How To Choose The Best Hiking Boots

Hiking and backpacking boots are one of the most critical outdoor gear selections that you can make. They will literally determine the quality and comfort of your time while out on the trail. In this how-to video we visit Sierra Trading Post’s Boise, Idaho retail outlet for some in-depth professional advice on how to choose the best pair of hiking boots for your outdoor adventures. With the help of STP’s footwear expert (complemented by extensive personal in-the-field experience), we cover an array of invaluable information ranging from:
– The different classes and categories of hiking boots, such as ultra lightweight boots ideal for the ultralight to lightweight hiker looking for ways to lighten their load, good all-around boots that are well suited for day hiking to weekend trips in varied terrain, solid backpacking boots that excel for backpacking with heavier pack weights on extended trips in rugged terrain, to the ultimate in a Winter and/or mountaineering boot that will provide the warmth and versatility necessary for cold weather and activity specific accessories such as snow boots, crampons, and gaiters.
– Features to look for in a boot that will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and performance such as; sole traction, arch and ankle support, waterproof and breathability considerations, overall boot construction, and interior liners such as Gore-tex, Omni-heat, and Thinsulate for added warmth and comfort.
– How to insure a perfect fit prior to purchasing a new hiking and/or boot.
– An overview of the break-in process required before heading out on your first hiking or backpacking trip.
– How-to properly care for your new boots to guarantee the maximum life-span of the boot.
Special thanks to the entire Sierra Trading Post staff for their help in making this video possible!

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john seymour says:

Alico Summitt//the best boots evr made ..period

Dorothy Griggs says:

good video. thanks.

Sean Cook says:


Klaus Zungler says:

Why talk about Boots —- you did not mention one brand —- stupid businessmen

Saulo Cwerner says:

I chose the hiking boot

OutdoorMaster says:

Useful, good boots are very important when going for long hikes

Andy29212 says:

Helpful video, but some brand recommendations would be helpful.

Wolfhair says:

But what about the ugg boot

clerus17 says:

Best hiking footwear are Running shoes boot weight to much

jack george says:

what is shoe name, model ,second from left with red laces

Ppp Chips says:

do you do steel toe cap flip flops

Maylia Lee says:

What is the name of the shoe that is all the way to the far right? Yellow pair. Thanks

Alaska556 says:

hands down salomon’s are the best!!

Glühwürmchen 79 says:

It´s good, that you didn´t tell, what are the best ones, because you didn´t show good boots. There´s only a choice between Lowa, Hanwag, Haix oder Meindl. Or someone really wanna tell, these boots in the video can mess with these ones? It´s the same to compare backpacks from maybe Colombia with ones like Deuter, Tatanka or Fjällräven. Haha. It´s like to compare a Chevrolet with the european version of an Audi or a BMW. Funny video.

Alex Gilles says:

need shoes with low-high Quality for hiking

TVinmyEye says:

are hiking socks are necessary for backpacking boots? like do they add more cushion on the heel and toes?

John Corder says:

you seem like the most typical eco-hippie moron. mmmkay.

James Robenson says:


Kasino80 says:

Bought a pair of Kappa umberte running shoes for flat and wooded terrain on a hot summers day. I was super comfortable the entire trip. They don’t weigh much and are very breathable.

Fatvod says:

Guy on the right sounds like hes stoned as fuck

Raju K says:

Thanks , good video.

BigNastyreborn says:

lol i used my normal yellow work boots on the 70 mile high sierra trail, i put gel inserts under the normal insert and it was fine.

jorge Alberto Linardi says:

That´s nice information…thanks.

Francisco Vazquez says:

Excelent review, very complete. Thanks for sharing

Fred Farmer says:

Good video. These videos are gradually giving me the feeling that many outdoors people are Codependent.. sensitive types who are trying to get away from toxic people … or from people who have different life and cultural sensitivity. I was raised by a “RAGING Codependent” mother and I adopted her personality structure. Codependency is a wounded identity structure. It’s not us…it’s the “Loss of Self” that occurred during the first 6 years of life. Bottom line… we worry too much about what others think of us. “Codependents Anonymous Meetings” …or better yet, some of the books and videos by Darlene Lancer helps a lot… because often I’m reacting to or internalizing to other people’s traumas and complexes when I don’t have to. Thanks for the video dude.

cmdaltctr says:

I appreciate the guy with the cap asking the right questions and very creative. But the other guy seems like he could have elaborate more on each answer on the specific topic brought up. Seems like lazy answers for me to be honest.

Danny Ford says:

Which would be the best soak for all day high physical out put in Africa heat please

cracken lord says:

the most important in hiking boot/shoes, it has to be lightweight and good material inner and outer sole.

BoeingSkunkWorks says:

Meindl are the only boots I buy. I have to import them, but they’re worth it.

Taylor Bell says:

What type of boot would I need for caving?

cracken lord says:

I wore adidas once, such a nice shoes, trekking for 4 days without socks, everyday treks for more than 12 hours,my feet doesnt blister at all. most comfort and so much cheaper than these hype..overrated !

Iván Linck says:

Does anyone know what’s the brand name of the third boot that appears in the ‘four boot-types description’ ? (the one with the swiss flag on it) 1:08 

Tommy Correa says:

Can anyone give feedback on the Palladium Pampa HI boot for long distant hiking? Im planning on walking the camino de Santiago in august, 550 miles of mainly dry, hot terrain one would presume, i figured a canvas boots would suit the jouney best?

Ppp Chips says:

give him the boot

rjhyden says:

The guy on the right is the poster boy for stoner.

Gnome Add says:

Here’s the deal, man.
Your site has some of the best material on the topics you cover on youtube.
Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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