Review – Vivobarefoot Tracker Firm Ground Barefoot Hiking Boots

Time for another review! This time I’m taking a look at the Vivobarefoot Tracker FG barefoot hiking boots.

The new Firm Gound sole is aimed for muddy or hard surfaces. There is also a gorgeous black leather version of the Tracker that uses the Soft Ground sole which is meant for even harsher trails.


Jeremy Olds says:

Appreciated thank You

iconoclast says:

A question I am a size 12uk/47EU and that is the maximum size Vivobarefoot make in these boots; but I have a collapsed arch so I have to insert podiatrist custom orthotics into all my footwear. You seem to suggest that these boots are smaller than usual for that size; so from your experience do you think I should avoid them? Thanks

cliveburks says:

Thanks Jari I am waiting for a sale or discount to buy a pair may bite the bullet and buy at full price I have lots of vivobarefoot shoes and seem to be wearing them more and more instant mindfulness when I walk.

mauritsvallentin says:

Hello Jari. I live in your neighbouring country Sweden. In Gothenburg to be more specific. That means the weather is wet from oktober until april. So what would you say about the waterproofing once you glued the sole? (if you did)

Katelyn Kelley says:

I just purchased this boot the other day, I’m definitely excited to try them out! I am intrigued by your process of maintenance with the leather. Do you have a specific process that you use?

Melanie Schiemann says:

Thanks for the introduction, made my decision to by them. Can you tell something about their lasting? I’m still worried about how long they will last, they’re just too expensive for a year or two.

You F'coffee says:

I have these ‘Vivobarefoot’ Hiking Boot and also the leather version of the ‘Lems’ Boulder Work Boot; the difference between them is that the ‘Lems’ are have no waterproofing, so you have to apply wax. However I find myself wearing the ‘Lems’ more, the reason they’re just a much better looking boot to be honest. Great review by the way!

Jeremy Olds says:

If I’m in the UNited states and where a size 10.5 which would I order on the site??? I stand a lot at work physical labor job , I need a wide toe boot , I had bunions removed and looking for proper foot ware. Greatly appreciate any help. Thank you

Jaas says:

Did you change your mind? Are they reliable?

Cesar Valdez says:

Great review, thanks. I especially liked seeing one boot maintained and the other unmaintained. I thought about getting these boots, and glad that they worked out for you, but I am glad that I didn’t buy them in the end. I went with Lems Boulder boots and I really love them, but found them too warm in the summer. These Tracker boots would have been way too hot for me to use for most of the year, and I already have a warm minimalist winter boot that I am very happy with. I’ve done a few reviews of the Lems and compared them with other shoes I use for long distance wilderness hiking on my channel, if you are interested. I am happy with all my hiking shoes, but I do wish they would make a good warm weather/summer minimalist/barefoot hiking boot. If Merrell Trail Gloves came in high-tops that would be just about perfect for me. Anyhow, what shoes do you hike in during the summer?

Jari Perho says:

Update: I found that I might have been just lacing these boots too tighly, even though I didn’t think I was doing so. This lead to the reduced breathability. The boots fit my feet like a glove and there simply isn’t much space for air to move. Lacing the boots very lightly helps to vent out that hot air.

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