Nordic Walking – “How to” with LEKI poles

Nordic Walking is the fitness rage of Europe. It is emerging in the USA. Simply, it’s walking with poles to engage the upper body. When “just walking” you only use 70% of your body’s muscles. Using poles, you’ll up that to 90%. Because you are now pumping blood to areas that normally just go along for the ride, your heart rate goes up. You’ll burn about 20% more calories than just walking and you’ll breathe in more oxygen due to your upright position. And VERY important – NO joint pain. Doctors love it.

The prestigious Cooper Institute in Dallas has tested this. It works. Plus you do not feel any more tired than just walking! LEKI is the world’s leading maker of Nordic Walking Poles (and ski poles and trekking poles). They are the best.

I’m a master instructor for the American Nordic Walking Assn., and made this video to help people do it correctly. I see too many people trying – but are really only taking their poles for a walk. Without proper training, the benefits will not come your way.

Fitness is only a step away.

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Carpe Diem,

Rick Deutsch


Roman Nemec says:

Hello Rick, didn’t you forget to show that you have to grab the pole with hand when pushing and open hand when pulling pole forward? But anyway this is the most helpful video I saw at youtube. Thanks a lot.

EVEY71 says:

Thanks for this was looking about muscles used in walking and came across nordic walking, much better and with injuries it will help me balance so ordering some.

Cool Spider says:

You damn fuck why are you talking to much

Flugzeugblitzkrieger Achtung says:

Like the vid, very well done indeed. However, it’s a myth that one must nordic walk on the flats only. I nordic walk in hilly areas as well as the flats. I read recently that if you nordic walk in a hilly area, you burn an additional 67% of calories compared to normal walking; versus walking on the flats burning 46% of calories compared with normal walking. I read this in a German nordic walking book. This was not a trekking book but a book for nordic walking.

Anatoly Kosorukov says:

Vielen Dank für die ausführliche Erklärung!
Wenn Sie eine Meisterklasse in Kaliningrad halten wird, wenden Sie sich bitte ein! Ich bin froh, Sie zu treffen.

david kelly says:

Congratulations Rick.This is by far the best training video I have seen.I am 79 and recovering from Sciatica which nearly wiped out my leg muscles.With my Leki shark sticks I CAN WALK.
Thanks again,David Kelly

M P says:

Youre a certified nerd hunchback instructor

Maximus Heronimus says:

Hello Mr Deutch, i’ve responded earlier on your video’s and taken a basic NW class,
my instructor was very happy to see that i was able to walk on a fitness level, and even extending my poles, for the best possible walk !

i’m really hooked, and i really love it !

Renee Reinke says:

Rick, my husband and I just watched your “How To” with Leki poles as a refresher course; we’ve been walking with them for a long time. The video is great, nice job! Thank you.

pattigee1 says:

Very Helpful, thank you.

Gillenz Fluff says:

Red strapon!

Richard Ortiz says:

Hi Rick, like so many other comments excellent video. I primarily ride bike for my cardio 1600- 2000 miles a year.I walk also ,and want to incorporate Nordic walking into my routine mostly on hard pavement with some trail. Any suggestions on what type of pole ? Thanks

Bob Johnson says:

Just got my 1st walking poles today & just finished the height adjustments. As I was on my way to my 1st Nordic walk I had questions on the what & how to Nordic walk properly.

I found this video right off & the answers to questions I didnt know I had were answered very clearly. Thanks for you efforts & instructions…

Terrance Cox says:

Hi Rick I have a bad lower back disc problem I received a pair of trekking poles will either kind of pole help me be able to walk longer periods of time with less pain?

PilatesProVera says:

Great tutorial…thank you for sharing

Paulo Ríos says:

Hi Rick. Nice and wonderfull videos.

I am a weekender two-to-five hours hiking on El Ávila, Caracas, Venezuela. Always using one pole!!!!.

After seeing your videos two things come up my mind. first, I discovered the Nordic Walk exercise and second, that I have allways used the pole the worng way.

So, intending to try the walk on weekdays and the hike the weekend, I must buy two pairs of poles or there is one LEKI model that fit both excercises?

Joe Wenborne says:

Great. Best on Youtube

Hon-Kiong Ho says:

In Singapore, I do not see anyone doing Nordic walking. I trying to pick up Nordic walking and trying to choose a pair of poles. I order Black Diamond Carbon Z but change my mind after looking at your video. Now I understand what is hiking poles and Nordic poles. I cancel my order for Black Diamond and order a pair of Leki Speed Pacer Vario. Your video is easy to understand and provide good advice. I hope you could produce more of your video on Nordic walking.

Ms Mel Jackson says:

Hi Rick. I’m a teacher from Dublin and I found your instruction video first class 🙂

Phil Earnhardt says:

Tremendous starter video, Rick. Great production quality. This is all a newbie needs to start Nordic Walking. Rick established the NW program available on Crystal Cruises. 🙂

Helmut Scholz says:

Hi Rick, Your instructions are excellent, but what your are showing is “Walking with poles.” not Nordic Walking. Your steps are too short and your arms don’t go back far enough. This is meant to be a helpful comment for all who start Nordic walking.

Mary Grether says:

can you waqlk a dog on a leash with the poles?

Vlad Vovchuk says:

Hello Sir
.I’m a novice in that kind of aerobic activity
.Have found your explanation very helpful
Is there a certain model or kind of poles you can recommend for every day aerobic walking on asfalt ?

Mark Rushby says:

Great advice,

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