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Adam gives you his review of his personal favorite hiking shoe, the Merrell Moab (http://amzn.to/1L7LoFT). He’s going on his 4th pair and provides details of what he loves about these shoes. Enjoy!

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jisterKIS says:

tell us how old they are one more time and how you’re going to get a new pair…. Lol.

William Kister says:

Love this shoe. On my third pair.

Brian watson says:

$80 at gander mountain!

Darris B. Nelson says:

I LOVE my Merrell mid hikers! I hike on the beach several days a week and even with salt water, they’ve held up. I use Super feet inserts. I have very wide feet (D) and these fit great. I also need a 1/1/2″ lift on my left shoe (40 year-old compound fracture/motorcycle accident). My shoe guy loves Merrell. He’s able to add a lift to Merrell because the heels aren’t hollow (like so many other brands). I pray Merrell doesn’t change their boots. They have literally allowed me to live an outdoor life I otherwise would never be able to do. I have 2 Moab mid hikers and one waterproof. The Moab waterproof is not truly waterproof but they are far warmer and keep my feet toasty in the Northern CA, coastal winters. Do you have any experience with the Merrell Mojave waterproof mid hikers? I’d like to get better waterproofing but not sacrifice the lightweight or flexibility (especially because I’m adding the lift). Thanks so much!

Serapis Bey says:

Hi! I’m currently trying to search for trekking shoes and i’m going to use the shoes for camping and field works in forested areas here in the Philippines (a tropical SE Asian country) such as open-woodland and rainforests. I want shoes that is waterproof and breathable at the same time with excellent traction/grip in slippery areas, preferably midcut for protection during hiking while carrying heavy loads but also light weight since i walk fast haha. I have sweaty feet so its quite an issue. Suggestions about variety of shoes to choose from is highly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

Chris Muller says:

I have been wanting a pair of them for a while now but my ‘budgeting department’ isn’t ready to loosen the purse string yet 😉

RDJim says:

As soon as you fall in love with a shoe, they’ll discontinue it.

EL34XYZ says:

Love these boots. Been wearing the mid height walnut colored ones since about 2009. I am on my 5th pair. They have really gone up in price in the last few years. I paid $70 a pair in 2010. Still, I can’t buy any other boots.

SniperSurvivalist & Bushcraft says:

Would these be good if you decided to live in the woods 2-5 years. or would i be better with the http://tacticalgear.com/tg-outrider~1

cyclist01222 says:

For easy hiking those are fine… heavy bushwhacking will tear them up quickly though. More leather and sturdier eyelets would be needed.

Doug Wynn says:

I bought a pair of these recently. Did you replace the factory insoles?

Fish Sticks says:

If it’s such a great long lasting shoe why are you on your 4th pair

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

I have been wearing the same ones for about 3 years. mine have the Gortex booties and I love those things. I hike in them as well as work out in them. Bomb proof!

mike mcg says:

I am in landscape business. i wear my Merrell moabs 5-6 days a week. I do a lot of walking, shoveling, climbing in and out of excavating equipment. These shoes are very comfortable and durable. I buy mine off of Ebay, seem less expensive there.

Mankevich Moriel says:

Great shoe. I’ve got a slightly different model (don’t know it’s name). Less netting, only at the tongue. Had them for nearly 3 years now, abused the crap out of them (trail running, hiking, exposure to petrol and diesel, water) and they are still serving me great. They do need abit of a clean but other than that just the standart wear and tear. They did some of the comfort and support they provided when they were brand new, but for the amount of abuse that they went through they are quite good!

Point is, Merrell makes great shoes 🙂

Tom CONWAY says:

good review. Thanks

TacTom says:

I have the same shoes. They’re great!! Chris Kyle wore the high top version.

Donny B says:

absolutely agree! Every day at work!

PottsinOz Misadventuresdownunda says:

Thanks for the review. I just picked up a pair of Ventilators today in Sydney from a Merrell store. I got the “Walnut” (standard) color. I like the Walnut, it was my top choice, but I knew other colors existed. However, I was told at the store that walnut was the only made, LOL. They were on sale for $150 AUD….normally $200 AUD! Everything is more expensive here, and $1 AUD is only about $0.75 USD, so I got them for about $113 USD, not bad. Anxious to take them on a test hike tomorrow. A Ventilator II is coming out soon, probably why I got mine on sale.

NextStepSurvival says:

Can you link to that specific boot? I can’t figure out which shoe you’re reviewing from the list you linked to.

BCB says:

I agree. Merrells are the only shoes I wear, and Danner are the only boots I wear.

William Gahres says:

Can you get a stretcher in there? Disgusted they don’t make a xxxe (e6).

Joseph Reeves says:

I bought a pair of Merrells for hiking the sole fell off. So I went to REI and bought a pair of Asolo hiking boots.. Best boots I have ever worn. They were $240 but well worth it when hiking Mountains

Outside The Box says:

Ive been wearing Merrill for about 30yrs for everyday work (construction ) casual use and of course hiking. Six pair currently in the rotation two are Mohab mids. Good boot for average terrain but not so good on rock….KEEN’s for that.

