Salomon X Ultra Hiking Shoe Full Review

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Billy Hughes says:

Nice review. I have a pair of the X Ultra Low II GTX (Gortex). Just got back from a vacation in Maui (Hana). Did several hikes, a combo of very wet/muddy and rocky/loose rock hikes with my wife. The GTX version did a great job of keep my feet dry, hike though plenty of puddles. Lightweight, super comfy, great grip and stability — I love em. This is my third pair of Salomon’s and the two pairs before lasted a while — I guess I’m a bit of a fanboi.

Kat Jacobs says:

Me again, One last question: what is “Dual-density EVA” mean concerning shoes?

Alan Osborne says:

Appalachian trail is pronounced AP-UH-LATCH-UHN not AP-UH-LAY-SHE-UN

Bret says:

Have previous Ultra Prime no speed lace and 12s are 30.1oz on my scale. Agree feel very comfortable and cushy and hug my foot and toe box seems adequate. Almost feel like slippers. I’ve not hiked them yet and just trying around the house for now.

Marshall Crabtree says:

I just snagged a pair of these today for $15

Larry Shaw says:

Bought a pair. I really like them so far.

Deckie Deckie says:

no boots?

Axel Bak says:

Great review, thanks! Of which specific Merrell Moab version are you a huge fan? There are many versions, so I am just curious. Thanks!

Antonia Baker says:

Only problem with the Salomen is that they are a narrow fit. Love mine. Ive gone up to a mens 11 for extra room. I feel like a yowie.

John Abela says:

Always hard to go from a beloved shoe to something else. I recently made the change to the Hoka One One “Speedgoat”. They hit the scale at 19.4 ounces. They have the second best lugs I have used in a shoe, after the Inov-8 X-Talon, which I used for many years on the trail, but eventually the lack of a rock plate caused my feet to get to much damage. The X Ultra looks a bit stiff. Is there any flex to it at all, or pretty much forced to walk flat footed.

Shalaka Booyaka says:

I’m looking at getting a pair of the X Ultra mid 2’s for some extra ankle support. Gotta love YT and the community for the reviews on all the things!

Nicolas Cacace says:

I totally agree with your opinion of ‘waterproof’ shoes.


What’s more important is how fast they dry once those wet conditions have subsided.

Voodoo8648 says:

Hey @Darwin can you help me out? ALL of the Saloman shoes are so fucking tight on me!!! Every Saloman shoe I try on is soo tight! People say just buy a bigger size, but bigger sizes are just longer… no wider or looser. I cant seem to find a good water proof shoe. I looked at a Merrell, but they fall apart after 100 miles :/

Estera Edu says:

Thanks for the great review. I have just bought a pair of exactly the same shoes but in ladies version. I was a bit worried that I didn’t get GTX and that maybe that was a mistake but now you have confirmed that GTX is not perfect for walking in warm weather. I will be hiking in the Polish Tatra mountains in July as well as some hiking in Italy in September so I think the non GTX shoe will be perfect.


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Kat Jacobs says:

I love the fact, you say exactly what Salomon shoes you’re talking about! Many do a gear review and only say they used “Salomon” shoe but not the model!

Keiko FX Designs says:

I have a these and I must say they are fucking great!

TCLN1469 says:

What about the “flexibility” of the sole ? Is it supple or hard ? or “in between”?

tnprime says:

Generally I was disappointed. I removed the laces, installed standard oval laces, the bungee laces made my feet feel like they were being squeezed to death or too loose and might flop off. Not to mention the little plastic bits were getting destroyed or hurt my feet when sitting or kneeling on the ground or crosslegged. I felt the pair I chose were properly fit when I bought them…..but I wore these all winter around NYC with the idea of them being good in snow packed sidewalks and steps. They are just terrible, ok well not absolutely terrible, but generally uncomfortable. I chose the waterproof version (as stepping in 3″ of slush with out that feature can ruin your day) and they did hold back the water. The biggest issue was after 8+ miles each day of subway stairs and city streets where previously I’d be fine, with these my feet would be just hamburgered. The soles have held up, just typical eraser style tread wear after 900+ miles of city life, no de-lamination or anything of that sort, shoes are still waterproof and no stitching has come undone. However I would not re-buy. They seemed to have the makings of a great shoe with all the features you described but in the end, my feet were not happy.

redos111 says:

So all in all do you recommend these shoes for trail running?

milksteak flyer says:

Most of my section hikes are in pa. for my purpose rock plates are necessary

Kat Yak'in says:

were these true to fit? I’m in el Paso and no one around here has them?

Alex Banks says:

I have a wider foot and have found a lot of shoes squeeze my toes together. I won’t buy something without trying it on first, but thought maybe you’ll have an idea about the width. Thanks

Kat Jacobs says:

One question: Can you talk about shoes with/without a Rock Plate? I’m planning on a 2017 AT hike but PA. is driving me crazy when I see and hear about their Rocks!! Please advise!


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