Why I Switched From Salomon To Altra Trail Runners

I’ve been asked “what’s the best trail runner?” and I really can’t know that because different shoes work differently for different feet, and I haven’t even worn most of them. But at this point I’m only wearing Altra Lone Peaks for backpacking, and in this video I’ll tell you why!

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Jim NORRIS says:

I have high arched feet. Not sure them shoe would work.
Yeah I would enjoy a wide Toe box,I cant stand cramped toes.

John ORourke says:

These shoes are junk….Research Achillies injuries from these shoes…Ask me how I know? Trust me when I tell you don’t believe the hype…these shoes wore out at 275 miles on the PCT this year and were directly related to the achillies I sustained…according to the Ortho Surgeon who had to operate on me because of it….Buyer BEWARE

Tootsla 125 says:

I’m just a day hiker, but My Merrill boots (wide with Spenco liners*) have kept me in such comfort and on the trails in spite of plantar fasciitis. They cradle the heel so nicely without pulling on it. My heel was so painful I could not wear a backless shoe for nine months, but I could walk for days in the Merrills. And my feet stayed much cleaner.

*been using Spenco liners since the first time I distance walked 30 years ago – I did an 18 mile day with ease and zero blisters.

Where's Rockie says:

I’m wondering if you think they run small. Normally I’m a 10.5 for a perfect fit, which is hard to find, but Altra carries them. However, I want to leave room for two pair of socks and swelling. Maybe an 11?

Ellen Brooks says:

I love Altras. I wear them everywhere and my feet feel so much better. I wish I’d had Altras when I was running all the time in the Army.

Tati Almeida says:

I always loved Salomon, but I guess they changed the shape of the shoe, and it struggling in the back of my feet, unfortunatelly not so confortable anymore. I am disappointed with the new shape of the shoes in 2018.

Serafin Hikes says:

With altras, do you get a size up like other shoes for long-distance hiking?

Seven Sixes says:

Because they paid you more?

Samuel Burke says:

I got over a thousand miles on my Altra superior 2.5 trail running shoes. Held up perfectly. Would have kept them longer but I grew out of them.

Romeo Sierra says:

My List of Altra shoes is long as a … One 2.5, Instict 2.5, Paradigm 3.5, Escalante, Solstice, Supirior 2.5, the only brand i trust besides Altra is Vibram Fivefingers, they are very long lasting, nothing fancy to go wrong i guess.

TeNgaere says:

I did the PCT in 2015. I wore the Altra Lone Peak 2.0s.. Walked 2713 miles. No blisters or foot problems AT ALL. Strongly recommend them. I really researched shoes before I began my hike, and this was my last and best purchase! Don’t even consider any other pair.

Zero drop no issue for me either, but since I went sailing across the Pacific in 1989, I have been basically barefoot or walking zero drop flip flops for 30 plus years. You are born zero drop, so why not wear zero drop shoes?

One comment on durability. I only used 3 pair, and walked about 900 miles before I changed out. I still have all 3 pairs that I occasionally wear.

I also now have a pair of 3.0 that I use for recreational hiking. You are right, the toe box is slightly smaller, but the 2.0s were a bit sloppy, so it is an improvement, and not a problem. Still doesn’t cause my toes any problems.

If I were ever to do another long through hike, there is NO OTHER SHOE I would even consider. You said it right, ‘function over fashion’ for hiking shoes and 95% of hiking shoes are just too narrow in the toe box to be seriously consider for long distance hiking. Might be ok for a day hike of less than 15 miles, but NEVER use anything but Altra Lone Peaks for a PCT like Through hike.

Key to long use durability is to be able to repair the cuts and abrasions you get on the fabric uppers from rocks and tree stumps and/or limbs you encounter is to use GearAir FreeSole. It is the best product for this I have ever found. It is WAY better than shoe goop. Never needed it for the soles of the shoes. They lasted the 900 miles just fine, although they naturally wear down a bit.

Freesole is sticky, will set up in the tube after you open it, so don’t tighten it down too tight when putting away. You may need a drill bit to open it next time. It flows on easily, fill and holds tenaciously, and if you clean fabric cuts with alcohol wipes before you apply at night, it will be dry and ready to use the next morning. 8 to 12 hours is all you need. Since this goop flows for a few hours before setting up, you need to be sure you set them on a very level plan until the goo stops flowing. (btw, works good for tent and pack tears and cuts too!)

