Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles ~ Gear Raffle & Review with the Hiking Viking

Well hello there ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another gear raffle and review. Need new trekking poles? Well today I look at the Distance Z poles from Black Diamond and we will see if they are the right ones for you.

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Great American Survival says:

That’s awesome between her and her three Scout boys, they will get used well. She’s awesome.

Erika O says:

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it!! I am so excited. I have been volunteering all weekend so I just got to watch the video this morning. This has made my day!!! Thanks so much!

Full-time Nomad says:

hey nate my viking fest videos are up!

ThebackpackingBatman says:

I have a pair of black diamond FL poles. They fold and are adjustable. I am taking them on trail next year. I am as well a little worried about the total construction and durability of the poles. Hopefully they don’t snap haha

Kinama Gaming says:

awesome review, and man, awesome shirt haha

Non è un canale per vecchi. says:

what is the difference between the FLZ and Z?

Erika O says:

Yes I agree that doing the raffle early for size specific and gender specific gear would be fine.

Matt B says:

Just made a pledge to the patreon.

Charles Smith says:

Congrats Erika!!

I’m okay with the idea of drawing numbers early for the sake of size appropriate gear. I’m 6’5″, so it would have been crucial for a raffle such as this. otherwise, I’d have looked like a hiking Igor…. or is it Eye-gor?

Jooyeon Ahn says:

Great video! One thing that has been holding me back from buying these Z-poles is that the adjustments are nonexistent like you said it on this review. Their Alpine poles looked nice, but man, they are pricy. Bought the Expedition 3 instead on a good deal for all around uses, also for the tarp poles. Then I found out the carbide tips can’t be screwed out to replace the worn out ones like the other BD trekking poles. Hopefully I could sharpen them until the entire tips falls apart.

Andrew Wisler says:

Small point, but I have these poles, and if you clip the basket to the top section instead of the middle, they stay folded without the strap. I like hiking with them, and the lack of adjustability doesn’t affect hiking FOR ME ( I just choke up or down as needed going up or down hill), but they aren’t as useful if I need them for tent support, so I often use my BD adjustables if I need that feature. Actually, if I’m hiking with my son, I use these poles to hike with and let him use the BD aluminum poles I have, but I steal his poles at night to support my tent fly. But he’s 11, so he doesn’t have any say ;-).

Adrian Redgwell says:

I think for size dependant gear, you could draw it in advance (on video), and then review it and show the draw you recorded. You could say what you think and just grab other people’s comments on that items webpage. This would apply for shoes, clothing and other gear. Now for getting our info, mbrb could add to their particulars sizing?

Or you can just buy it for your size, then return it to get the correct size. Maybe you can make a deal with the vendors so no extra cost is incurred so the only thing we would loose would be time.

I think option 2 is probably the best option.

Another idea for Sharon if you wants to do a couple of episodes on gear she tested. And of course the family eposide raffle lol if the young one is up for it.

Grtz on 4K subscribers eh.


uptrail71 says:

Nice and lightweight! I don’t use trekking poles often, but overall they look good. Congrats Erica 🙂

Full-time Nomad says:

I need me some poles.

tracycc123 says:

Great Video as always! Need that T-shirt!!

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