Best Footwear for the Trail?

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Ren Ramsey says:

How much larger do you buy a shoe in order to take in the foot swelling and enlarging during a LD hike?

Nanu N says:

Nice… light breathable shoes and wet and dry cycles….. wool socks…. mountains are calling…… I was wearing rubber boots in a rain forest and my feet always got wet anyway…. The tradition was to dry them by the fire, ….. so why bother with waterproof boots in the first place…. I wish I remembered the details… Ocean kayaking and mountain hiking in a rain forest and rubber boots…. what ever you got… make it work. ha

A Meanie says:

so obvious rigged winner.
you are a really bad artist :’d
other than that, thank you for the insights on comfort and breathability.

Andrew Debasque says:

I love how you talk about shoes like tires for a vehicle, I’m pushing 1,300 miles with my Vans = )

halicon74 says:

good video, rain a lot it does on the east coast specifically the tennessee valley from Smoky Mountains National Park- Cherokee National Forest- jefferson national forest I live near roan mt and we have received over a foot of rain since Jan

troy kiri says:

Another tip for drying shoes is either use newborn nappies or thick sanitary pads stuffed in your shoes.

Jason green says:

thanks alot! this helps quite a bit . I have foot problems and it’s taken me off the trail. looking for a good shoe. love your videos. and thanks again.

Presbiter says:

The thing is, for the same amount of money you get military boots. Why would you go for consumer grade goods when you can overhop them and the industrial grade and get straight to military grade for the same money? I can understand people that dont want to run around in camo, thats not everyones thing, but when it comes to a boot, i would pretty much recommend at least test a military boot (one that is produced for the military, not one that just looks like one but is made in china)

Travis Cole says:

Love hiking in Chacos! Get wet and dry quickly, obviously breathe great. Soles are tough, durable, and surprisingly stable. Probably the best aspect of Chaco hiking is the sweet tan lines!

Debbie Norman says:

So happy to have found your channel. I’m hiking in the Amazon rain forest followed by the rocky Galápagos Islands . Only 1 bag allowed. Any suggestions on shoes?

Vincent Vanaski says:

I see you are planning to hike the PCT in 2018. I plan on going next year also. I hope to see you on the trail. You make great video’s by the way.

Max C says:


Eric Young says:

leather hiking boots are for granit hiking.

poloii fowgee says:

hello sir, you mention youve used more than one pair for the entire AT, how does the new pair being used? no breaking in right from the package? any blister issues for it?
thanks for the informative videos.

Dave C says:

John Z won? That’s an amazing coincidence.

juha koivula says:

open toe sandals with socks are life saver when your feet are swollen as f**k

Beansprout says:

Ok. The guy who hiked in the choko sandals…was his “trail name” Chewie. Because I met a guy who was working at the Nantahala Outdoor Center who said he hiked in those.

United Studios Progressive Martial Arts says:

I had a pair of merrell mid top waterproof boots, older model, forgot the name. Loved them, but eventually the treads wore out after hiking on them for 5 years. Replaced with low top moab ventilators, which I liked a lot- 2 things I noticed though, 1. in winter time, I really wished I had a water proof boot. 2, I felt like my feet got sore much, much quicker than with my previous pair. Currently I’m wearing Keen Targhees, and my feet seem to take a lot more abuse with them, but they are hotter/heavier. Ever use insoles in your shoes? Wondering if next time, I go back to moabs if wearing some insoles would help at all.

Gary Johnson says:

Don’t buy atheist shoes. They have no souls.

Minwoo Shin says:

Thanks a lot! It was big help!

From S.Korea

Antonia Baker says:

I saw a podiatrist the other day. I dont have feet issues but just wanted to be sure before i do the AT my feet are in peak condition. He is also a marathon runner. i explained the terrain to him and he said to make sure your shoes have a rock plate in them.

John LeGresley says:

My (just over one year old pair of) Merrells finally got their maiden hike, and ten minutes into it, the soles fell off. Merrell telling me sorry but they can’t help me as their policy is up to one year!

James Hoke says:

One boot I use for hiking in Texas is the Under Armor Valsetz, they are super light weight, breathable, and feel like a tennis shoe.

Iron Platypus says:

I think for most people, goretex is the way to go for day hikes/week-long or shorter backpacking trips. Most of the time it isn’t raining, it’s just drizzling or wet. And it’s a lot more confterable with dry feet.

Dystopian Origami says:

Was that a Saxon ball cap in the opening montage?

sky blue says:

Chaco has a hiking sole available in custom for those who like to hike in sandals. Love your channel!

Albert Tran says:

How did those guys hike with sandals and five fingers shoes? I used to get rocks between my feet and the sole or in between my toes

Erik Brown says:

I actually prefer hunting boots just because of the extra support. I’ve always needed a lot of support so the stiffer high top hunting boots tend to work better for me

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