You can get it on Amazon.

Nova Europa says:

I switched from from Altra to Salomon, and sorely regretted it.

martin ernesto pinta says:

Dixie : ¿ How bigger than your real size are the shoes that you are wearing ? or well in other words : ¿ How bigger do you suggest we must go on buying shoes than our real size ? Thanks

Lee Quinn says:

I always wear sneakers so I’ll be trying these soon as the have my size in they’re back ordered up everywhere I look

Nik S. says:

I don’t do any big hiking trips yet, but I’ve been running in zero-drop shoes for 6+ years now and have been extremely happy with my results. I used to roll my ankles A LOT, and haven’t once since I switched, and my neck, back, and knees generally feel better.

Allison Reece says:

Toe Spring is where the front part where the toes are curls up. Have you ever noticed how shoes are not flat touching all of the ground surface? Altra shoes are based on a natural health for feet, starting with the barefoot method. If you are not aware of this natural health method, then you won’t understand the shoe. I am in my fifties and started using the barefoot method to heal my arches and toes as much as possible. It has greatly changed the way I see shoes and foot care. I have strengthen my arches with the barefoot method and have used the Correct Toes to undo the damage done to my toes being in narrow toe boxed shoes for years.
I wish I had learned about natural foot care years ago.
I now were Altra shoes, which did take a little time getting use to, but love them now. I don’t think Of can ever go back to regular running shoes. If you don’t understand the science for zero drop shoes and wide toe boxes, you won’t get Ultras, nor would I recommend anyone get them. They are for people like myself that use the natural foot care system designed by Dr. McClanahan who designed Correct Toes. It you haven’t been learn about natural foot care and the barefoot walking methods, you won’t understand the rest. I can see where they might not be the best for the type of hiking you do.

carey pornillos says:

They were never intended for light-mid hiking with load. The Salomons are intended for runners who tend to lean forward while running.

Steven Band says:

I just bought my first pair from REI on sale. They’re uglier than clown shoes, my wife says but damn are they comfortable.

Trilby Arnold says:

I needed a slight lift in the heel and a strong arch support. with a half sole insert I love my women’s Altra lone peak 3.5 trail boots. They correct for my seriously pronated ankles and are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn on my hard to fit 5.5 to 6.5 foot. Do get the women’s, however. Altra is one of the few companies who proportion their shoes by gender and it does make a difference in fit.

link2derek says:

Your content is awesome, Dixie! Thanks for talking about the Alta’s. I see more and more thru-hikers wearing them, so I’ll definitely check them out.

Nathan Albritton says:

Xero shoes are the way to go. Barefoot shoes have gotten rid of all my foot issues

Lori Cabahug says:

I like Hoka One One. I get a half size up.

hotwalrus7 says:

Dixie, (respectfully) you are SO pretty! You are defying your 30s!

Joel Bigwood says:

The Altra Lone Peak 3.5 is a very poor quality shoe. I bought a pair through Amazon, and they started falling apart after 6 weeks. Stay away from Altra!

UniPro Show says:

Looking to buy new shoes for the AT. They now have the Altra Lone Peak 4 out but have two versions…the regular and the RSM (rain, snow, mud) which are waterproof. Any recommendations between the two? Is it worth paying $30 more for the RSM’s? Thanks in advance.

Michael Miner says:

Very informative. I am new to hiking so I am starting with a less expensive pair of Asics trail running shoes. I do not plan to do high mileage hikes. Here in Arizona we have many trails to choose from. If I get more serious I plan to get a more expensive pairs and will consider Altra. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and for this review.

Weston Ochse says:

Altras made me able to run again. With the zero drop, the neutral mid foot, and the wide toe box, my feet haven’t felt better. And this from a guy who is a disabled vet who had chronic plantar faciatus. Thanks for this review. I was thinking about the Salomons, but will keep with Altras. The Escalante is my every day wear by the way.

Runswithwind says:

I literally took altra timp out of the box and ran a 13.5 mile trail race at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Some of the roughest trail I’ve ever ran and over 2300 feet of elevation. I never once had an issue. I finished top 10 at 2:34 at 11:29 pace. These shoes performed perfectly out of the box! Altra is made for the wide foot runner that likes a natural feel

Beau Ripp says:


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