problem lol. I googled YETI, which brought me here. I cleaned it up really nice when I got home and now I have a really cool YETI bottle.

Harleydude says:

i can see the benefit of a wide mouth is loading it up with ice

Surya Venkatraman says:


Dan Green says:

any UK availability?

tom jones says:

18oz is only 30

LazyScoutJace says:

I bought my 36 oz. for $50 at Dicks. Expensive AF, but I love it.

jake playz says:


evsmith1201 says:

Hey man! Awesome video! Glad to see how much the channel has taken off. Any thoughts on the RTIC brand? Have you heard of them? Supposed to be a huge Yeti competitor for 1/2 the price. I think the growler is like $30.

antonio armijo says:

Try the RTIC or Ozark from Walmart. These Yeti bottles are grossly over priced.

OVERCLOCKED Estlock says:

Bottom says made in china. The real ones aren’t?

RG Mitchell says:

I take it everywhere..including overseas.. I need it to function without it lost.. And worth the money…get one. And Riz. U Golf…Cherry Island or Winchester..let’s get out and play

Stacey Smith says:

Great review !! Just the right kind of info so that we can make our own decision on whether plop down our money. Keep up the great work Riz !!

Noah says:

updated review on ua band???

アレキサンダ ー says:

YETI ad before the review

Free Range Tax Slave says:

Is the lid plastic on the inside?

Nate The Great says:

I would buy it if it had a lifetime warranty.

Hank g says:

You know you’re a meathead still when you watch videos on hydration bottles

Benjamin Tate says:

Never wash it. The soap scum will stay as residue. I just use hot water and rinse it out.

EDCOP66 says:

Yeti’s done sell they’re overpriced products!

Sam Bennellick says:

Cannot for the life of me get a big hydro flask in the uk. And can only get the yeti mugs/cups here! Annoying.

Midnight says:

Rtic is so much better. 50-70% less, 2 years LONGER warranty (7 years), and it does the exact same thing. I got a 36oz bottle, 30oz tumbler, a can, and a handle for my tumbler (which is awesome, btw) for $50. I filled up my 30oz tumbler last night about half way with refrigerated sweet idea (no ice), and it was still just as cold as when I poured it the night before. I take my 36oz bottle to work with me every day and it’s still cold when I get home from work. Just be sure to keep the lid on the bottles if you want it to stay cold longer (for obvious reasons).

Robert Castillo says:

I just returned this bottle because it didn’t even hold ice for more than 6 hours. It sucks

The Golden Nugget says:

I seen a 32oz Yeti on sell for 17$. Didn’t buy, because I didn’t think I needed it.

Julian Legostaev says:

Isn’t there a 26 oz one and if so which would be better for school. The 26 oz or the 36 oz yeti?

Adam Skaggs says:

I use the RTIC coolers. Very cheap and just as good.

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