Salomon Quest 4D GTX3 Hiking Boot Review

This is a gear review of my Salomon Quest 4D GTX3 hiking boots. I have owned several pairs of these boots and find them very comfortable, light and fairly durable. I am very happy with these boots.

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Indianahillclimber says:

The most comfortable boot I have ever owned. My waterproof membrane only lasted 2 years and after 3 years the sole separated from the boot. But I will purchase again.

Reza Helali says:

Best video ever
Thank you sir

Deer Phoria says:

I need a pair of boot that doesn’t hurt the sole of my feet. I hunt and I hike around 3 miles per day. After a while my sole starts to hurt. In this case should I need stiff sole boots

Jelena Jelic says:

Great review, Kevin. Solomon boots are always my choice, too! Did you ever use some insoles for your hiking boots? I started using recently Solestar Hiking insoles (some German brand) and they are completley new thing: stiff insoles that give fantastic stability. They are not like other soft cheap insoles.
What is your experience with insoles?

Kurt Dixon says:

Love the clicks!! Good review Thanks!

Henrik Haumann says:

Thanks – waiting for mine to be delivered 😉

Woodswalker 1965 says:

Excellent job and I couldnt agree more. I’ve been wearing the same boots for almost 2.5 yrs now! I was planning a review on mine it seems you stole my thunder lol! Oh well always room on YT for 1 more review!?
Take care buddy, Wade

Ron O. says:

Great review, Kevin. Although I recently transitioned to trail runners, these are the best hiking boots I have ever owned. I bought my last pair about two years ago and have been very pleased with them, for all of the same reasons that you identified. Thanks for sharing your very-accurate assessment.

EODNavigator says:

Thanks, Kevin. How does your new pair differ from the previous model?

Jordan Brennan says:

The laces are dirt keep opening after a few clicks over the mountains

BushCraftBums says:

Nice review! Looks like a great piece of kit!

चौधरी हरयाणा के says:

Which are better 4d2 or 4d3 ??

Pankaj Verma says:

Heyy kevin i have a big doubt about the durability of the sole of this shoe , i want to purchase the same but can you tell me as per you experience hows this shoes are performing specially the sole?????? Waiting for your reply

Lord Rat says:

Nice and thorough. Was skeptical when I saw just the new boots in the beginning then you shut me up with bringing out all the older ones you’ve used.

Prateek Singh says:

Wasn’t expecting such a great review. Awesome video

Joe Chitussi says:

How are they for breathability and summer? I’m trying to find a replacement boot for the Columbia’s I got that are absolutely terrible for breathability. These have great reviews but no mention to breathability and some say its not good in the hotter months?

Victor Angelo says:

anyone in here know if they run “true to size” or a bit narrow shorter or longer? Appreciate any feedback looking for a good pair of wknd hikers.

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