Costco Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles – High Quality and Affordable

These Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles with rubber grips have been in my gear quiver for 4 years and I finally realized what a great piece of gear they are. I have hiked many hikes and built many structures with them and they have never failed. They are strong, lightweight and comfortable.

HIGH QUALITY STRONG VALUE – Poles are built with 100% CARBON FIBER – We source quality material and buy in large bulk quantities to be able to offer a high quality carbon fiber pole at a great value. Compare to other brands which save by offering a lower quality less than 100% Carbon pole
LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT POLES – 7.8 oz or LESS THAN half a pound – Our Carbon Fiber poles provide hikers, walkers, back packers, campers and many more the best option for a light weight strong pole. A light weigh pole makes a big difference when on long hikes or daily walks. Choose this one for added every day comfort.
QUICK LOCK & EXTENDABLE – Our locking mechanisms will support you for all your adventures. Do you need to adjust your pole height when trekking up a hill, flat terrain, or a downward slope? Our quick lock was chosen for its ease of use and reliability for holding the pole in the chosen height position. Collapsed (handle to tip)26″. Fully extended (handle to tip) 54.5″
GRIP & TIP OPTIONS – CORK or EVA – Choose between the popular cork grip or eva handles. Both provide different benefits with all day comfort. Included is our adjustable wrist strap. All of our poles come with tungsten carbide tips and adjustable wrist starps. BONUS tip kit includes: snow basket, boots, small rubber feet
WE STAND BEHIND OUR BRAND – Let us know if we can help you with your trekking needs. We warranty our product and can provide replacement parts if needed. These poles were designed to fit the needs of women trekking, men trekking, kids hiking trips. Try our poles out for your next adventure!

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rivahkillah says:

The Cascade Mountain Poles that Costco carries nowadays have a half cork, half foam handle.

Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

Those are nice poles.
I have a pair of black diamond poles but I rarely use them anymore.
Thanks for the video

FullSpectrumSurvival says:

In your opinion, who should use T poles and why?

Survival Mindset says:

I use my trekking poles a lot up hills most of the time. Outstanding pick up. What state are you in?

wavefront101 says:

I bought 2 cascade carbon upper replacement sections and used a graphite golf shaft for the lower. Cheapest, lightest poles ever.

Buffalo River Homestead & Outdoors says:

Good looking poles!

Tim Watson says:

I can’t imagine going without my trekking poles. These were one of the ones I considered picking up. Great it works well for you.

John Lord says:

Question. Do you have the option with those poles of putting a metal pin into the pole head, and using them as head and foot end spreaders for a widened hammock sleep system?

I have mine as an EDC unit. Modified for rattlers, repairs, lost, bears/critters. I have wrapped 25 ft 80# test braided line underneath both pole handles. To that I have magnetized sailors’ needles (with orange finger nail painted N), Underneath I have 10 ft wrap of silver duct tape, and tape the needles down (threaded with the braid line). There are small split key ring on each small pole tip. And 2 JoAnn fabrics (bear balls) small metal balls on the hand straps. Can duct tape rips, sew up tears, use the magnetized needle for a survival (north) compass. Use the braid line looped through the small key ring for a rattlesnake grabber (and extended poles ! – for a smack down and fresh rattler in the skillet pan). Can use the poles like javelin into trees with braid line for starting paracord bear hang, or other high tree cordage work. Can use the braid line and pole for a hobo pole fish line carry system. Option to having a tripod campfire cook system, and use the pole (high!) over the flames, using the braid line through the key ring and adjust braid line length for up/down elevation of cooking pot over fire. No more grabbing hot bail handle. If really needed, can convert the poles into a small hanging hunting-skinning gambrel system.

Tom Spithaler says:

Loved the review. Very personable, and you relate well to the viewer. Love that this takes place in the elements and on the trail. Audio is good as well. I have subscribed. Well done. Thanks.

mustang774 says:

Great video on a piece of gear that is often overlooked. Until I got trekking poles I thought they were kind of silly. Now that I have had them for several years, I wonder how I managed without them. Besides for the intended use, I use them to keep my hammock tarp raised in porch mode, as a camera and video boom. They are very good to have…..Take care, Bluefin.

Michael Fabian says:

Excellent video man! I couldn’t agree more with another commenter who talked about your review is personal, quick and to the point with all needed information and stats… Love it! Please keep the honest gear reviews coming, and don’t you dare change A THING! Perfect buddy. Subbed =)

Primal Edge says:

another great video. sorry I don’t always get to comment, but trust, I always make sure to check out your stuff!

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