Zojirushi SM-SA60 – Quick Look / Review

Hi Enthusiasts and welcome to another episode of the Enthusiast Experiment! Today we take a look at one of my favorite things from the last year, the Zojirushi SM-SA60. This little guy is always with me in my backpack and has served me well. Leave a comment with your favorite travel thermos. Also, please subscribe and like the video. Hope you all have a great week and see you soon!

Zojirushi: http://www.zojirushi.com/app/product/smsa


Lê Ngọc Hà says:

i like your voice

Edison Siew says:

Edit : I canceled the sm-sc48 to the sm-sc60 cause I will use it for school etc. so I will need plenty of water for the day. What do you think of the 60 version

milton says:

I love these mugs. I never leave home without it. Japan has the best products in the world. Milton

lawschool transferguide says:

Pick one up on Amazon for cheap! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HYOGTTG/?tag=lawschooltransferguide-20

Edison Siew says:

I just bought one from amazon, it’s the SM-SC48 in slate grey or slate gray however Americans spell, great video! This brand is my favourite for vacuum flasks.

Miss Amazon says:

‘Plethera’ – we don’t say that word nearly enough!!
Great review. Thanx

Alice Bernstein says:

Thanks for the video. I like this beverage holder. I have a smaller capacity one that is made essentially the same. I took the top apart to clean it and couldn’t figure out how to put it back successfully, and your video helped me to do that efficiently and swiftly.

Schmidteren says:

The white rubber on top, is it safe? Hot water and rubber plastic is not the best combinaton. 😀

Vincent Yingyi Wang says:

i need this 20 oz Japanese stainless mug ASAP. I cannot bear my school do not offering hot water for foreigner students any more. (Chinese always need pure hot water in all seasons) HAHAHA哈哈哈。And thank you for review video Mr XXX.

David Millan says:

I also like how the cap locks open

Ticky Tocky says:

A little late to the party but hey. I ordered the 16 ounce one being very skeptical about the claims and am very happy with it. One night I made coffee before bed to test it, it was still hot in the morning! I’m not a huge coffee drinker, preferring to nurse one bottle all day and have gone from 7AM – 4PM at work with the coffee being very warm and drinkable by the end of the day. I have burned my mouth thinking it was going to Coll a couple of times. I liked it so much I bought the 20 ounce one for water this summer. This is one bottle that is narrow enough to fit in my car armrest cupholder. You can’t go wrong.

Flash Gordon says:

Picked up this model off eBay used for 16 bucks. It was described in excellent condition, however the flip cap was cracked just above the lock/unlock icons when I received it. The seller refunded my money and told me to keep the bottle. I epoxied in a strip stainless steel inside the cap and now it works perfect. Free score! Here is video of how they make these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSk0CFWJxkw

Sam Mills says:

I have the Zojirushi champagne gold 16oz cup. Haha I disassembled the lid and washed it and didn’t get back to it before the washing machine was unloaded. Missing a single seal. But I’m not complaining. IT IS THE VERY BEST MUG I HAVE EVER HAD. IT is many times better than either yeti in the time it takes to lose heat and the lock is the best for traveling me.

I love Zojirushi

Yen Chin Lim says:

Do the thermos sold at the e-bay?.

Alan Ó Góillidhe says:

Just ordered mine based on this review!
Great review.

David Kononen says:

Hmm, when mine opens, but doesn’t go all the way back into the “lock” position. I have to push it to that position.

liuchar says:

Amazing product…just bought one. Mine is SM-KB48-TM. Keeps my coffee piping hot for about 4 to 5 hours. Love it!!!!! The best Thermos I have used so far.

prodical says:

Just ordered mine from Amazon looks like a real winner

Stealth Cat says:

Great review, Thanks !

Erick Aparicio says:

Awesome. Thanks for the video! I’ve been looking for a beverage holder for a long time and I wasn’t satisfied with the ones I saw in stores. This one looks great though, and I shall finally buy one for myself 🙂

Edison Siew says:

Do you like the screw down versions of zojirushi or this flip version.

Yuu Kanda says:

Random question, if you put sparkling water in the zojirushi will it keep the bubbles?

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