Salomon Speedcross 3 review: One of the best trail runners for hiking and backpacking

Those of you who follow the channel know I usually don’t review something until I’ve gotten alot of use out of it. What’s the best trail runner for hiking? I don’t know for you but for me but the Salomon Speedcross 3 has got to be in the conversation. Now we all know Salomon make quality gear but I’m a big fan of these shoes. I’ve used them on multiple backpacking trips and they are solid and dependable. Big pros are it is lightweight and has really aggressive treads. Two cons of the shoe are that they don’t breathe as well as other trail runners and they tend to run narrow. You definitely don’t get the ability to splay your toes in these. The Speedcross 4s are out and it looks very similar to the 3. The 3s are being discounted now so pick one up if you’re interested.

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Carolina Chris Outdoors says:

Geez… I’ve been waiting on this vid for weeks!!!! I’ve really been considering a trail runner instead of a “hiking” shoe for my next shoes. They are a lot lighter, and seem to have a lot more cushion. Thanks Tim!!!!!

Forestwalker111 says:

I have the X Ultra 2 gtx and they are saunas!!!! but also the most comfortable shoe i have ever owned!!!
I’m looking for something light with great comfort and most important…breathability!!!
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance Tim
Be well

Roger Lamb says:

Thank you for this info. you covered everything I needed to know. My wife and I was at the REI store in Knoxville on Tuesday and I tried on a pair and really liked but didn’t know how they would do carrying a backpack. I wear a 10.5 so I needed a 11. I know it’s not about fashion but I wanted the blue ones and they didn’t have my size. Thank you Tim this was very helpful video

Backcountry Exposure says:

I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a long time, but haven’t pull out my wallet cause I happen to get good deals on Sportiva. I’m going to eventually though cause I love the tread and the size of the lugs. They also fit my narrow sissy feet. Thanks Tim! Our brains are thinking of the same video types right now. Ha ha

live4wild says:

Thanks Tim. I like you gear reviews. Honest and helpful.

TAC-HILL says:

lol great vid Tim. ive seen this brand recently on lapg’s website on closeout just in case you havent seen it and wanna check it out! love your style bro! i was recently at ross and found some awesome under armour trail shoes… wanted to get me em but they didnt have my size so got my son a pair. he loves em. they have the ankle support like a boot though


Happy you did this review… thinking of making the transition to trail runners… my Keens are getting a bit long in the tooth although I must say they are comfy! Will check these out especially now that they are discounting them! Thanks again Mr. Watson!

AugustHawk says:

I own 2 pairs of Salomon boots and love them. I’m now looking to get a pair of cross trainers, so this review really helped. I’m also enjoying your eclectic book collection. I’ve picked out a few titles for future reads. 🙂

Wheels gone Wild says:

Great looking shoes for sure. If they can withstand the miles that you put on them then they are good shoes. Cheers my friend.

3D Outdoors says:

Those look nice.

BUSHCRAFTER 1973 says:

They look sweet! Been looking for some lightweight trail runners, thx Tim

Rusty Glovebox says:

Great review, if your feet hurt your day can be misery . One shoe not good for all trips. Thanks for your insite.

From Point A To Point Z says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been considering purchasing a pair of those for every day use. I’ve read that they have great heel support but I like a wider shoe. Thanks for providing the info. Take care.

Massachusetts Prepper says:

Awesome review/overview of these trail runner shoes. And it’s definitely much better to have a light pair of hiking shoes and a big heavy pair of hiking boots if you’re in an area where you don’t need as much ankle support. Thanks for sharing brother.

Danny Schwab says:

nice looking shoes. thanks for sharing. and congrads again winning the flash light it looks bright. you have a great week. God bless.

Randy's WSG says:

Great review. That tread looks great.

David Knox says:

Tim have you ever had any issues with comfort when hiking in the speedcross? Thinking of getting a pair, but curious if there’s enough cushioning in the shoe

Sleeves says:

Great review. These shoes look really nice. I am a big fan of Salomon. Love the way one can take them right out of the box straight to the trail. No need for a break-in period. I tend to like a little ankle support so I go with the Ultra Mid. Thank you for giving both the pros and cons of this trail runner. Well done. Take care and have a wonderful week!

over the hill hiker says:

I have worn out a set of speedcross 3s and have ordered another pair. I absolutely love them. I agree that a 1/2 size up is the way to go. I did the same with mine.
The only other thing I would say about them would be to replace the insoles. The ones that come with them are paper thin and you can feel a lot through them. I have been getting mine through eBay and paying about $30 a pair. Great value for a great hiking shoe!

Trail Aesthetics says:

i will vouch for these shoes. i have own a pair for over 2 years and they are built well, comfortable and excellent quality. the only issue was the tread could be felt when walking on concrete or hard surfaces versus dirt…but that is a non issue.

TheWeekendHiker says:

Glad you are enjoying them. I am in the process of testing out the Altra Lone Peak 3’s atm 🙂 -ATB Adam

Jaxx Drinkwater says:

Great review Tim as always.

Scott Taylor says:

I think I’d have to try a pair on because I have a wide foot due to flat feet. Seems like it takes me for ever to find a good pair that fits right.

steinwaygoat says:

Nice to see this. They’re great shoes. I’ve gone over to Altras, with the wide toe box and zero drop. I used to wear big old boots, and finally realized that having a good trail runner–the exact opposite–is the way to go. Nice to see you spreading the word! Jules

Aaron Nelson says:

Tim tested……..Watson approved!! Has to be light for miles you put on buddy! TFS!

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