Water Proof Test on Salomon X Ultra Mid II GTX Hiking Boots review

Review of the Salomon X ultra mid 2 hiking boot.
Fully waterproof, Light, moderately stiff, AND good looking.
If you have any questions just ask!

Here is a link to the REI Website http://www.rei.com/product/881782/salomon-x-ultra-mid-ii-gtx-hiking-boots-mens#tab-reviews


Flierman says:

Yes they leak alot, I have tried 3 and now returning them for the last time.

Anuj Vats says:

Have them from last 8 months, very comfortable (vibram), Waterproof as claimed GTX.
Tested them in Dharamshala around Kareri lake trek.
The Joy of jumping into the streams, walking through the stream was made possible through these shoes !
Rains are not an issue with this shoe, pair it with any denim its Black Awesome 🙂
One of the Best shoes i ever owned.

GaryM1314 says:

You have been extremely lucky to find a truly waterproof pair of Salomon. Comfy shoes but generally don’t hold up to water ingress. I avoid Salomon like the plague after three different pairs failed in quick time.

Erik Viking says:

go and do the test in heavy rain!30 min and you will see they are not waterproof:-(

Princess Wears Hiking Boots says:

I love these boots too, but they’re really only fit for summer hiking. Have 3 pairs but none of them have been waterproof. I’ve overlooked this due to their fab comfort, and lightweight styling. The laces keep undoing so I’m going to replace them with flat laces so I don’t trip!

Dmitry Fatiev says:

I really wanted these, got these, and I was really not satisfied with the feeling in my heels. Returned them to the store, decided not to wait for blisters.

john Barnes says:

try walking in wet grass for a couple of hours , then you,ll have wet feet , salomon are incapable of making waterproof footware..

Mash Monster says:

i bought these shoes yesterday, they are awesome. good cushions and stability.

Brad Clarke says:

Just curious, how long have you had those boots?
I had to return a pair of the previous generation of this boot (X Ultra Mid GTX – 309067) earlier this week because they leaked badly; completely soaked foot from simply walking through wet grass.
Salomon has a great 2-year warranty, so I’ll be getting the X Ultra Mid II GTX boots as a replacement pair.

vibhupande says:

Could’ve got a bigger container to submerge the entire shoe in (till where gusseted tongue protects), which would’ve been a more accurate way to review.
The submerged part shown in the video only leaves a tiny exposed region (where water can get in), since water can’t obviously get in from the outsole or the toecap.

pnojazz says:

thanks for the review. I needed info on this pair and waterproof a must

Jaime Chaves says:

Got these boots in Scotland, had them for 6 months and they started leaking. Took them to the beach, to mud and wet terrain, they worked fine for the first 3 months. After that, it was clear they were not as waterproof as advertised. It seemed as the GORE-TEX layers lost its permeability and once the boot gets wet, it is a matter of seconds before your feet gets wet. Had to return them to the store and sent back to Salomon for testing. Not sure to get a new pair or switch to another brand. I agree with most of the comments, they are super comfortable and light, when dry. Fortunately, I hear they have a 2 year warranty so I am hoping to get a full refund, or replacement, in that case I will be stuck with another pair, in the hopes to be one of the lucky people commenting here about the great waterproofing system they are experiencing.

Father Dougal McGuire says:

nice and comfortable not fully waterproof sole starts coming away quickly, if you are going to test these things start by actually hiking in them in wet conditions, if you have a pair of these make sure you have some good glue for ole repairs and spray them often with silicone

GhostTech1 says:

Seems almost everyone who owns them says they leak.
That’s a bummer

Domon says:

I had a pair of these. I love it a lot and am considering buying a second pair.
However, it leaked when the first time I used it on the trail.

Colnando says:

Just purchased these because of this review. I was going to order Merrels GTX mids, but these boots are on sale right now at Cabelas Canada for $127.00 and that’s super cheap for Canada, hell that’s a great price period. I’ll return to this vid once I get them and later again once I test the shit out of them.

Slava Petrovich says:

very strange. I bought yesterday and immed put in action. There was a bit snow ~ 5-7 cm. And in one hour i felt water inside… Pity… How long did u keep boot in the water, 3 min?

menemme says:


Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes says:

yeah…are good but after a years
……gore tex…start to do not work well

Mc Fabrizio says:

any differences between x ultra mid gtx? thanks

alika myballs says:

bought these boots today!!! wet socks today!!! after 3 hours or hiking thru a few puddles. i put them under the sink with my hand inside and was able the feel the fabric soaking up the water from the faucet.

Man Chun Siu says:

Most comfortable pair of hiking boots I’ve ever had, but regrettably it’s not waterproof after a month. Also, it’s hard to clean the mud off if you’re hiking in England & Wales.

324590 says:

I have these boots and the gtx4d boots and hands down salomon makes the most comfortable and waterproof boots ever. I also have a couple pairs of their hiking shoes I use for work and this things are awesome as well. Actually the only foot wear I own are salomons other than a pair of flip flops.

meshcount says:

I bought the women’s version of this shoe for my girlfriend, she loved the fit and comfort (wide toe box, wide mid foot, narrow heel), but on her first outing, both feet were drenched within 15 minutes of walking in the rain. The quality control of these are a joke.

Aexoero V says:

From where you got that this boots have 2 layers of goretex? They dont!

ttDrAculatt says:

Awesome video! I just bought these today. They are extremely comfortable.

Thomas Kishman II says:

+TreeTopTalk Would these be great for work in the winter?  Sometimes I go outside and I am in the snow.

Colnando says:

Got them. Went to the beach I live near, ran through 3-4 inches of sea water for a few minutes… not a drop of water got in. Was super happy and really shocked they were as water proof as they are.

John Comanici says:

had these for 3 months and they leaked! it was not sweat either

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