Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Pole Review

My Black Diamond trekking poles were my favorite piece of gear that I had with me on the Trail. Why you ask…… give me 9 minutes and I will tell you.

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Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork:
Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z:

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Black Diamond Trail Back:

Leki Carbon Ti:
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Leki: Micro Vario Ti COR-TEC:

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johnny mac says:

Just subscribed recently, great channel

Stan the Man Hikes says:

Aren’t cork handles better for sweat absorption or is it just a matter of preference?

Gary Ford says:

Geez you could sell air conditioners to Eskimos.

GankenBerry says:

great vid. if you ditched the straps do you feel it would hinder the usefulness of the poles for you? also do you know if black diamond has a lifetime warranty like leki does with their aluminum shaft poles?

Mick B says:

Buy a pair of Leki’s and you won’t have to buy another pair of trekking poles ever again. Not only is their warranty superior, but their poles are excellent.

Gucci Girl and Grumpy says:

Great Video. I love my Black Diamond ( same one’s in your review). They saved me from having a big fall. I damage a center section. $9 and some change later and they are like new. I will be getting a new pair for my 2018 thru hike.

slotortoise61 says:

I got the Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock poles, but haven’t had a chance to really try them out. Your review gives me confidence in them. Thanks for the review!

shirley carpenter says:

I also love my BD treking poles.

thenightowldude says:

Bigfoot, you big tease – I need to know your trekking pole technique now!

Noel Santos says:

Hey I have a question for you would you rather have the cork handle grips or the foam handle grips. Oh and I have another question what do you have the shocks yes or no for a long distance hike

frank sheffield says:

I have some cheap poles from Wal-Mart and they have saved me from hurting myself countless times.Definitely needs poles when hiking the mountains.

biblesnbarbells says:

Thanks for the review. I just purchased a pair today.

swatsullivan says:

I have the REI trekking poles with cork grips. I got the black diamond thinking they would be lighter (but I did not check before purchasing). It turns out, they were not lighter, so I returned them. I paid $140. They seemed like quality poles, though. The REI poles are very similar, and I love the cork grip. They are aluminum, too. The REI poles do not have the dual grips, flex tips, or anti-shock, though. Let’s face it, the current probability rating for me thru hiking the AT is “Very Unlikely”!! The REI poles have been fine for me so far and will probably be perfect for the short tips I do.

1970351C2V says:

Black Diamond poles look nice but I’ll never buy a pair because of warranty/customer service. I’ve heard numerous stories of folks out of warranty told to pound sand.

Meanwhile, I bent a lower shaft section on my 2yr old Leki Thermolite XL Speedlocks last month (my fault, fell on them) and Leki had a new shaft section (including a new tip) Fed-Ex’d to me the next business day. You can’t beat that.

Christopher Cornette says:

I have the BD Trail Pros (without the shock) and love them for all the same reasons. Personally I find that with a light grip on the swing and plant (and if you want, some biking gloves with gel padding in the palms) the shock absorbers are an unnecessary expense and an added failure point (as you mention). Unless you have wrist issues, I suggest anybody interested consider going without the shock, but HYOK, of course. Some folks love the shock absorbers and I totally get it.

link2derek says:

Good timing for me with this vid, Bigfoot. I just started shopping for new poles, and I’ll definitely check these out.

Greeter's 2017 Thru-Hike says:

I really like my Leki Makalu Ultralite Titanium hiking poles. They have a cork grip and shock absorbers built into them. They do twist together, and I used to have problems with them slipping and tightening them when my hands were cold. I added Co-Flex bandage tape around the lower and middle sections so I could grip them and tighten them better. I have never had a problem with them slipping since I did that. I did have a flexible tip break. I called Leki customer service, and they said I could purchase replacement tips for $20. They also sent me an email with instructions on how to replace them. They were super helpful. I went to Amazon and got the replacement tips for around $15. I called REI (where I purchased them) and asked them if they replaced the tips. The guy said he could order some, and he would screw the old ones off for me. I told him they didn’t screw off. He said I was wrong. I did it myself. 🙂

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