Vibram Trek Ascent LR Review

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This is my review of the Vibram Fivefinger Trek Asecnt LR.

I think these shoes are awesome, my favorite pair of Vibrams to date!

Definitely check them out if you like Vibrams and minimalist shoes.

Much of the information in this review is also valid for the Vibram Trek Shoe (Not “LR” Version). The only thing different with that model are the materials for the upper portion of the shoe. It still has the same amazing sole.

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Memo Masso says:

good review man.

brausse85 says:

just got my pair today how well do they hold up ??

Robert Johansson says:

Great review! I´m ordering mine today and hopefully I be as happy as you 🙂

Chris Holland says:

Thanks for the review… I am super excited about getting some this week!

Sam Gold says:

Hi OBN, Thanks for the great insight into the Trek Ascent. I’m kind of bummed because I just ordered these (before listening to your review) for the exact reason it sounds like you criticized these. I have the Spyridon MRs which I like quite a bit but purchased the TAs strictly for hiking because the description on the Vibram site made it sound like the sole was significantly beefier and more protective against rocks and roots and such. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case from your review.

acheandche says:

pronounced veebrum

yfarmeaahka says:

Just ordered the Trek Ascent and can’t wait to try them out. Loved my KSO’s.

Mad Hatter says:

have order them now, because I was looking for some good once hope they have a good fit

Nick Ratsey says:

Hi, I’m looking to replace my current KSO Sports for a new pair of FiveFingers. I do mostly trail running and I’m considering these and also Spyridon MRs. Which would you recommend?

Suzanne Lehman says:

Great review! Do you have any experience with the Spyridon LS??? The reason I ask is that, I want a 1 shoe does all and the 2 activities that I am aiming my decision of Vibram fivefinger model on, would be hiking and biking, and incorporating both activities together. I don’t want to carry another shoe on my bike for this reason. I am aware that Vibram and Shimano have gotten together to create a biking five fingers shoe and that it will be out this spring I believe. However it is a clip-in and even though I have biked with clip ins for many decades, I am moving away from them, due to my wanting to incorporate activities and find them unreasonable and uncomfortable for walking, hiking, casual shoes, etc. I want less complication in my life. Therefore, I am shopping around for a good fivefinger shoe that would suit my needs. I currently use a five ten shoe (made for biking, but without a clip in (sole is very grippy, consistent with five ten…..most well know for making climbing shoes). Although, I like the five ten. It is a bit clunky and I like the idea of pulling with all my foot muscles and creating a more active pedal motion that the clunky five ten or most bike shoes in general do not allow for. I don’t imagine ever using a clip in again, although some efficiency is lost when I do not clip in. The versatility of a one shoe does all is more important for me. I am excited about the prospect of five fingers meeting my biking needs and looking forward to working on a new technique of riding with the barefoot shoe and having a greater amount of pull from the toes in my pedal stroke. I will say that the idea of the Spyridon and/or the Trek Ascent having some cushioning feels good because my pedals have small spikes that help with traction between the shoe sole and the pedal. Thanks for any advice. I think I will not go wrong either way.

Eddie J says:

I have had them about a week now.

I got them on my way to a camping trip, with some step rock ascents.  The trails were pretty well maintained and I used them mainly for walking.  I also worn toe socks as the temp was quite cool.

The shoes were awesome out of the box. Straight away they felt comfortable an ‘right’.   The bush walk was far more enjoyable than the last time I went out with steel capped work boots on a 25 klm trek.

But it was in the rock ascents that they shined.   I had baulked at a few before, but these were incredibly sure footed.

Since back home I have used them for their intended purpose, as way of getting me into running using the ball method.  I have avoided running since i was a kid because of the heel strike jarring.   Its taken a little while, and my calves are still very tender, but Im doing it.  Im officially a runner 🙂   Baby steps.     But I have found some local tracks through some bushland including a few short but insanely steep ascents.  I cant tell you how enjoyable I have found trail running… picking my way through rocky and rock and root laden terrain.  It feels almost primal.

Off camping for the weekend again in granite belt territory and I will have the Vibram Trek Ascents permanently on my feet.  This time on some non trail treks along dry creek beds etc 

They are just a pair of shoes, but they have opened up even more opportunities that I cant wait to tear up.

Cheers again O B N … your vid sealed the deal and got me enthusiastic about trail running and the Trek Ascents.

Jeff H says:

Extraordinary review, brother! It’s inspiring to see you put these shoes to good use. Does this model also feature kangaroo leather?

Ariel Luna says:

Great review. I have a few pairs of vibram fivefingers and I just love them. I’ve been wearing them for years. I’ve been considering buying a new pair for hiking and outdoor use and I think I just found what I was looking for. Thanks for the great info.

Eddie J says:

Great review man.   Im looking for a single pair of Vibrams that will do me, and I think I found the perfect reason for popping the extra dough. Cheers mate

BriguyO says:

Great review. Just got some for my birthday and can’t wait to try them out with some of the antics you were deftly displaying there!

TheNobleipman says:

Seriously, Good review man!

Pah Pin Shang says:

what about if compare to Spyridon LS or Spyridon? Which do you recommend? Thank you.

L. Curtis Heartless says:

Dude dig this review. thumbs up

nachtjenevel says:

Outstanding review. I particularly liked the demonstration of water resistance as that’s the main feature I’m seeking in a new pair of FiveFingers. Thanks, man!

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