Hiking Shoes VS Hiking Boots

A tutorial on the Pros and Cons of a Hiking Shoe and a Hiking Boot. Information on which one might be a better fit for you.

Dirty Girl Gaiters (https://dirtygirlgaiter.com )


Dave Simons says:

Another good video. Thanks for sharing!

Dakota Ortiz says:


Anna Quam says:

I recently bought a pair of gore tex boots for the Appalachian Trail. I have a repaired ACL and meniscus in one knee so the added support of a boot was the main reason I got a boot over a trail runner. However, I am from a very dry state and am a little concerned about the dry time of boots. Does the rain on the Appalachian Trail soak the inside of a gore tex boot? And if the boot is submerged how long does the boot take to dry?

Brian says:

Where would we be without the Marines??? God Bless the Marines!!!

liiroy says:


tag1462 says:

lmfao… I go barefoot. No seriously, I go barefoot whenever I can. Summer or winter. If we were meant to wear shoes we would be born with them. I have bought hiking shoes/boots and one thing nobody has ever said is that they are fat and clunky and cut off circulation. I just did. Barefoot all the way!!!!

Anthony Coleman says:

Great video. Top advice.

Dr Muhammad Mustafa Raziq says:

Which brand hiking boots are really water proof?

NiklasStøterau says:

You suggest not to wear cotton socks. What material socks would you suggest instead? I actually only own cotton socks… 😀

burnsybros says:

Those boots look really uncomfortable. You should get some merrell boots or Salomon. Theyre the best hiking boots imo. Like a mix of shoes and boot

Megan Dutta says:

Personally I like the boots. More support for my ankle.

Su Tash says:

56! You have my respect!!!! I’m turning 40 this year and I’m planning to go on my first backpacking trip for my birthday (I’ve done day hikes before, but not backpacking!). Better later than never! :-))

Paul E says:

I”m curious as to how the hiking shoes worked on Isle Royale. Lots of roots over rock and crags on that island. I had a problem with a thin sole not giving enough protection to my feet when I was there.

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hi I really enjoy your page ☺ Keep it up!

DominicNikon says:

What kind of shoes would you suggest knowing that I broke my fibula when hiking with a shoe

Pete Keener says:

I know what you mean, I tried Soloman, Oboz, Merrell, and finally came down tho New Balance! I’ve got flat feet too, but have to have absolutely no arch support! Also, when my feet went flat, they grew longer by 3 sizes (from 11 1/2 to 14) and went from C width to EE! Also, love Dirty Girls Gaiters but you’re right, you might want to post a link to them on here as it’s hard to find the right site. I use New Balance waterproof boots in the winter as I’m not going to put up with soaked feet in freezing temps but love trail runners any other time and using ankle support a lot is a good way to get weak ankles.

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