How to Care For Hiking Boots and Shoes

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This video discusses methods and information on how to maintain and care for hiking boots and shoes.


Sam says:

Thank you for a very clear and informative video. One question. What special waterproofing care for the area where the upper joins the sole

Liz says:

Is this method of treatment and these products also safe to use on Vasque Ultradry leather?

Ch33no says:

Thanks, I have that exact same boot…. Never would have thought to treat it since it’s has a gortex liner, but I will now….. to keep the outside in good shape.

Philip Pappas says:

what about the inside of the boots?
i left my boots dry but they smell like river water.
they were fully submerged underwater a couple of times
what can i do to clean them?

Amit Kushwaha says:

This shoe looks almost new already.

Steve Bellamy says:

2 minute video in 8;30 minutes. Too long.

Gryph Gryphon says:

I wear these types of hiking boots every day to work, and I’ve never had an issue with the exterior of the boot needing maintenance or care.  My issue has always been that the boots tend to break down in terms of support and comfort after about a year of wear, or about 1500 miles.  I’m not bitching, though…I just buy another pair.

Russ Stevens says:

Thanks for the great, video.

Isaac Campos says:

What about cleaning your boots from mud? Mountains where I live are muddy and rainy.

Backcountry Edge says:

Great! Thanks for watching!

annie0311014 says:

This video should be made shorter

FirearmsArmory says:

Thanks for the maintenance tips. Just purchased some Keens and wanted to take care of them as they are a higher end boot.

mit mumo says:

Thank you.

Jacob Holgate says:

Had a pair of Vasque Sundowners (all leather) and took immaculate care of them for a long time (with the Nikwax as shown in the video.) Hiked all over the place in Oregon and SW Wash. Then for awhile, not so much. Then I started taking better care of them again. Then they fell apart (sole separation.) Took them to a shoe repair shop and they were literally fixed good as new. Except that I think they were too far gone by that point. Even though I treated them well, they still fell apart again. Moral of the story: Treat your boots well and they will treat you well. I bought those boots sometime in like ’98 or ’99 and they’re getting their proper burial now in 2014. Good boots are built to last.

A comment about her jacket: It looks like it’s probably synthetic, though that doesn’t really matter. I have a Solomon insulation-layer jacket that I absolutely love. I have a three-layer system when it comes to outerwear: Hard shell Gortex outer layer (something that’s light and water-proof, with a hood. I have a North Face jacket) Insulation-layer jacket (non-hooded, something that is insulated, hence the name and will keep you warm under any conditions. Relatively water-repellent so when it’s cold and sprinkling, you don’t get wet) and a soft shell – basically a North Face fleece that keeps you warm, but not too hot when it’s cool, but not cold out. The three jackets together weigh less than 3 lbs in their stuff sack. My point is layering is important…

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