How to choose the right trekking shoes

Buying the right pair of trekking shoes is not difficult if you follow four basic points. The sole plays a big role, and so does ankle support. In this episode, Swathi will tell you exactly how to choose the right shoe, by pointing out the important parts and how they are useful.

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How to choose the right trekking shoes –


Prateek Arora says:

HI Swathi, your videos are very helpful. Would you recommend Army Jungle shoes ? please check this link for your reference.

Ankita Vaidya says:

Hi Swathi, I am planning for Hampta Pass trek this july. Could you please suggest right shoes for me?

Amit Ray says:

Hi Swati. This was just the right detail of advice I was after. First video I watched on the subject, and I’m already feeling confident in selecting a good hiking shoe. Thanks a lot for taking the time to make this video and sharing your thoughts.

Suresh V says:

Hi Swathi, I am planning for Har ki Dun trek in April. Could you please let me know is MERRELL Ridgepass Mid Waterproof Shoes suffice for this trek.

Saleem Bhasha says:

thanks for sharing video.. next month (August) we are going to Valley of Flowers.. please let me know what type of shoe should be used? Angled one ? or Arpenaz ? or Forclaz 100 ? Waterproof shoe ? I’m little confused which one select.. you reply will be highly appreciated

Prathamesh Mukadam says:

Hiee Swaati.. ty for the information. I am using Action Trekking Shoes … wil it b good for Himalayan Trek?

Akshata Vaidya says:

hi mam .. I beginner for trekking … I m going to korigad in July .. plz suggest me wht type shoes I should buy , if possible suggest some brand name plz ..

Mohit Dev says:

hello swathi i am going as a green trail intern on hampta pass in july. And wanted to buy a cheap pair of trekking shoes is ARPENAZ 50 MID NATURE MEN’S HIKING BOOTS is good for this trekk?

Anwesha Pattanayak says:

hello Swathi ,
I usually wear shoes of size 38 (5) … so in case of trekking shoes ( quechua forclaz 100) what size should I buy?? pls guide me ..should i go for 38 or 39??

naina singh says:

Hey Swathi I am Confused about the size..should I get shoes of my size or a size up .will the shoe of my size hurt the toe while climbing downhill..???

Eglė Meškėnaitė says:

Hi Swathi 🙂
Me and my sister are planning our first simple hiking trip in Tatra mountains. I would really use your opinion on this, are Karrimor brand shoes like Karrimor ksb 200 Ladies Walking Boots or Karrimor Mountain Mid Top Ladies Walking Boots good enough?
Thank you for your answer!

Udit Chugh says:

Hey Swathi great video, how good are Forclaz 100 High, it seems Decathlon has renamed 500 high to 100 High for some reasons.

Anyways can you check this link and tell me how good are they for SAR Pass?

adit sharma says:

indian hokr hindi bolne me shrm aati h kya????

ila agnihotri says:

Hey there, would you plz tell me which shoe are you holding in the video?

Dumb Dude says:

Hi Swathi. I’m planning to buy a trekking shoe which should atleast last for 10-12 treks. Budget is 5-7k. Can you suggest me one that would be long lasting and better grip? I heard that the Forclaz 100 High is a bit slippery and the sole wears out after 3-4 treks.

Should I go for “The North Face” or any other shoes from Quechua? Your help would highly be appreciated. Thank you.

Suresh Kumar G says:

The video series is very good for beginners 🙂 Thanks, Swathi and the team behind it.

Abu Sharma says:

hello mam,i am going to Shrikhand Mahadev in District Kullu,this is my first trek i am thinking to buy FORCLAZ 100 HIGH MEN HIKING SHOES,are they good? I have read somewhere they slip on hard ice,please suggest me some shoes which can help me in glaciers as well as in rainy wheather without slipping.

Jalpan Thakkar says:

hello Swati!
we are looking to go for roopkund trek this may. This is our first major trek. please provide us names of some good manufacturers of trekking shoes. we are looking for shoes which are less expensive and which could go for atleast this one trek.

Somnath Maity says:

Hey Swathi, I am going to gangotri gaumukh trek with my family in May 2017. Kindly suggest good budgetary trekking shoes for my wife and 6.5 years old daughter. Will forclaz 50 work for them?

Jayant Sen says:

Hi Swathi,

I am planning for the nag tibba trek and this will be my first trek. I have Nike shoes. Are they ok for this trek or should I go in for some specific trekking shoes.

roshawn seagull says:

Thank you swat…….

