Merrell SUCKS!!! by TheGearTester

In the last 5 years I have purchased 6 pairs of Merrell shoes/boots. I have been dissatisfied with the quality, durability and longevity of Merrell’s footwear.


Peter Rozboril says:

Strange. My Merrell Moab Ventilators that I wear every day all day are the best shoes and pretty much the only shoes now that I will wear. They have ZERO break in time and last forever for me.

Josh Smith says:

i go through the waterproof merrells a pair a year i think they should last longer…i jave wide feet and go througj shoes fast… but i think in gonna r
try Oboz. this time nice video

ledburnerss says:

The Crime of Planned Obsolescence that manufacturers are being allowed to get away with. Rocky Boot Company has ripped me off the same way on 4 pairs of their’s just as bad possibly worse ! I have a 35 year old pair of American Boot Company boots that are in better shape than today’s 2 year old boots.

Tyler Hull says:

This was painful to watch. lol

You’re comparing apples to oranges my friend. Two very different classes of boot. A light duty boot versus a heavy duty boot. Not to mention, you’re getting some decent use out of those boots. Wearing them every day for close to a year is enough to wear out the majority of footwear out there.

Aleksandar Calcina says:

how many years do you excpect shoes to last? 10 years? of course the quality of shoes years ago isn’t the same as nowadays. if they last a year i’m happy.

goPlay says:

Just buy Timberlands they last forever

Inquisition says:

my merrell ventilator boots squeak like crazy
Super annoying because the boots are so comfortable/expensive yet annoying as Walmart boots

joshnila says:

You do realize you are comparing a shoe that cost $300+ vs 2 pairs of shoes that cost around $120?? Not the best example of a side by side review imo.

pigjubby1 says:

One word: CHINA.

Brandon Ledford says:

Dude, no wonder they are worn out. 2 years old!? Sheesh!

PhlashRockinmann says:

Pretty much anything made by the ChiComs = shite.

Peon Anon says:

I’ve had several pairs of Merrell and love them – until they fall apart. Some of them within a year or two of purchase.

Admittedly I do live in them – but I too am unhappy with the durability of them, esp for the prices they are asking. I will only replace these with more Merrells if I can get them for a really good price.

Donny Maxwell says:

Merrel sucks? No, you suck. Do you even lift bro?

Wipsplash says:

Can’t compare heavy duty boots to a set of hiking sneakers. Different breads.

Oscar P says:

Cheap bastard. Those shoes are not mede from steel. You fuck them up

cooloutac says:

I don’t think alot of you realize their flagship model is the sneaker looking thing. the Moab, mother of all boots. 150 dollars. Merrel doesn’t even manufacture anything with leather goretex anymore. Its all mesh and lightweight cheaply made in china. He probably had to get those leather boots used, cause it was the only way to fkn get them!!!

John Zook says:

ok well i have to agree with you on the cham. thats where it ends. my first pair of merrells i bought were the moab mid gtx and i wore them for 5 plus years. now the cham hiking shoe it was done in 6 months. in fact im about to order my second pair of moab mids

A Jolly Hiker says:

I own 3 pairs of Merrell shoes, all made in China and all perform great (Moab Ventilator 2, Reflex Hiker, and Parkton Boot). Most shoes and boots made today are made in China and the quality is good. The price is also good, which is what the average consumer wants. If you want expensive boots/shoes, then there are a number of small manufacturers right here in the USA that will sell you a pair for big $$$. But not all of us can afford the higher expense.

Mellow Man says:

5 years what! so they sat in your closet? if I could get a shoe to last longer than 1 year with everyday use I would pay at least 170 for the shoe depending on how long past 1 year it last. I run a ready mix truck. not the office job you might have I also fish all the time. before and after work.

dcl97 says:

To be honest comparing the durability of a heavy full leather backpacking boot and and lightweight hiking shoe is completely ridiculous and absurd. I have some 10 year old Asolo 520’s that almost look new, but I’m lucky if I can get 6 months out of a shoe, and you’re complaining about a year and a half? That’s actually pretty incredible for a daily wear shoe.

Babyfacemagee says:

Huge sale going on right now for Women’s Merrell Decora boots here:

steven Eversole says:

What the hell do you do for a living? I wear Merrell boots exclusively and nothing else. I wear hikers because they are light weight comfortable and durable. And I live in the mountains and trek everyday in them. A good pair of hikers last me a year and a half max. But I am in them all day rain and snow cold and hot. Yeah I used to wear Italian boots too but my feet were always fatigued at the end of the day. I wouldnt wear chameleons because I like the stability of a wide shoe and grip factor. Maybe try something like that instead. And you might have better results.

Jeff M says:

Ok, not a good review at all. Lets begin with the common mis pronounced name, Vibram…. Properly pronounced VeeBrum.. after Vitale Bramani, the creator of the first lugged rubber sole for hiking boots. Comparing a heavier duty $400 Mountaineering boot to a light weight hiker at $120. Using a hiking boot for every day use is perfectly fine if that’s what you want. But hiking boots with lugged soles are designed for…….. Dirt! Uneven terrain, sand, mud etc… if you choose to wear a hiking boot all over the cities and towns on concrete and asphalt then its sort of like wearing soccer cleats for everyday use. They will wear out. You may get 9 months to a year of good use. Also if you did do your homework once again, you would know that Merrell has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can return or exchange your “faulty” or improperly used hiking boots at any Merrel location. Merrell also carries an assortment of daily use shoes that are good quality that have soles designed for everyday asphalt and concrete use, maybe you could give them a try. I have hiked all over the Sierra Navada, wearing $350 La Sportiva, shanked mountaineering boots. Had them properly sized and broken in the way I was directed. Night and day in comfort, and comparible wear quality. I would sleep in any of the 4 pairs of Merrell footwear that I proudly own. If I should come across a faulty pair I know I can exchange them or return them if I am not satisfied. Give someone a camera and Wikipedia and youtube they become an automatic expert on any topic they choose. Do some research when conducting reviews.

