Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles Review | Vo2max Productions

I review trekking poles: Super light…9oz range…great for Runners!!


Heseus says:

What are your thoughts on using these poles for The Rut and other skyrunner races? Helpful or nuisance?

xzaz2 says:

Dad lightning.

nleepm says:

Thanks for sharing. You are looking great

dudelivestrong says:

please get better lighting.

Joe Hess says:

save a few $ and get the aluminum version. only 2oz more.

Jb Eldred says:

Hey Sage, thanks for the review! Stoked for you and Sandi to be in the Alps for UTMB! Find someone over there that has spent some time running/hiking with poles and learn the techniques. Everything from how to put your hand through the strap to different methods for poling up hill and down hill. There is so much advantage when you learn the techniques (As professional and dedicated as you are you have probably already done this…). Soak it all in, be present and when the time comes, Beast Mode! #AnySurfaceAnyDistance

Caleb Mah says:

Are you sure it’s a good idea to train with them and not use them for the actual race? Wouldn’t your body find it tougher?

teogo says:

What’s a utmb100?

wagsbass says:

good to hear Sandi’s surgery went well.

Sebastian Tri says:

im running a stair marathon it has 508 stairs and is around 90 meters high… would it be helpfull to use sticks on stairs??

Ernest Atchison says:

Like the videos Sage. Very inspirational. Keep them going.

Patrick Coleman says:

i just picked up something very similar from black diamond for running/speed hiking ultra distances in more technical parts of the sierras and took them out last week–worked great, and easy to carry out of the way along runnable trails!

Cerebral Method says:

That sense of humour, though…you could easily be in a circus. jk

The poles I use are imaginary 😉

Hackachino says:

Your vids have great info, but I had to unsubscribe. The 30-45 second intros and uber long vids are just too much for my attention span.

If your vids had at most a 5 second intro and where 2-4 mins long I’d be watching ever one.


Sahil Pandit says:

Can I use these in the mile?

Stewie 5.6k says:

why do you always wear thise long shorts while running is it becuase they have the compression underneath?

Maverick5588 says:

I have the hiking version of these which have adjustable length and i have to say, once you start using trekking poles you will not go back. Without them it feels like you are lacking 2 limbs. It basically makes you a quadruped. Good for downhill to save your knees, good for uphill to load your posterior chain vs overloading your quads, good for balance, good for a million small instances. I’d never consider not bringing them now

Alex says:

Low quality trekking poles. A small amount of ground suction is enough for them to separate even after tightening the pole string.

Wookie Kim says:

Based on your plug, I decided to order these! (Feel free to let Black Diamond know haha…)

On a separate note, what is your video set-up for running? I’d like to do more filming on my runs, so I’d love to know how you capture such great footage! From what I can tell, it seems like you use a GorillaPod with your iPhone, and then some other point-and-shoot. Do you use anything else, like a GoPro? Actually, it’d be great if you did a video on all of this!

KrisChan says:

awesome. i was thinking of utilizing those to give my legs a break. i got a few injuries and chronic problems i deal with.

Maximuz says:

Thanks for sharing, Sage.
I remember have used a pair of sticks in a trail race.
They allowed me to save some core energy.
We hope, Sandi is recovering fine of her achilles tendinitis.

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