Devin Venables says:

I like Merrells,Moabs,Altors,Pulses,all very comfy with the right Superfeet insoles,BUT!BUT!!REMEMBER THE DAYS WHEN SHOES LASTED LONGER THAN 6 MONTHES?Most shoe brands are as disposable as tissue paper,these days,especially if you actually put miles on them,as in daily wearers!

Mea Woodsman says:

Great boot Adam. I’m on my 2nd pair of Moab’s. I go with the mid high model for the ankle support as I’ve rolled by ankles once to often in low cut trail shoes.

Carlos Curto says:

just a suggestion. you did not show or comment on the soles and their durability.

John Northman says:

Great video! ever since I watched it I’ve been using the various Moab models and I’m very happy.  Don’t expect to stick to the walls like spider man with the Vibram sole.  You can still slip and bust your junk.  But yes it is better than anything else, no doubt about it.  I love this gear.

Boom Jiggy says:

Your first pair still looks pretty good. You can extend the life of the heel by unlacing them every time that you take them off. Great review!

rezdog187 says:

No one can say what the best shoe is for you period. It’s great that they are the bees knees to you but feet are like fingerprints in that they vary from person to person. Allot depends on the last used. Take his advice and get your feet measured by someone who knows what their doing.

Roarmeister2 says:

Heh heh, I’ve got size 13 Wide in the Moab Ventilator 2. But then again I’m only 5′-7″ and resemble Bigfoot. 🙂

I immediately liked the padded collar around the ankle. I usually go through at least 2 sometimes 3 sets of laces on the shoes. I normally replace the footbed with something with a higher arch support but the new Moabs have great footbeds right out of the box.

Cody Fincher says:

This is some kind of joke. t These shoes are made in Vietnam and are terrible, DO NOT waste your $$$ on good advertising backed up by a substandard product.

jairdabrini says:

I got these shoes back in 2008 or 2009 the Mid version. I’ve been pleased with everything but two things; 1st, the actual feel/fit of the shoe. Never quite right. 2nd, The Vibram outsoles are slippery as an eels ass on ice and snow. You can never let your attention slip when using these in the winter bc you can slip at any time. Makes it hard to “know” when you’re going to have traction or not. Now looking for new shoes bc for 4 years now they’ve been taking in water in wet/rainy conditions. I know this is not a winter shoe but when new it is both waterproof, sorta warm (down to -12c), and breathable.

carrjeep says:

Merrils are great to wear going to your local outfitter for a real hiking shoe.

Paul Waller says:

I got the Merrell Pulsate about a year ago. I’m 6 feet 6 inches tall and wear size 13 too. 😉 I don’t wear them everyday, but they are tough as nails. http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00D1HNBRS/ref=twister_B00E8AP30A

thecman26 says:

I have those! They are great! BUT they size almost a half a size smaller… Bummer if you buy online get 1/2 size bigger!

Dark Jester says:

I have a pair of MOAB Mid’s (low hightop) that I wore daily for several years and still have them. Definitely good shoes that I’ll still slip on just to run up to the store real fast or something. I ended up replacing them with a pair of Salomon full hightop boots for everyday wear, but I’m still a fan of the Merrell’s.

John River says:

I’ve had 3 pair of the gortex come apart at the soles before the treads even wore. Comfortable but not durable.

Michal Ochedowski says:

I watched this video three times (not in a row 🙂 ) and I really like it. I was wondering if you had a chance to check out new Moab 2 Ventilators ? If so, what do you think about more stiff leather upper ? In comparison for me first version is much more comfortable.

Center Mass says:

I have had 3 pair of them. They last me about 6 mths each time. I will continue to buy them. All who have tried them on my recommendation, they have been satisfied.


hello,we are a manufacturer of outdoor shoes,do you have interesting to make review for us after you try our shoes?we can send u for free.

Mike Wright says:

Enjoyed the video Adam. Is this the waterproof or non waterproof version? I’ve had breathability issues with goretex linings in other shoes.

biggrex says:

4th pair? Um, that begs the question, how long do they last with heavy use?! May I be so bold as to inquire? My last 5.11 set of hiking boots lasted 8 yrs.

Michael Hong says:

I noticed that one pair is waterproof and the other isn’t

MOwanderer says:

I agree that these are awesome shoes. I prefer the mids but as an all around, do everything shoe they are hard to beat. Another commenter mentioned they were not good for rocks and I agree. They are very hard on your feet if you live in rocky country.

Lorenzo Cordero says:

I have the Merrell Capra. Bought it for work and so far they’re very comfortable, unlike other hiking/trail shoes. Not sure about durability but I also assumed that these are more of a light duty hiking shoes.

Fred Freddy says:

Your shoe size will slowly increase over time as your arch falls. That’s why old people wear tight shoes. They know their shoe size from 20 years ago, and that’s it. Measure your feet!

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