Nakshatra Jagtap says:

Hey Swati, I am going for Sar Pass Trek this May. what do you think about hunter shoes. suggest me shoes plz..

karthik rk says:

Hi swathi
what about High ankle commando boots??
is it good for sar pass?
which shoe should i buy for sar pass at affordable price

vegi pv says:

Hi. I am working in forest dept in Kerala. I previously used quechua shoes. But they are very slippery in wet rocks. Is forclaz 500 high is good for wet conditions or please suggest me a good waterproof shoe for slippery condition in western ghats. Thanks

Mahesh Dusane says:

Hi Swati, I am looking for shoes for the typical treks in south India. As there are pros and cons of water-proof shoes, I really could not decide on. If shoes are waterproof, and still water getting inside, they could take very long time to dry and could cause a trouble. But if I buy very very airy trekking shoes (pls check the link given below), though they get we inside, will also dry very soon. May not protect you from cold but that should not be a problem for weekend treks in Karnataka / Kerala I guess ??. Also please let me know how important the ankle support will be for this kind of treks. If going for water-proof I wll be considering gtx or gtx-surround. Please suggest.

In case you recommend ankle support, pls suggest the one which will be airy light and comfortable.

mail me says:

Hello Swathi
Thanks a bunch for posting this video. As per below few comment, I checked Decathlon shoes- all of them with even higher sizes, but they are bit uncomfortable to my toes. I have little wider toes.
Then I tried Wildcraft shoes ( My normal shoe size is 6 but I tried 7 and they felt alright. But it is written in the description that the shoes are completely waterproof. (as per your video, they will be all sweaty right?)

Or I also got to know that Columbia shoes are good. I haven’t yet tried these, but heard they are good.

Please let me know whether I can buy them. If not, then which is a better choice for me? considering my slightly wider toes.
I am planning for Bhrigu lake, but I want to make a good buy- not just for this trek, but for even future difficult treks.

Ajit Pappu says:

Hi Swati, I am going for Sandakphu trek with indiahikes. Pl suggest shoes. Whether high end shoes like Forclaz 500/600 are essential. Any specific advt about Forclaz 500/600 over Forclaz 100 ? Regards,

soumyajit sanyal says:

from where should i buy quechua arpenaz shoes??? is it only sold in online ? i am from kolkata west bengal. .wherevdo i go for offline shopping of quechua shoes??

Yogesh Tiwari says:

It would be very helpful if you post the link to buy these very same shoes you used in the video?

Gourab Chatterjee says:

What about shoe size? As for me, UK 8 is what i generally wear but my shoe size is 7. I bought these Columbia shoes which are again size 8 and did the Goechala trek. Everything was fine until i started descending on my way back. I could feel the gap in between my toe and the shoes. Should i have bought a size 7 then? Or that would have made things worse in my ascend? Please help. Thanks.

Lavanya Chimbili says:

Hello Swati. Thanks for making our job so easy. We are planning for sandhakphu trek this April and I would like to know will arpenaz snow 200 boots will suffice for the trek.

Arindam Ghosh says:

I am looking for trekking shoes that can double up for daily use. Please suggest. Budget <2k.
Thank you

tejas pawar says:

Hello, can you please suggest me some good shoes for trekking in the Sahyadris in Maharashtra ?
The treks are going to be in the rains.
Action trekking shoe ? Arepenaz 50 ?
Help !

Raghvendra Gohil says:

Hi Swathi
I am planning to go to Valley of flower in August. I wish to know if Adidas terrex swift r gtx shoes will be suffice for it and future use.

rivnaT says:

Is the Adidas Ax2 Mid Blue Outdoor Shoes good for Sandakphu-Phalut ?

adithya vin says:

Swathi can i wear woodland trek boots for kedarkante trek?

tanvi raul says:

Hi swati, I have Arpenaz 100 women novadry and have used it for two himalayan treks. I am going for sandakphu this dec should I use the same or consider buying new?

charan n says:

hii.does any shoe from woodland do good for treks and hikings. I am planning to trek at couple of places around pune.

naina singh says:

hey Swathi I will be on a trek to kheerganga in Jan.. can you please suggest a shoe for me…

vaishaliphadke says:

Hi Swati,
Thanks for the wonderful videos. I am planning Hampta Pass trek in August. I read reviews about Forclaz 500 high and realised that the original Forclaz 500 is not available. I want to know the difference between 500 and 600. which one is better?


Navya Monavarthy says:

Hey Swathi, I planned to go to Roopkund in May, although Forclaz 500 High is recommended I don’t see that it’s available for Women. Please suggest me what to do. Thanks!

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