Minimalist Hiking Boots – The Xero Daylite Hiker

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YERMO Adan says:

Kinda my experience with that company.

Love2Wander says:

Good info thanks for sharing

MrPotatoesLatkie says:

I’d like to use such a shoe for walking on asphalt in the city where I live.

Tim Harper says:

Thanks for this. I’ve had mine all winter, and I’ve been annoyed with all the reviews that sound like they are a paid advertisement for xero shoes. My feet definitely get cold (and wet. The “VERY water resistant” claim is a joke on these) in the winter here in Michigan, but I think I’ll try your insole idea. My feet keep getting cold from the bottom more than anything else.

Dgray says:

The rubbing on the inside could be from some rubbing on your crankarms on the bicycle on every rotation.

George Silliman says:

I have a pair of these and i agree with you on some of your points. When mine were new I also felt the pinch at the top of my toe but it has gone away for the most part. Mine also frayed a little but in a different spot. mines on the top of the boot. Maybe yours frayed where they did due to you cranks from your bike rubbing? If anything i wish these had a little bit deeper tread.

sky blue says:

Alpaca insoles @ feltpac…..cheers

James Justice says:

that fraying happens to all my shoes I bike in for long distances. it”s from your placement on the pedals and rubbing the crankarm when pedaling

Sérgio Sant'anna says:


Yiyaluo Huang says:

love your video, to compare of some youtubers only talk about good side, I got some other “real” views from you .thanks!

Garry Cleak says:

Really great review, on these shoes and any other stuff you review, and you ARE such a shoe person!

Tubular Topher says:

Annnnnnd that’s why you make your own shoes.

Randy Smith says:

So you have been hiking and running in flat profile shoes. Do you have any heal problems like planter Fasciitis. I do stretches for about two years now off and on, but have not gotten the heal not be sore. I do have Superfeet insoles.

Evan's Backpacking Videos says:

Xero is doing some interesting things with shoes. Can you feel the rocks through those thin soles? I run in Xero Z-trek sandals but only on pavement. I hike in Luna Mono Gordo 2.0 sandals which has a much thicker sole. The reflectix is a good idea.

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hii I really enjoy your channel ☺ Keep it up!

lazymyke says:

Hiking in the desert is just gonna destroy shoes that aren’t made for ruggedness. Having lived here my whole life, desert terrain can really destroy shoes that don’t have hard stitching or durable soles due to the hard rocks your stepping on or around that can scratch or scuff up against. I always wear boots while hiking in more “wilderness” just due to that reason. Most likely the reason those shoes got frayed, but that’s just my opinion.

d lawrence says:

Inuit ?

Erika O says:

Very good review.

STeVe PNW says:

Hi Neemor, What I like most about your reviews is that I really get that you have done your research and that your integrity is impeccable. Or in other words “Neemor, I trust you”. I couldn’t possibly give you a higher compliment IMHO.

Be One With the Mountain,

Noah Burden says:

Have you tried out the Xero Terraflex yet?

R.P. McMurphy says:

Whats up neemor!?!?!

Bojana Radulović says:

Hi Neemor! If you could check an e-mail that I send you, would really appreciate it! Thank you 🙂

H Rivera says:

Do you can add a thermal camera shot to your winter review. Well Done. Thanks.

thetommantom says:

The material looks nice. Seems like a lightweight boot for fall time just after summer cools off.

beeveedee says:

When you say wool inserts, do you mean the shearling wool kind? They would definitely add warmth whether under the insert or on top, under your foot.

Anders Söderberg says:

Great video again! Yeah, it’s called conduction. And then we have convection. And that’s when you feeling cold after a run where you sweat a lot. The moist on your skin drag the heat away when the sweat avaporate<---spelling!?

NEMOSmokes24 says:

I just got my pair today, the tab on the back is open now. I think these are gonna be a fantastic work shoe for me.

cnawan says:

Now I’m wondering how wool socks & huarache perform 🙂 … and also why no one seems to have combined gaiters and trail runners into a single product yet–they sure do seem like standard equipment these days

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