Trekking Pole Overview | Opinion | Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles

Quick little overview | opinion | review on my Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles! I have had these for a year now and have really put them through their paces in the White Mountains of NH.

In case you cannot tell by the thumbnail I love them. Even after breaking one…

Check out the video to find out why!

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Joe Grimaldi says:

DUDE! I googled lightweight trekking poles and saw these Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon fiber trekking poles. My first thought was like dam these look great! I saw the price and that they could be bought at Costco so I was like huh maybe they aren’t that good. I went to YouTube to see some reviews and I think the second video I watched was yours and that says a lot to me because I am a subscriber of yours and have been following your AT journey and I trust your opinion. Im sure I will order these off Amazon before you even see this message. Thanks for helping my decision! The Whites are my go to spot as well, Im from CT. Have fun out there

tonuprocker says:

Cascade sells replacement parts on thier website cheap. If you used code #reddit15 you can also save a few bucks. Great poles, best bang for the buck!

MuvoTX says:

I just bought these cork handle model from my local costco yesterday for $29… crazy good deal.

zachary stone says:

Any suggestions on knee braces? I noticed you wear them and wanted a pair for myself. I’m going through a sprain that hasn’t healed yet so I’ll be protecting my joints as much as I can. Thanks man!

brimstone33 says:

Yeah…I keep the “summer” or “mud” baskets on all the time too. Keeps the pole from sinking so far into the mud, helps keep the tip from getting jammed into a crevice. They get beat up and don’t last to long. Bought extras on Amazon and always carry a spare, along with a spare tip. I drill a hole in them so I can slide the tip of the other pole into it, and tie them together at the top with the straps to keep them together during transport.

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