Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles-Light and cheap!- Review and Giveaway! RevHiker

I review these as great Ultralight trekking poles, and as improvised spears…
Paying this little for full carbon poles that weigh 400g for the pair is a steal! Check out all the specs and what you get with it on Foxelli’s website or on Amazon

Remember to like, share and comment for the giveaway…all correct answers will be in the finals and I will select a winner from there.


Hoobilly Indiana says:

Dude, I REALLY would like a set of those poles, Lord willing! I’m guessing John is 57.. Mark…

Shawn Ellsworth says:

John is 55!

sameold77 says:

John is 61. Great look at the poles. Glad to see you review them while actually using them.

Hoobilly Indiana says:

Hey Drew, how are the poles holding up?

Braeden Mizzell Mizzell says:

Hey I nodiced the TNT shit is that in Chester sc I raced there for 2 years

Joe DaHobo says:

John is 56

Dylan Kayrooz says:

Liked and shared! John is 62

Alfonso Casillas says:

He’s 50 years old and please put me in the contest

Allyn Shadowens says:

John is 57

rjgirving says:

John is 57. Rev I had almost pulled the trigger on the Lumi poles you reviewed when this video popped up. Can you give some advice on these vs those? Thanks – RJG

S Bonin says:

I’m in

Micheal Downs says:


Daniel Kutt says:

I’m going to guess that he is 57

Quaelude5 says:

John is 58. Liked and shared. Thank you for the great content.

Mad Martigan says:

I’ve never used poles before. Any recommendations on some “starter” poles? Something inexpensive I can try out before jumping into 100 dollar plus poles I might never use. Just for fun I think he’s 56.

Hoobilly Indiana says:

Oh and good luck to everyone too!..

Matt Schlottmann says:

Hey Drew, I think he is 62. Thanks for the video!

Hoobilly Indiana says:

Im looking at them.. And out of curiosity, who won the giveaway too??

Darren C says:

John is 73 years young

David Haines says:

Hey Drew, great video! Thanks for all you do! I think John is 58 years old.

C Burley says:

Johnn is 56. Tough challenge for the prize. 🙂

007 says:

John is 65

Craig Stocker says:

I hope you park at the bottom of the hill and not the top. It is a lot easier dragging down hill.

Michael Ruff says:

John is 56.

Tracy Shirley says:

John 52 Years old

Fred B. says:

Liked, shared, subscribed and commented. Hope I’m the winner John is 62.

Logan Lopas says:

I’ve been in the market for a pair of trekking poles. I tried them with my uncle while hiking and I liked them a lot! It would be sweet to win these ones. Thanks for the great videos! My guess is that John is 56 years old. 🙂 God bless!

Jedd Breneman says:

John is 63

GOi byGrace says:

Hey dude, I’m gonna guess John is 58 years young!

Drake Ott says:

Eli looks to be about 11 and must be one of the oldest grandkids so I’m gonna say John is 66. Liked the video, already subscribed, shared, and found your facebook page as well!

shcmoly says:


Bryant Altizer says:

I’m guessing that John is a couple of years older than I am…I’ll say 53…And shared to facebook.

Marlowe Heredy says:

John is 58

zeus99es says:

nice! shared on Facebook. since we are from same town u may see it……..I’m guessing his age is 52

Earnie Burfitt says:

John is 57.

Lotech Digger says:

Thanks for the great review! I am planning my trip to thru hike the AT in March and I would love to have those poles for my journey! I liked the vid and shared to facebook. I think John is 55.

Brian Gotham says:

John is 61

Leo Joseph says:

john 60

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