Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot [ THE BOOT GUY REVIEWS ]

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot [ THE BOOT GUY REVIEWS ]


Synthetic sole
Shaft measures approximately 6.75″ from arch
Nubuck Leather/Textile Upper
GORE-TEX waterproof protection
Salomon 4D Chassis for stability/protection
Updated Salomon Contagrip Outsole for superior Grip
Molded EVA Ortholite Footbed (removable)

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Ben Cox says:

I’ve seen so many reviews giving nothing but praise to this boot. Thank you for being so honest and calling them out on things like the insole. I’m almost positive there’s not a perfect product out there so to have someone give positives and negatives is fantastic.

Ömer Emre Özgeniş says:

Hi. I bought these boots 3 months ago. Just tried today under rain for 6-7 hours. They are really great but I felt some wetness on my right tonque. It was not like a water cuz It was not inside the shoe exactly. It was like on toe. Could it be sweat ? Cuz weather wasn’t cold. Or is it not durable for waterproof ? Please help me 🙁

Armed Al says:

Hello. I’ve been wearing a pair of Asolo fudgitive GTX for many years and they are about done. I’m very interested in trying a pair of these Soloman’s. How would you compare them quality wise to Asolo? And do you think the thermoplastic lace hooks are durable? I’m a little worried they might get broken in rough terrain. Thank you.

Al Beklik says:

irrelevant review

BigBlueMSP says:

I wear the GTX Forces version of this. They are very durable, Strong and built like a tank and a little on the heavy side. But they are great in uniform when you are in and out of a car, and bumping into curbs, and such. Great Boot..

Joeri Nysen says:

I’m travelling to Peru and Bolivia in the summer next year, hiking for about a month. I’m doubting between these, the Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid & the Millet High Route (can’t find many reviews on these), any input from your side? Or other options I should be looking at considering the terrain and weather circumstances? Thanks!

pnojazz says:

Great and accurate review of the Salomon Quest 4D GTX! I’ve bought 2 pair, and I bought the second pair because I liked the first so much. I also own 2 pairs of Lowa Renegrades, which I bought before trying the Salomon’s. After owning the Salomon’s I only use the Lowa’s for walking around, not for hiking or trails.

jussa101 says:

I’ve noticed and heard simmilar complaints from others I’ve had issues with the eyelets coming off unfortunately poor quality control has pushed me to spend money on some bora2 ones from arcteryx.

T Prime says:

I’ve looked at a lot of boots……these are in my top 3…..heading to rei to try them…i handicapped walk at a state park 2 to 3 miles a day and need the traction…..are their any other boots you would suggest…seems like 200 to 300 bucks is where the top end boots are……should i think about custom logging boots..600 bucks…will they give me better traction grip?can i resole custom boots at least 3 times?

Al Beklik says:

you should say this is hiking boots not a working boots thy two different things.

Buddha3x says:

Would you size up or actual size?

Ethan says:

One area I would disagree is the Goreterx. I have various danners and I generally find the breathing not too great. The only time I like goretex is if im wading through snow or a lot of rain or something.
You should review the Lowa Banff. No goretex but really solid. I hitchhiked the westcoast in them.

arren birckhead says:

Excellent review, bought 2 pair 1 for work and another for play

defmc1 says:

I am a carpenter/framer of 22 years. There is one thing I don’t skimp on is work boots. I just bought my third pair of these. I expect my boots to last 2 years wearing them 6 days a week, 8-10 hours per day for 8 months per year (summer is just too hot where I live). I prefer hiking boots because of light, durable, and most of all waterproof. These are the best all around boot I have ever owned. They are on the light side in terms of insulation, but just like any real world outdoorsman you layer (thick wool socks for 15-30°, regular cotton for anything above). Sticky enough to walk around on steep roof pitches to wallowing around in the mud for days on end. I jump, climb ladders, walk, hike up and down roofs, and most of all pack thousands of pounds of materials per day on average. You wanted a honest review of a tradesmen. You just got one.

kram nevets says:

Where planning to go to iceland on sept. What boot or shoes can you suggest? Thanks a lot. Great review as always…

North Georgia Preparedness says:

Good video. Thanks.

Beau Britt says:

Great interview. I love my boots.

bigearedmouse17 says:

Another great review thankyou. I have owned a pair of GTX Boots for over a year now and they are excellent both for work and play. Apparently designed from a running shoe there is very little weight to them but the build quality is amazing.

Eric Ocasio says:

these boots are SOOOO COMFORTABLE!!

jetsam says:

i have a pair of them for work, they are amazing but there are some problems using them as a work boot. the only real problem i had other than kicking some materials and getting a split in the rubber was that alot of dust, wood and metal shavings get into the mesh and it really took away alot of the life i had left in the boot.

paul young says:

very detailed review….however lots of other reviews found boots to basically fall apart very quickly.

no doubt the boot is beautifully designed

MotoMatt says:

Matt Bissonnette (Navy Seal) used these boots during the raid on Osama Bin Landen’s compound. Great boots, own a pair myself.

Alan Ramsay says:

Boot him up the ass

Parapearce says:

Best boot I’ve ever owned.

JJO117 says:

The Boot of the Special Forces

Magnus Nyborg says:

Thanks for the video! My GTX-boots from Dolomite were replaced with these and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I tried them on in a UK8.5 size, which is perfect and just what I normally use, to anyone wondering about size. Both my shoes from Dolomite and Nike casual shoes are in UK8.5.

I’ll be putting these boots through a thorough test this summer, first multiple single day hikes up to 50km and then two weeks camping in the Norwegian mountains with trekking, glacier hiking and high mountain climbing. Can’t wait to see what all the fuzz is about, hopefully they live up to the hype!

MightiestArm says:

is this good for winter/rainy/cold weather?

honeyNUTZcheerios says:

Love these things. I bought my first pair last December, and I’ve worn them just about everyday since !, unfortunately they are now worn to the point where I need to replace them, but I will for sure buy another pair. Well worth the money !

DPGP says:

I got blisters from many other shoes. A maintenance guy tried to get me to buy this Salomon Quest at work, I wouldn’t listen. Finally I did, and won’t mess w/ anything else. I’ve sold dozens of pairs of these in last 45 days alone because I speak the truth. Keen, Hi-Tec and Merrell are decent, but this boot is in a different league. Contractors buy them for hours on hard floors, hunting, hiking or everyday use w/o blisters or calluses. Also, buy decent socks like, Cabela’s Ingenious.

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