Columbia Drainmaker III water shoe review

The Columbia Drainmaker III is a great water shoe that is very useful when venturing out in your canoe or kayak. Check out our review of this light-weight, self-draining hybrid shoe. Please check ot these shoes at Amazon USA: or Amazon Canada:


Jeremy Clow says:

Good review…just purchased them. Thanks!

Chris Fontenot says:

Have you had a problem getting too much sand, grit, dirt, etc. build up in the shoe while wading around in the water?

skylilly1 says:

Great idea!

Fuad Kerimov says:

Hi. May I use water shoes like normal shoes to walk on city roads in hot summer? Is it normal? or this shoes only intended to water?

Steve Podraza says:

I’m headed to Anna Maria island Florida, how would these be for walking around town? I’m looking for a cooler shoe airy. Thank you

AleaderWaterShoes says:

Great shoes for adventure

Alomayri A says:


Michal Ochedowski says:

I enjoyed watching this review, especially the sounds from the footage under water. Thanks for sharing.

jt24817 says:

Great review. I’ve been looking into a better option when I’m backcountry camping and you have sold me on these shoes. Thanks.

krispy kreme says:

getting them now!

Wrench says:

I was wondering when you put it in the water then it dries does it start to stink a little


i have ventslip II and conspiracy switchback II. my first time to buy columbia.

What does they men waterproof and what does their name means?

like drainmaker, switchback, ventslip etc…

The QueensConquerer says:

Do these work well for running as well?

Jugo Chasquido says:

Que son impermeable?

Bryan Nunziato says:

Great review! Thank you for posting!

Blu says:

spray the water shoes with neverwet, make it even more waterproof

Hello World says:

What happen if sand get stuck in the drainage pipes????

Jonathan Mcdonald says:

These are by far the best shoes I have ever owned. I even swim with them when stones or rock are near the shore. I also wear them as just regular shoes when i don’t want to wear sandals.

TrappenWeisseGuy ; says:

Just bought a pair of these without even knowing what a water shoe is. I presume water from rain puddles or light slush will also enter the shoe?. Definitely not the experience I’m looking forward too. Perhaps I should return them?

AleaderWaterShoes says:

Good review. I also wear them as just regular shoes when i don’t want to wear sandals.

Rick Box says:

I wear thin Merino wool socks, quick drying. I don’t think they are hot, wear them in Florida during the summer wade fishing.

WisconsinEric says:

Do you wear them without socks?  They seem nice, and I am interested in these, but I likely would not wear socks with them.  Do they cause blisters without socks?

Thanks for the review.

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