Salomon FellRaiser vs SpeedCross 3 Trail Hiking Outdoor Shoes

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Taking a close look at two of the best trail shoes ever made! If you are in the market for a trail hiking outdoor shoe, this is a must video to see and compare these top two shoes from Salomon. HD and super close up video. Salomon has so many outdoor shoes including but not limited to trails, hiking, boots, climbing, wet shoes, water shoes, technical shoes, soft ground shoes, mud shoes, even shoes that you can use for fishing! Comment if you have any questions and please subscribe to our channel so we can bring you more reviews like this one.

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marinamich123 says:

hey i was just wondering if the size fits perfectly or if i should buy a bigger size? cos some people reccoended a bigger size and i would love to hear what you have to say as you seem to know better 🙂

introspective says:

Agreed, the CS3 soles don’t last me more than 3 months, they wear down fast, and leave a very slippery thin sole which is unwearable. I’m onto my 6th pair and now looking elsewhere for a shoe that lasts longer. A shame, as the uppers do last and have been super comfortable. Hope they make improvements on the next update.

La iguana pirenenca says:

The fellraiser has a lower drop, less fused and broader. Then it’s a shoe for a more agressive abnd responsive run (such as orientering races). The speedcross is better for somebody looking for more cushioning, one of my favorites but not advised at all if surface has too much asphalt, or has too much compact contuinuous rock (frequent on high summits) and wet or the snow is very compact, icy… then they do not have any grip

Spyros x says:

I think the fact that the Fellraiser has more lugs than the Speedcros, is an advantage for rocky terrain because the lugs cover more sole surface.

Jurgen Kogel says:

Cosmic and Cuest are awsome !

Spyros x says:

Which of the two is wider at the toebox?

Ambrose Myrrdin Aurelianus says:

your speedcross is counterfeit. because mine is way more sturdy. it doesn’t bend like yours and and can’t push the heel down like you did.

Spyros x says:

Thanks, but according to the specs from Runningwarehouse, the Fellraiser sits lower to the grund and a lower profile than the speedcross. Check here the stack height:
21-15 vs 29-18

pourindiesel says:

The splits are called “siping”. It allows for more traction versus a solid cleat.

Gipfelstürmer says:

After watching this i think i’ll try a fellraiser! thx

KENFL74 says:

7th Salomon shoe and they are awesome!

Big Game James says:

Thanks for the excellent comparison video Ken! Was trying to figure out the difference on Saloman’s Amazon page to no avail. You cut right to the chase and provided the info I needed.

Spyros x says:

Sorry, but in your review at 0:45 you say that the fellraiser has more cushioning.

andrew christie says:

The speedcross are meant for running they are not really meant for hiking, that’s why they are lighter, salomon do have a hiking shoe if that’s what you are into but the speedcross are for running on trails.

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