KEEN Shoes Waterproof Test After 465-Days of Travel

We traveled around the world for 465-days with our waterproof KEEN shoes, and after trekking in Nepal, hiking in Patagonia, going on safari in Africa, and walking thousands of miles, we have one question: how did they hold up?


Muhammad Sarwar says:

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Erik Viking says:

What about test in 3 hours heavy rain?

Cem Talat says:


kwazykilla87 says:

Cool video I will say that I’ve put my Keens through a very similar test. I’ve worn mine for 2 yrs straight almost every day and have beaten the living heck out of them and they held on for about a yr and a half after that massive wear started to come about. I’m an over the road truck driver and I have had them in all kinds of extreme conditions they are absolute in their capabilities. Mine have reached the point where the soles are falling apart but I would attribute this to fueling the tractor every couple days and standing in diesel which will deteriorate the soles much faster. Have a new pair of WP Marshalls coming in the mail. Keen is the best rugged outdoor shoe on the planet period.

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