DRS says:

If you don’t like Merrells then why do you keep buying them? You’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are ya?

plmn93 says:

Merrell has changed because the market has changed. Heavy boots don’t sell these days because people don’t want them. Why? Because the new lighter shoes are far more comfortable, albeit less durable. If Merrell still only made those clunky boots you love, guess what, they’d probably be out of business.

And even those lighter shoes you complain about aren’t light enough. The newest trend is trail runners which are even less durable. Is it because the companies are selling out? NO! It’s because that’s what people want and they are willing to sacrifice durability for comfort.

I always love the “sold out” argument. “Oh no, they are making money by making shoes people want. What are they thinking?” Well, they are thinking they need to adjust to consumer demand, which is a better option than going out of business.

Garet Porter says:

your an idiot!

MooTaters says:

MOAB goretex owner for at least 7 years probably, maybe 3-4 of those being off in the winter season as I needed something more insulating. Only thing that I could say was crap was the insole, but I guess when we’re talking ~$10 for replacements I shouldn’t expect much there. It took it probably 5-6 years before I saw any wear on the fabric in the heel. The only other problem I had was early-ish(later than the insoles crapping out) on some of the suede has come off or almost chipped away on the surface. The vibram sole has significantly flattened, but no problems otherwise with it.
For around double the price of the kind of shoes I had been wearing to last 4+ times as long and still be in better condition, I can’t complain.

firemanst13 says:

No sir, Merrell does not suck, YOU suck, you are comparing apples and oranges, you want a pair of boots that lasts the rest of your life then go buy a pair meant for that, the first pair you have are very heavy duty boots, there is nothing wrong with them, so why did you have to buy 2 more pair after those? The ones you bought after the first are light weight boots, if you got a year and a half out of them then sir you did very good. As far as the bottoms wearing, well welcome to the real world, look at them as a set of tires, the more you pay the longer they last but they all wear out. If you have bought 6 pair of them in the past 5 years then they must be doing right.

The 5th Pixel says:

Sold its “sole”. I get it!

rick horwat says:

I don’t hold too much to this. You are comparing a light hiker to a heavy backpacking boot.

That in itself makes this whole discussion invalid at best.

This is the equivalent of my saying my Keens are not as burly as my Danner Lights, Scarpas SL M3s, or La Sportivas Pamirs(to name a few of the many I own as well as mountaineering boots.)

No shit.

You are comparing a heavy full leather backpacking boot to a hiker that is constructed of primarily synthetic materials.

josh butler says:

ive owned …and am actually wearing them now, Merrell Ridge Gore Tex II, for the better part of 11 years. Best boots ive ever owned. Avid outdoorsman and outdoor worker, theyve got several seasons left in them.

dex says:

so why do you keep buying them if you are dissatisfied??

N English says:

Love my moabs and since REI has a year return policy, I can monitor the quality and get rid of them if they look as if they won’t last. I am pretty torqued about paying 140 bucks for a vietnamese shoe though.

Minimalist Moto Life says:

The old pair of Korean made 1980’s Merrells I got for free are worlds better in quality than my Chinese made everyday wear Merrells. And are more comfortable and more waterproof on top of it…..

When I bought my newer Merrell’s(energis mid WP) looked at every new Merrell boot I could find locally, I picked the one with the stiffest sole/shank and it’s still softer than any pair of shoes I’ve owned, all of the newer Merrells seem to be made with light weight being focus rather than being built to last. That’s why most of the Merrell boot lineup now has fabric lace loops and super soft/thin soles. They might still make some real boots, but they aren’t available at stores like sports authority or cabelas.


I beg to differ! Bet shoes I have ever worn!

Taylor Newell says:

I buy merrells for work. Construction work. They are the most comfortable and longest lasting shoes in my opinion. Great shoe for the price.

Tim D says:

you have shitfuck posture and you walk like a retard. it’s your fault

Darris B. Nelson says:

A year and a half of wearing every day is a lot of wear especially if you’re wear them on concrete/asphalt. I have 5 pair of Merrell’s Moab, mid hikers and wear them everyday hiking on the beach. I need a 1 1/2″ lift (old compound fracture) and my shoe guy LOVES the construction of Merrell. BTW . . . Merrell is now making their boots in Portland, Oregon. They are lightweight hikers not like the old heavy leather hikers that you show in this video. I used to have old leather hikers too but would NEVER go back to them. Merrell’s have literally saved my outdoor life and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say life as I know it. Shoes nowadays (for women) aren’t meant to last and they’re constantly changing them but the Moab Ventilator has been the same for years. 5 stars from this avid hiker . . .

jeff baker says:

couldn’t agree more. was told by sales rep they sold to wolverine. never been the same since. hello keen, I have a new love for work boot. amazing how well they feel every time I put them on. payed extra 20 bucks for American made version, have been nothing but quality. goodbye merrell. the old stuff was the best, get your shit together and stop reducing your quality. you made a good product, get back to it!

James Green says:

Merrell shoes are now utterly crap.

Ashley Yost says:

condition your rubber and they’ll last longer

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