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Iridium242 says:

I never got them either until I used one up in the mountains here, it helps a WHOLE Lot with walking, traction and balance. Lots of very rocky areas out here, so I keep a set in the vehicle in case I have to hike up there.

Red October says:

Morning MORGAN!!

Massachusetts Prepper says:

These look like quality hiking poles for sure. Thanks for sharing my friend.

carmanvw says:

Thanks for sharing. I took a few falls on the trails before I got a set of poles. No falls for the last three years with the poles. They also help up and down hills and the give me confidence on tricky terrain. I would not attempt some things now without the poles.

Bill Rayvan says:

They are great for rattle snake control too.

Julie Silversmyth says:

Hey Morgan! I finished the skull mug! We should do yours with raised words on the back! “Armed Rogue”

Jay Wanders Out says:

I own these and a pair of Black Diamond carbon fiber poles and they’re almost the same but for 1/3 the price. I used to not use them but now I’m totally dependent on them for ups and downs and testing out potential footholds. Before stepping on that small log in the mud always give it a good push before stepping on it otherwise you may just sink right in. Yep, learned a lot from experience.

P701 says:

I have just started using some hiking poles myself as well … I think yours are way better than my outdoor products set. I also agree I never got the purpose of the sticks until I tried them as well. I also thinks they are nice in case you need to smack a rattle snake – yep.

shovelhead8 says:

I have never tried them. I will keep my eyes open for a set now. Thank you for the video, Morgan

Phil M Rivers says:

Nice win! Good info.

Renaissance MarineTV says:

i took a hiking pole on the A.T. and soon wish i had two.

live4wild says:

I use trekking pole all the time.

Rich4150 says:


phyllis mulkey says:

congrats nice win

RevHiker says:

Nice job!

TAC-HILL says:

walmart sells one with a selfie attachment for filming.. i was thinking about picking it up. did you receive the small package i sent? i hope you like buddy 🙂

Kenneth Angell says: the market for some trekking poles. Have to check those out..thanks

Dan's Urban survival and Prepping says:

Great stuff thanks for sharing it.

Survival Mindset says:

Nice it will save your back. I use them for hiking and snowshoeing.

We Mo says:

Going to have to try using them for the poles of a tarp for shelter!


Awesome vid and interesting review item

Lee Ralph says:

I have been wanting to add a set to my gear. I did not know the proper adjustment height. Thanks for that and best of all… Congrats!!!!

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