Different Types of Hiking Shoes

Keen Targhee II: http://bit.ly/b50PL2
Stabilicers: http://bit.ly/b5O5H0
Salomon XT Wings: http://bit.ly/cEqX7O
Salomon XA Comp 4 GTX: http://bit.ly/9Pzwnd
Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra GTX: http://bit.ly/ac6VB7
Chacos Z2 Sandals: http://bit.ly/bdS3jy
Vibram Fivefingers KSO: http://bit.ly/cKHeoG



whereskim89 says:

trail runners are hardcore tough people but I prefer to just hike. I swear by timberland pro boots for all weather hiking. A good review !

whereskim89 says:

I think the used boot idea is good idea

Brahcraft says:

great vid man!
slowly completing (if thats possible) a collection of outdoor footwear myself. My go-to is my VFF Trekssport….t I ordered a pair of Salomon XA PRO 3d ultras today and came across ur vid looking @ reviews. Looking forward to trying ’em

Moi Strebetz says:

KSO’s are the greatest backpacking shoe I’ve ever worn. I do vertical gains of 4k to 5k in them all the time with packs weighing 50,60, to 70lbs. Get alot of looks and questions about them while I’m setting beer hauling records in Central Oregon

Matt McNoise says:

fyi guys — REI has two flagship stores: one in Denver, and another in Seattle. (Headquarters are just outside of Seattle in Kent, WA.)

Fish says:

Nice video. Think I am going to order a pair of 3D Ultra to use as walking shoes.
Those Fivefinger shoes looks awesome. However, how do they take care of your heels? Can you walk long walks with them without hurting your foot sole? They do look very thin

david coon says:

Woah,this guy really knows his friggin’ shoes man.

Gionel messi says:

fuck you

ascar77uk says:

yeah salomon has a good system but those laces cut through the eyelets after time as they are so thin

handyscot1 says:

Nice Thanks for sharing.

abstert says:

@squidtastic84 I think he meant the flagship store in his area…when it comes to retail stores, flagship doesn’t necessarily mean the headquarters.

NOCTURNOzombie says:

+100 on the saloman XA PRO 3D ULTRA’S. i have the non gortex version which can be had for 75$ish on amazon and use them even on multi day hikes in florida where its always wet(why i went non gortex)  they are better than most of the actual hiking boots ive used.

AleaderWaterShoes says:

Nice water proof shoes

Reversed Luck says:

“It’s almost as if we were designed to walk barefoot” XD you think?

Aaron Goodman says:

the rei flagship store is in fucking seattle you fucking flag shit

Kevin Gest says:

The flagship REI is in Seattle

Abraham1300 says:

Im on my third pair of XA Pro Ultra 3D. Never had anything break on them. I hike the AT in PA twice a week.

Trainer Alexander says:

Great video… (:

Jennifer Nabors says:

great video. Thanks for posting. I am obsessed with keen shoes. My son and myself have keens for hiking and just about everything else I do in life. 🙂
Happy trails my friend! 🙂 You should come visit Oregon!

trextrextrex says:

Salomon only has girly boy sizes. 13 and under

david coon says:

Me too.After only two weeks,the way too thin laces not only cut through the cheaply made eyelets,but sheared them clean off.Now keep in mind, I only wore these shoes 5 or 6 time in the first 2 weeks and they were ruined. Luckily,the store I bought them from replaced them and wouldn’t you know it,second time I used them,’snap comes off one of the cheap eyelets.Just putting these shoes on and they start breaking down. What a gyp.Fix the damn hardware on your shoes Soloman.

Arkadiusz Kowalski says:

Nice Review

Custom Shop Designed says:

I have tried a few Salomon shoes in different sizes and styles and blisters every time unfortunately

Charles Salvacion says:

Hi, is the Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra GTX really waterproof?


MegaDyneSystemsExe says:

The REI at Boca Park in Las Vegas takes a different stance on that 100% satisfaction guarantee. They’ll make the return or exchange but not without some nasty treatment first. The employees there absolutely and definitively suck, in particular the manager for a multitude of reasons.

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