How to Use Trekking Poles (Like A Pro)




In this video I show you how you can save you a lot of energy on your trek, and make your journey far more enjoyable. It can also save your joints from injuries in the long term.

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Hi guys my name is Chase Tucker and I’m a online personal trainer, strength coach, tour leader and creator of Base Camp Training. (formerly Big Mountain Training)

I created this channel to share what I’ve learnt over a short lifetime of loving the wilderness and what it has to offer. I’m passionate about preparing people, fitness wise, to have a great time in the wild and to show them that it’s worth preserving for the future.

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Terry McGeary says:

Super advice! Thanks a lot for that. I was going downhill ok but the rest I have just learned!

Ernsty100 says:

He talked about removing the plastic tips from the bottoms of the poles; it’s funny, just got back from going to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up, and I saw more plastic tips and baskets on the trail than all other forms of trash combined.
Well done on the video.

WillN2Go1 says:

Good video. I did not know about the thumbs….. a big thank you for that. I did a lot of hiking in Japan, not once did I ever see anyone else using poles adjust them for going up or down. In some areas that went up and down up and down, I did a lot of changing my adjustments. Others? Nope.
My knees love the poles. In China almost ten years ago, on my first day hiking my knee started to hurt, uh-oh, trip over… I noticed a lot of Chinese had poles, some only one, so I bought one. Amazing…then I bought a second. Some of the kids who saw me making adjustments, starting making adjustments. Those poles cost the equivalent of $5 each, I now have much nicer ones, 90% of the function is there for $10, so any trekking poles are better than no poles. I have two pair so I can proselytize.

bashpr0mpt says:

If trekking poles saved energy long term and were of a significant benefit we wouldn’t have evolved to walking on two legs. Sorry. Not buying it. It’s a new fad, not a new technology.

Rocky Intertidal says:

Always good to state how important it is to utilize the strap on the handle correctly. I am a skier so I knew this already but it really does make things so much more comfortable and easier on the hand muscles after you get used to it.

Patrick Caple says:

The best way to use trekking poles is not to use trekking poles.

Michael Ryan says:

Thanks for the video, it was very helpful.

EnnJayy says:

hmm so thats what they’re use for.

Emil Landén says:

Yay, I already use my poles like a pro! Sadly I can´t deal with the strap on my wrist but I have found an alternative gripping solution that works very well, where you use the bottom of your palm for support instead of the wrist. I tightened my straps all the way and just go in from the front.

Peter Johnson says:

just stop…..

D E C A Y says:

Everybody grab your pole.

Bao Ngoc Pham Thi says:

where did you stand? Where is it?

Tootsla 125 says:

I first learned about using trek poles from a very elderly neighbor lady, who was determined to stay vertical and active in spite of many health issues. She walked up and down our hilly neighborhood daily using poles. I bought a pair and never looked back. Wouldn’t head for a trail hike without them.

Gor Gor says:

I got myself a pair of flicklock trekking poles, and they’ve recently started to slip when I put more weight on them.
What I’ve noticed is that only the middle adjustable part of the pole, the pole is separated into three parts, is slipping, whilst the very last one does not.
I wash them and I keep them clean, but I have not done that all the time, could that be the problem?

Annika Newton says:

Awesome video! Thanks, I feel like such a weirdo just starting out with trekking poles, great to have reassurance that I am supposed to walk that way.

Aiman Halim says:

I had just bought a trekking pole. This really helps me a lot. Thank you & bless you. 🙂

Diana L. says:

Another great video! Thank you for sharing!

Charles Edward Renshaw says:

Just a brilliantly simple yet hugely informative video – especially how to hold them correctly to avoid serious injury. This should be shown on a continual loop in outdoor shops everywhere.

Justin Fite says:

WOW what a good informative video thank you

libertarian45 says:

I have arthritis in both knees. I went with my son’s youth group to hike up a mountain. I’d never gone any distance with trekking poles but I had a set that I had bought for my wife and I was very comfortable with the stride and strap/grip method from cross country skiing in my youth. I asked one of the other adults if he recommended them. His answer, “you may find they get in the way on the way up, but, somewhat helpful on the way down.” What an understatement! My mis-guided plan was to go slow and turn back at some point if my knees hurt too much. Problem was my knees felt okay all the way up to the summit (4.5 hours). The nightmare started on the way down. Less than an hour into the decent my knees were in agony (and hips to a lesser extent). “Somewhat helpful?” more like absolutely critical. 5.5 hours to get down using the poles like a pair of canes. I don’t know if I could have managed without them. Life savers!

drocpdp says:

still relevant video! thanks Chase, great video!

Jan Honza Done says:

Hi Chase, great video! These things see fairly obvious but that’s where we can assume too much and do it then incorrectly. Thanks! Question – I spend too much of my menthal power on trying to find the way where to place the pole, while walking, as when I do not, it can end up on a stone and then slip. Also when going through thin paths or bushes, I find them annoying. Any tips on storing them away quickly and opening them quickly? I am planning to buy Black Diamond Ergo. Any experience wih that special ergo angle of these? Thanks! Here is link:–2-unis-/654991/p?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=merchant&id_producte=1001904&country=ie&gclid=CjwKCAjwrO_MBRBxEiwAYJnDLEFLglBG2JT44zt8h3RVZyb45RGC-TiOc7alKgG7_4uITAMxXywF2BoCH1wQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Colby Pass says:

Your vid was quite helpful: thumbs over the top and going down one wants palms over the top and “…nice and wide with the poles.”  Thanks–Colby Pass

knbeavis says:

Very helpful tips….thank you. Can’t wait to get going now.

Adonis Khan says:

Shake that ass for me shake that as for me lol

Joanna Capati says:

Is it better to use two poles than only one? Thanks for your help!

theladyshines says:

Very helpful thank you 🙂

kAs says:

Camera was too high. Would you tell me if you go down the hill the same way as normal flat ground ? I mean left trekking pole and the right leg when you go down the hill ?

gordoapa says:

Thank you!

David Randolph says:

Great video! Thanks.

Milan Lama says:

Just posted it in my facebook page “Trek Garnus” , thank you for the tip Chase

munglebeg says:

Great advice, clear and very helpful for a new trekker.

Atlas Titanium says:

Hi Chase thank you for the great video on trekking pole usage and the awesome views from your hike! If your in the market for some premium unbreakable titanium hiking poles let us know!

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