YETI vs. Hydro Flask REVIEW

– Hydro Flask:
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– Hydro Flask:

Hydro Flask vs. YETI Rambler Bottle. Which is better? What’s the difference? That’s what this video is all about. Let me start by saying they are very similar so I really do split hairs in this video. Other than pricing, HydroFlask vs. YETI is a story of minute differences. I’ve been using YETI more often but I used a Hydro Flask for last year. In terms of the best Hydro Flask, I like the 40oz. (So much so that it was on my list of best water bottles 2017). Also, happy to do more comparison videos like YETI vs. RTIC, etc.

Hydro Flask Review:

YETI Rambler Bottle Review:

YETI Tumbler Review:

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Addison Graham says:


Tor G says:

Buy the one made in the US!!!

bruno saraiva says:

Purchased thr Yeti at Navy Exchange for $53.00. I lile it much better and Best selling point is drinking out of it is more comfortable because of the wider mouth.

Cris Santonil says:

As an Asian from an Asian family, we never touch our dishwasher. So handwashing the HF wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll go with the HF since it’s way cheaper haha.

emilwestin says:

can you bottle flip them tho?

Tony Wellio says:

please make a video of you workout music playlist! or just put the list on you web sight!

Bob Kolin says:

I’d really like to hear your review of the Air Pods. I might be guessing here, but I really don’t see how they will stay seated in the ear while exercising. Not only that, they look kind of dorky.

You are spot on with the Apple Watch. Nothing exciting there.

manyNavajos89 says:

Heads – hydroflask
Tails – Yeti

Colby 0101 says:

Just an FYI to any one reading this yeti does have colours

LuBano says:

Nice. In need of a water bottle and I’ll probably end up with that hydroflask!

Ernesto Orozco-Jimenez says:

My girlfriend got me one I use it a lot lol

Joe says:

Thanks Jeff but you still have to try the Harman Kardon Go & Play its so fucking amazing. Much better than the other speaker you’ve tested.

Eric Hwang says:

Flasks dent way easier imo. I dropped my flask and there was a giant dent on the bottom and I’ve dropped my yeti multiple times and there’s not a single dent. Yetis are wayyy more durable

Kimberly Cooper says:

Riz, you got ripped off, i bought two 40oz. Flasks (same quality) from Costco for $35. They come in a set of ✌ per box!

Surf Skull says:

Just get one of each!

Kenzie Carr says:

Yeti is way more badass than a hydro

Steven Lloyd says:

hey Jeff love your videos. Just wondering if you will be making a video on the new gear 3 and if you could compare it to the fenix 3. I bought the fenix after watching you vid and wondering if it’s worth the upgrade thanks

Olivia says:

hydro flask also donates 5% of your purchase to a charity!

Sam Bennellick says:

Can’t get either in the UK Jeff. Bad times! Next best thing is Camelbak Forge which I only found today!

Robert Castillo says:

Hydroflask is 100 times better.

SUNCHIP2007 says:

Good review, but isn’t HYDRO FLASK made in America?

rey sosa says:

you should check out klean kanteen most comparable to hydro flask. and Oakley just started selling some too that are worth a look

Burak Sulker says:

You didn’t mention one of the big reasons why HF has an edge and that’s the different colors you can purchase it in. Yeti is only stainless steel.

Fredrik Medevik says:

Just bought Hydro flask. So far so good.

CoD Gamer says:

Yo Riz! Got any killer bicep routines??

N English says:

Hydroflask is made by aliens. It’s the only explanation. I love mine and it’s ridiculous how well it works.

tits mcghee says:

i like my yeti a lot better because the lid is easier to clean

Mitch says:

The yeti 36oz bottle will hold ice for more than 50 hrs.

Levi w says:

Hydroflask is better

zacpowerleon says:

Imo hydro flask looks a lot better too, I think that finish on it just looks better

Ryan MACK says:

so I just want to say thank you so much for the reviews that you do especially on the shoes I was trying to find a good review on the ultra boost uncaged and most of the reviews weren’t even about functionality they were about looks I hated them so thanks for doing functionality for the reviews

Bryan Liang says:

Can you do an updated what’s in my gym bag?

Trish Holbrook says:

Hydro has lifetime warranty 🙂 Yeti has 5 year warranty 🙁
But both are great 🙂

John B says:

boil some water and see what one keeps it hotter, that is the real test.

Bryan Kraemer says:

I’ve noticed when bottles have the lid threads on the inside like the yeti, it won’t occasionally drip on your pants like other wide mouth bottles.

amyy164 says:

I’ll be getting a HF. Thanks for the review.

Justin Watson says:

I like the flip straw top you can get for the hydro flask plus I don’t have a dishwasher lol

Chris Boulanger says:

great vid. I rock my hydro flask everyday and I absolutely love the thing

Brandon Peterson says:

Plus Hydro Flask comes in a bunch of different colors

Wallie Cruz says:

Riz ! Quick ? How would you clean a pair of 5.0s if they got water inside everywhere ?!

SirWilliamalot 7 says:

What a d bag

Thom Parkin says:

just picked up a hydroflask last week thanks to your review, loving it so far. Cheers Jeff

Bester craftygamers says:

Watching this while cuddling my hydroflask

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