Zpacks Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Check out Zpacks newest ultralight backpacking gear offering! The carbon fiber trekking pole. I’ll be testing these out and comparing them to my black diamond z poles. Made of 100% carbon fiber shaft with extended foam grips and it has clasp locks that can be hand tightened. Comes with a rubber tip and snow basket. I’ve wanted to try some quick lock type of poles for a while because while I do like my z poles I didn’t like not being able to adjust the height of my tarp when going to porch mode or setting up on the ground. Another area I’ll be looking at when I test these is whether or not the pole will start to warp or bend like my z poles have over time.

Weight: 7.0 ounces (198 grams) per pole including wrist strap and basket.
Maximum Length to ‘stop’ line: 54″ (137 cm)
Maximum Length for pitching tents: 56″ (142 cm)
Collapsed Length: 24.5″ (62 cm)

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Evan's Backpacking Videos says:

Good first look. I’ll be interested to see how you like those poles while hiking. Great video!

MikeComedies says:

Tim looks like the cop on Super Troopers.. its amazing haha.    Awesome review btw and thank you 🙂

Roughing It With Ruth says:

Cool! It’s always nice to see new gear. Can’t wait for the review!

live4wild says:

Trekking pole are a must for me with my knee issue

uptrail71 says:

Wow!! Zpacks is now sending you stuff to review! Cool….! We don’t use trekking poles yet. Actually we did use trekking poles until I got my pack weight down and when I started making videos carrying the camera. Very good review! The Dolly Sods video will be great… I will keep you posted on our October plans, but so far it don’t look good with my wife’s mother. The cancer has spread a lot.

Trail Snail says:

I’ll parrot, what has been said. Except for small differences in the appearance of the locking mechanism they match my Cascade Mountain Tech poles. My guess same factory different label.

Joshua Mahabir says:

Liking the new hammock and B-Roll in the vid

AerialTraveler says:

Nice quick review. How about a long term update when the time is right? Is there any shock absorption system? Are the tips and baskets a universal style, meaning can I buy replacements at a local sporting goods store?


Cool Tim! These are set up like exactly like my Leki Corklites! Not a big fan of the stand alone carbon poles from Zpacks to set up my Duplex but these seem to be way more rigid! Thanks for sharing!

mrdonelsonglhs says:

Love the extended foam for choking. But I’m still happy with my Wal-Mart specials. Cost $25 for two, and the clamping system and wrist band are very similar. I usually don’t go farther than 10-11 miles at a time, so I can get away with the cheaper models!! But for me, poles are a must on almost every hike and backpacking trip.

Shiny Knife says:

I have the same kind lol.. Nah I’m not much on hiking.. but I do like to ride my Mountain Bike.. Great Review

House boat Rob says:

I never used poles, I bet their good for going up hill on trails. Good review tim

Scott Taylor says:

I like the way you can adjust the quick lock system. I have to use an Alan wrench to adjust mine. I find myself choking up on the poles a lot of times too, so I like the way the foam comes down further.

Arcana73 says:

I want free stuff!

Tundra says:

Anyone else out there think high tech walking sticks are a waste of money and resources? I still have both my walking sticks that are 36 years old and were custom made to my requirements and specifications. I should mention that they are 100 percent biodegradable and did not require mineral or petrochemical extraction or use any source of energy accept solar to produce. Yes folks, they are, you guessed it, sticks. Free sticks! The added bonus is they naturally reproduce in approx. 2 years.


Always good info/reviews Tim ✔️
I might try trekking poles soon.

Tuba Solo the Hiker says:

The only concern I would have with a all carbon pole is the abrasion on the last section of the pole. In So Cal we’ve got lots of rocks and you inevitably will hit the bottom section of your poles on rocks. I would much rather choose, or wish that Zpacks sold, a carbon shaft with an aluminum end section. That way you get the best of both worlds. The lightweight aspects of the carbon with the abrasion resistance of aluminum on the section of the pole that can see the most amount of wear. Still an awesome set of poles none-the-less.

Catherine Gregory says:

Thanks for the peek! I’m interested to hear what you think after you’ve field tested them . I’ve thought about upgrading mine.

Datsyzerberg says:

Those look like the mountain cascade poles degraded. Should be the same, even weights match. I have the same exact ones but cork handle. 34.95 on ebay.

Irwin C says:

Those poles are identical to my CascadeMountain poles, except for color and price! Everything is a twin version but mine cost $49.00 for the pair! Been using them for about a year with no problems what so ever! Higher price does not mean better products. Sorry Tim first time our opinions are different. The straps are also the same and once set have never slipped.

Bluecollar Backcountry says:

Wow, that’s about half of what I paid for my Leki Carbonite poles. The grips even resemble my Leki’s except for the retention of the strap. That looks a little sketchy. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

Carolina Chris Outdoors says:

Looks like they’ll do just fine to me….. I guess you’ll find out soon!!!!

TAC-HILL says:

i like the extra gripping surface and the lock system. they are a nice set.

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